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Ergohuman V2 Plus Deluxe Mesh Office Chair $469 - $36 Shipping to Sydney @ Temple & Webster


I was looking for a new chair, I added this to cart with the 519 price tag, 'Honey' asked me if I wanted to try some coupons and then voila, $50 off the $519 price shown on the page.

Those wanting to try EBAY
Use code PROPER10 to get 10% off of $519 with $37 delivery and 3.5% through Cashrewards (Thanks to: wongjy12 for that find.)

Ergohuman V3 Smart Balance Mesh Office Chair $419.00 + $28.60 - $50.00 -> $397.61 (Thanks Picant)

Let's hope the code works for everyone it only worked on my first try.


Comfortable, sturdy, and quality-made office chair
Single lever mechanism: more functions using fewer buttons to operate

Automatic flexible lumbar support system: when seated the lumbar automatically adjusts according to one's body weight

Height adjustable backrest and seat tilt: the body seat tilts when working, giving you a dynamic position to reduce the pressure on your thighs and spine

Special outline design: the ergo chair is a mixture of art and science giving you the ultimate office experience

4D armrest: armrest is height, angle, forward/backward and width adjustable to provide the best arm support

2D headrest, which can be tilted and height adjusted to suit the individual's requirements

Tilt tension adjustment allows the back to tilt comfortably, supporting your body weight when reclining

Extended 5 Year Australian Warranty You are purchasing a 100% genuine Ergohuman Office Chair. For peace of mind, all Ergohuman Chairs purchased at Temple & Webster are backed up by a 5 year factory warranty.

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  • +2

    It's $519 on EBay, 10% off with PROPER10 promo code, $37 delivery and 1% cashback, works out to be almost the same price.

    I just bought 1 today.

    • +2

      Cashrewards is 3.5% cashback though.

    • +1

      Edited to include the eBay deal, I myself used afterpay, so eBay wasn't going to work out for me regardless haha! Nice find!

  • +1

    Interesting, the "F4N8T8479E" code if you Google it shows up occasionally as a "1 day only" code, perhaps that's not the case.
    Good find.

  • Shipping costs seem to go up pretty quick…
    4000 = $60
    7000 = $85
    6000 = $104
    0800 = $200

    • And for me in a 5000 area code, delivery cost is $55.66.

  • How come they don't mention the weight limit for the chair? I couldn't find it in the description. Does anyone know the maximum recommended weight for this chair? I am a fat f#$k and weight around 100kg, so I go through cheapo chairs very often. Don't wanna pay half a grand for a chair and find it squeaking and falling apart in a year or two as I spend hours on a chair daily.

    • +1

      "Specification for performance requirement and tests for office furniture. office pedestal seating for use by persons weighing up to 150kg and for use up to 24 hours a day, including type-approval tests for individual components. ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2012- YES"

      It's in the "Overview" section.

    • +2

      You are a light-weight compared to how I was when I first bought this chair and it has held up really well. Is very supportive and cool due to the open mesh.

      • Ta

        • +3

          No problem. I've lost 35 kg since May and am now down to your weight. This chair is as solid as a rock and really comfortable for extended sitting.

          • +2

            @Rayve: Good on you, mate. I always struggle with losing weight as I am ridiculously lazy. My problem is lack of exercise and eating not-so-healthy food most of the time. For a 6ft tall guy, and almost 40 yo, 100kg (well, I am 103 right now) puts me slightly over overweight and into "obese" territory. And even worse, most of my weight is around my waistline. Hopefully over the holiday period I'll get my shite together and start doing my long walks again, plus check what I eat.

            • +2

              @AussieDaddy: I just did Intermittent fasting, still do it to this day, helps me maintain my weight without any physical workout (I do physical work now, but didn't for a while). You Should give it a try helped me go from 160KG to 100 in about 6 months, and at 6ft4 100 was pretty great. Much better than my high chance of heart disease among other things.

              • @MahyarJ: I was thinking about intermittent fasting just a week ago while watching a YouTube video (on Dr. Eric Berg DC's channel, a chiropractor actually). Will definitely give that a try. Cheers.

                • @AussieDaddy: For about the easiest extra exercise around try an app.

                  I use Fitbit Coach and do 15 to 25 minutes a day. Remarkably it makes a difference.

                  if you've got kids and time is tight it's really worth a go.

                  • @sien: I had Fitbit Charge HR but had syncing issues with the damn thing so I hated using it. And luckily I don't have kids. I am just a procrastinator as I have time to exercise if I want to.

  • +3

    Will I become a better gamer with this chair?

    • +4

      More you spend, the better you get

    • +6

      I heard from the pro is you need RGB lighting around the chair to be good at gaming.
      If I were you I will invest in RGB strips and strap it around the chair.

      P/s: make sure you connect those RGB strip to your PC, most people fail because missing this last step.

      • +1

        I also heard this from pro that you need to implant RGB ligting into your eyes.
        Mind blowing RGB controlled desktop, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and chair will disturb your sight during important battle.
        So by implanting RGB lights into eyes,helps to sync same colors with your rigs. Then your striking RGB will never let you down.

        P/s: have to sync all the RGB lighting together, otherwise, you will suck on games like you are now.

    • Only if you paint it red.

  • -3

    I would suggest you try to pick up a used Herman Miller Aeron for around the same price.

    • Used? No thanks.

      • +1

        You don't like basking in the sweat of countless other people who owned the chair before you?

        • +1

          Got a chair once at my office. The stench was nauseating. The woman who used to sit on it would put her feet under and guess what. She didn't wear socks when wearing shoes. Could never understand how people don't/can't smell their feet after taking their shoes off.

          • @bargainparker: The receptors in the nose can quickly become saturated by various odour compounds. Once they do the receptors cannot trigger and you simply cannot smell that smell again until the receptors become unblocked. It is a very useful trait - can you imagine if every smell was continually novel? The smell of your breath and own body would be incredibly strong.

        • +10

          I know what I've done in my computer chair … I wouldn't wish that upon anyone else.

  • +3

    i don't think the showroom pick up is free, seems to be $15 for me no matter what i try …

    • I should have probably checked that, but I'm not sure how being in syd and all sorry edited the title! :(

  • +2

    Anyone know how these go for short people? 165cm.

  • I read that as $46,936 lol

    • Did I fix it? :P

  • +1

    I got this on the last sale. Really enjoying it, the difference between this and my last chair is insane. Assembly is very simple. Note the courier just dumped it on my lawn free for anyone to steal. I guess the courier (Toll) wasn't worried about that in my neighborhood but still not impressed.

  • Shit you serious? I swear searched ozb last night before i bought it on the ebay 10%

    I picked the $419 model. Sigh wasted $17-$30 depending if i choose click collect

    This hurts so much! :(

  • +2

    good chair but super heavy.

  • -3

    Just saying,

    You can get Aeron Chair, used, for around $500-$600 mark from Gumtree. You just have to be patience. It come and goes. There are some brands I would not compromise, Aeron is one of them.

    • Not many people want a used chair. Might be tonnes cheaper, but there's a reason for that.

      I was looking at getting the Steelcase leap for 200 used, but went against it cause I'd rather not sit in someone else's dried up bum sweat :/.

      • I know exactly which one you are talking about, the chairs were used since 2011 when I inquired about them… that's way too old and too much bum sweat for me haha

  • +1

    Code seems to work for cheaper model as well: Ergohuman V3 Smart Balance Mesh Office Chair $419.00 + $28.60 - $50.00 -> $397.61 (and even cheaper with Cashrewards)

    • Yeh thats what i should have done. Bugger

  • +3

    I have had the v2 for the last 6 months and whilst I'm happy with it overall. It has one annoying design flaw that I'm surprised no1 has mentioned .. the

    4D armrest: armrest is height, angle, forward/backward and width adjustable to provide the best arm support

    Its sound great and it is except that you can't lock them into the desired spot. Result? As soon as u sit down and put your arms on them they move and slide etc all around because they are not locked into place . It gets annoying pretty fast! U can't move the chair either using them as they will click out and change position

    Other than that I've been happy overall I just wish I could lock the arms into place

  • +1

    I had the ergo human V2 deluxe, bought it after reading multiple positive reviews online and couldn't have been more disappointed with it. Only reason I stuck with it was because I paid so much for it. After 5 years the fabric on the arm rests started falling apart on both arms and the mechanism that locks the chair in position broke, meaning as soon as you leaned back it'd go all the way so it offered no support.

    I threw it out and bought a Hermon Miller Aeron. Much much better. Wish I spent the extra money originally and never bought this chair.

    Just my 2 cents

    • So after 5 years you had durability issues….
      But, what was the issue before then?

      • -1

        It was never very comfortable at all. Not for a chair of that price. I'm 170cm average build and I didn't like it at all. My brother and mum agreed. Aeron is 100x better.

        • +1

          Lol. Well I'm 194cm and I have the opposite experience. I also have the leather base which I think is a crucial comfort difference

  • Anyone else having problems with the upper part of the lower back support digging into their backs?

  • Deal is expired?

    • Was that a question? Or should I mark it as expired?

      • Update the price - the coupon works but they've raised the price by $30 or so

        • Nah it's much more, previous price was 519 before the coupon, marked as expired.
          Except the code works. I don't know if I can exactly mark that as expired, but this is no longer a deal in my book.

          • @MahyarJ: I would put it as expired, just spoke to their customer support and they can't tell me if it will be discounted again for a christmas sale. Can only hope I guess