Bad Back Need Help Finding A Good Chair

Hi guys I have a very bad back. spine is bent along with my left rib cage sticks out a bit and both hurt if I dont get support.
So I went and bought the most famous ozbargain chair the Buro Metro the bottom is so comfy but the back has no support for me.. and ends up hurting my back using it.

I have also tried DXRACER chair and that also hurt and was not comfy at all.

My height is around 5'9

I am looking at this chair or

but I am not sure, im sick of spending so much money and none of the chairs work great. Can anyone suggest a chair?



    Therapod chairs are good. Adjustable back support, you can customise what material for the seat, etc. They have different choices on seat sizes for those who are smaller/larger. High/medium/low back rests. GST free.


    standing up?

    I have a sit/stand desk at work, it's great.



    In this situation, it would be better if you could go sit in various chairs to test out what feels comfortable for you and your back. What is comfortable is definitely not comfortable for others. I got suckered into buying the IKEA Markus and the Buro Metro based on people finding it "comfortable". That was far from being so for me. IKEA Volmar was more comfortable than the Markus for me but still didn't feel right. Officework chairs also was no bueno except a few.

    I'm now using a Steelcase Leap and find that much more comfortable than a Herman Miller Aeron since these chairs have various adjustments. You can find these second hand around $300+


      I cant find a leap but found a cheap used Herman Miller Aeron nearby around 305 right now. but not sure where I can test that chair. there is a place 35 mins away but thats pretty far.

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    Sit on this instead and improve your core.


    Could try the Mckenzie lumbar support roll which straps on any chair.

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