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Buy 3 Masterfoods Spices, Get 1 Free (Free Delivery with Prime) @ Amazon AU


Seems like a spicy good buy. Delivered to your home for free with your Amazon Prime Membership.

Parsley Flakes 4g, $1.75 (same as Coles)
Thyme 10g $2.60 (Compare $2.70 @ Coles)
Seasoning All Purpose 200g, $5.70 (same as Coles)
Cinnamon Ground 28g, $2.05 (same as Coles)
Garlic Powder 155g, $5.80 ($5.95 at Coles)
Cumin Seed Ground 25g, $2.30 ($2.65 at Coles)
Onion Powder 40g, $2.55 ($2.80 at Coles)
Cayenne Pepper 30g, $3.05 ($3.65 at Coles)
Rosemary leaves 16g, $2.00 (same as Coles)
Garlic Steak Seasoning 50g, $3.40 (same as Coles)
Turmeric Ground 28g, $2.40 (same as Coles)
Paprika Ground 115g, $6.25 ($5.95 at Coles) (cheaper at Coles, but works out to $4.69 if you buy 4).

Chilli Powder 27g, $2.90 ($3.00 at Coles)

The real deal though is getting 25% off when you buy 4. If you buy 4 different items, the cheapest is free.
Spice up your life.
Dont forget Cash Rewards / ShopBack etc.

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  • Plussed for great decription including "Spice up your life.". Better would of been if you could have got another couple of Spice Girls song titles hidden in there.

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    Depends how much spices you use. If you use quite a bit of herbs and spices you're probably better off ordering from somewhere like http://2brothersfoods.com
    Eg Thyme 100g is $1.60, Cayenne Pepper 100g $1.25…. etc.. far cheaper than the above. Shipping varies depending on your state, but if you wanted to stock up your cupboard that would be the way to do it.

  • wot a spicey deal

  • Chilli Powder is $1.60 for 50g at Coles and Woolies. (In the plastic bags) This is not a good deal.

    • Many people have spice racks that fit Masterfoods bottles.

      This deal isn't for everyone.
      If you love chili powder you can get it cheap from an Indian supermarket

  • Good deal, though I wish there were more varieties. Not bad with cashrewards 12.5% as well.

  • I need a spice bottle.

    Where do you guys buy them from, on the cheap?

  • I should neg this. If you want a good price on herbs and spices,you don't goto colesworth or associated brands. You get better deals at independents or Asian/Indian grocers . We have a place in Newcastle that sells a massive range of usually large containers for $3.05. The brand is eurospice. These products are fresher and you are keeping small business alive,rather than the overpriced hyped supermarket duopoly,let alone Amazon.