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[PC] The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of The Year Edition AU $31.59 @ GOG.com


It looks like a good deal. Not as cheap as Humble Bundle previous offers but it comes with AU$4.40 Wallet Funds (You could buy The Witcher 2 for example, also in special).

Game of the Year Edition includes The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, all 16 DLCs, and 2 Expansion Packs: Hearts of Stone & Blood and Wine.

DRM Free

Worth mentioning:

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition - AU $2.09 (https://www.gog.com/game/the_witcher)
The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings - Enhanced Edition - AU $4.09 (https://www.gog.com/game/the_witcher_2)

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  • +18 votes

    Someone please inject me with an amnesia potion so I can play this game again.

    • -15 votes

      Someone please inject me with a cure for god awful FOV, so I can play this game.

      Failing that, someone inject the fella who made the FOV mod to update it for the latest version.

      Failing that, inject the devs with the good sense to understand that FOV makes people sick.

      • -1 vote

        Since someone downvoted such commentary, I will make additional comments.

        The game is easily the greatest RPG I've ever played.

        It is also very bad when it comes to FOV. It is very narrow and when it when it forces you into witcher senses, even worse. It is sickening for some people. There is no FOV adjustment, you just have to play, feeling sick.

        So you're left with this awful situation of finding a mod for FOV (of which there was precisely one), which sometimes worked - depending on which version you had. So then you have to stop updates from happening, for fear of the game updating and the mod no longer working.

        Eventually, the early game version crashed on me enough that I needed an update, but I couldn't update because there was no FOV mod for the frequently updated client.

        We all know what happens when you take a break from an RPG.. you lose touch.

        All because they couldn't be bothered to have an FOV slider in the original game :-/

        • You won't find those mod issues anymore since the game's no longer updated. I still use the same FoV mod for witcher sense from 2 years ago and it works well. Sometimes there's a little red border around my monitor window but it's not really an issue.

          Mod for those curious.

          • @Kozhutki: do you really have to pay to sign up and get mods??

            • @KPilky: You don't have to pay for anything, the nexus mods 'premium' thing just gives you higher download speeds and some other generally useless stuff. You may also get an option to donate to the mod creator but there's definitely nothing forcing you to do that.

              The signing up stuff is annoying but for what the website offers it's totally worth it, once again, no payment necessary. Since there's also way more games than just W3 with mods on the website.

              I've uploaded the mod here if you'd just prefer to not create an account. Installation steps are on the mod page.

            • @KPilky: What @kaneissik said. The account creation is a little annoying the first time but the same account can be used across each Nexus site which is probably the most common host of mods for the Elder Scrolls, Fallout and many other game series.

      • I am thoroughly confused. I've finished the game and have no idea what fov problems you're talking about?

        • +3 votes

          I'm sure many people have finished the game. It's a great game.

          If you're not aware, the reason most PC games have FOV sliders is because some people get sick from low FOV. It isn't for show - low FOV can make people feel quite nauseous.

          In the Witcher 3, The FOV is pretty lean outside It is very lean when you're indoors and it is sickening in witcher senses mode.. It narrows in.

          • @DisabledUser267133: I don't think The Witcher 3 was a direct console port, but it does have a console FOV. Only solution unfortunately is to sit back and use a TV with a game controller (something like Steam link/Big picture, or Nvidia Shield).

            For those who downvoted or don't understand what he means be FOV:

            "Console games are usually played on a TV at a large distance from the viewer, while PC games are usually played on computer monitors close to the viewer. Therefore, a narrow FOV of around 60 degrees is used for console games as the screen subtends a small part of the viewer's visual field, and a larger FOV of 90 to 100 degrees is usually set for PC games as the screen occupies a larger amount of the viewer's vision."

            "Many PC games that are released after 2000 are ported from consoles, or developed for both console and PC platforms. Ideally, the developer will set a wider FOV in the PC release, or offer a setting to change the FOV to the player's preference. However, in many cases the narrow FOV of the console release is retained in the PC version. This results in an uncomfortable sensation likened to viewing the scene through binoculars, and may lead to disorientation, dizziness, or nausea"


              @Pretzel_Ninja: Thanks for the translation, my good man.

            • @Pretzel_Ninja: I played it on launch so i dont remember how i did it, but you can definitely change the fov if you google it (i think i edited some settings file). So the only solution certainly isnt sitting afar and playing it on the tv

              I had a problem with the fov because i was getting motion sickness in the indoor areas, so i changed it.

          • @DisabledUser267133: Motion sickness (or simulation sickness to be more accurate) is triggered by low FOVs (under 80 on a desktop monitor), motion blur, depth of field (which makes games a myopia simulator) and head bob (camera locked to head motion of the actor). One prominent example of the latter is climbing up communications towers in Far Cry 3, the head attached camera rocks crazily from side to side.

            Some games make allowences and allow you to disable some of the chunda-ific effects.

            All PC 3D games should be tested by a least one person who is prone to motion sickness. One thing to note is that you desensitize to motion sickness after a while, and resensitize after about a week of playing for 3D games. Between 30 to 50% of people are prone to motion sickness.

        • Look up: "motion sickness fov"

          Tldr: the third person perspective or first person motions in game can cause nausea in some people.

      • Man this guy got rekt'd by 15 downvotes and now is a disabled user…lol rip gg….

  • If anyone already hasn't, you should check out the new Witcher Tales: Thronebreaker game if you liked Gwent. Really Fun!

    • Done two full playthroughs, never touched Gwent :/
      Am I evil?

      • what me worry

      • I lost interest in Gwent instantly.

        • Same. Tried it first time around but I just found it boring and didn't get it.
          I've spent more time playig dice in kingdom come than I have gwent in witcher 3 which is insane considering witcher 3 has side quests purely dedicated on gwent.

  • Amazing game. Even better than Skyrim IMO. Just finished the main game (did a fair bit with around 80 hours game-time) and now halfway through the 1st expansion which is just as good so far.

    • Certainly better than Skyrim. Skyrim is good in that there are many things to do and a lot of areas to discover, however, its quests can be repetitive and its story is mediocre at best. Whereas, in Witcher even the side quests are interesting and have more/better story than Skryim's main quest. Just my opinion.

  • Bought this when it was first released…did 60 hours on main game,
    The DLC expansions were even better, especially Blood & Wine,
    Best game of the decade… if I had time I will play the game all over again.

  • Had heard this game, quint or something. Can someone tell me how fun this is

    • Gwent. Its a card game within Witcher 3 which went on to be launched as a stand alone game. Prob the best in-game game I've played, but that's not saying its great because every other in-game game I've played I've hated.

  • Cheaper off cdkeys ($27.64) with 3% fb code or HRKGames ($26.23) with allkeyshop3 3% off code, but has paypal/cc fees.

    • The version from GOG gives you $4.40 back on wallet funds. With this you can pretty much buy another full game like The Witcher 2 straight from them, or use it to buy a more expensive game and pay the difference. If you take that in consideration this offer is more like $27.19.

    • Your not supporting the devs as a directly as you would if you bought the game off GOG.com

  • Was $20 USD in steam last week, so a bit cheaper than this. Didn't know it was a good price…

  • Seems to be $28.49 at cdkeys.

  • took me 9 months to finish the base game, then came back 18 months later and did blood and wine. i still have the 3rd expansion to come back to.

    currently playing breath of the wild and cant debate which is the better game. neither have IAP or micro-transactions, and the storytelling is amazing and taught me a lot of things about communication and persuasion.

  • I guess it should be cheaper if you can checkout with russian proxy and paypal.

  • This game is god tier. Right up there with Baldur's Gate 2 in terms of scope and meaningful content.

    I finally got around to playing it a month ago and haven't stopped. I haven't been glued so tightly to a game since I was a teenager (I'm in my 30s now).

    Currently playing through Blood & Wine, making sure I don't miss a single thing because I know it's going to end soon :(.

  • i recall paying $30 for this + expansions from gog when the game first game out (preorder discount). Game really holds its value i guess

  • https://isthereanydeal.com/game/witcheriiiwildhuntgameofyear...

    Historical Low: 20.61 60% on Steam
    Current Best: 32.17 60% on GOG


    Historical Low: 20.76 63% on Gemly
    Current Best: 30.53 50% on GOG

    Prices in AUD

    • Agreed. Not sure it's an amazing deal but it is an amazing game and well worth it at this price.

  • The greatest game of this gen on the ultimate platform for ~$30. You're absolutely drunk if you don't pick this up. Like right now. Just do it. Thank us all later, once you're a 100 hours into a fantastic adventure of sex and monsters.

  • "Not as cheap as Humble Bundle previous offers but it comes with AU$4.40 Wallet Funds."

    That's because it has regional (ripoff) pricing. I cannot upvote something where Australians are discriminated against (16% markup). On Steam there is no regional markup for Australians.

    People should read the 4 Witcher novels before playing, many characters in Witcher 3 are in the novels.

  • Greatest game ever made. Tempted to pick this up as I played the first game on PS4 @1080p30, and now I have a Shield I could replay it at 4k60.

    How is it from a second play through perspective?
    Or would ThroneBreaker be a better spend right now?

    • Given the results can change depending on your choices, I would say it might be a very good game to replay. =)

  • Heh, I pre-oredered this….the original base game without any of the expansion packs or DLCs….still sitting on the shelf collecting dust….

    • Shame on you.

      • But I haven't even completed its prequel yet ….

        • Ok I forgive you then as long as you finish them all eventually. You will not regret it!
          Also don't mean to be that guy but the third game is night and day compared to it's prequels. If you don't like the prequels you can read up on the story online and play 3 first which is what I did.
          Buying the GOTY edition is crucial, HoS and BaW are not that much expansion packs because of how much content they offer. HoS offers 10 hours ish of content and BaW offers an entirely new area that can be played for up to 30 hours or more.

          • @Ostrk: I finished the first, started the second but didn't finish it because of ..well I think it was mainly how different the gameplay(it just felt weird coming straight after finishing the first one - twice as well, once on easy and another on normal, I think I tried hard to make edits to some guide I forgot about now, but never finished finished on hard difficulty…I got bored grinding for exp just to be strong enough to kill the next area's enemies…hah…..also when on hard, those extra potion buffs and the like DO make sense, so you're not always hoarding them and never using them only to use them one or twice(or none at all if you reckon you're good enough without handicapping, by the end of the game on easy and normal…hah…) was compared to the first, it was more action oriented than RPG that the first one was, and then left it there……no idea if the third has an even more different gameplay to the first two….

            I'll eventually go back…if I can find my save file assuming I saved it before wiping windows on my old computer……and then when the missing packs go on sale, I'll the rest……since buying the Game of the Year Edition would be kinda wasteful if I already own the base game….unless one yous ozbagainers would like to take it off me for say half or a quarter of what I paid for to recoup cost and assuming they have no intentions of upgrading, since I obviously can't refund it anymore….?


  • looks like alot of people prefer drm-free over steam. why is that?

    • You can run it offline, and there are still achievements in GOG anyway. No big deal to have it in a separate client.