This was posted 2 years ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Ergohuman V2 Plus Deluxe Mesh Office Chair $499, Free Showroom Pickup or $27.90 Metro Post, RRP $799 @ Temple & Webster


Been eyeing the ergohuman v2 plus deluxe mesh office chair for a few months, both on their website and temple and Webster eBay store…
Currently $499 free pick up from Richmond Melbourne showroom or 27.90 shipping.
The Temple and webster eBay store have it for $499 + $36.31 shipping (mandatory) , but using the current 5% off eBay code brings it down to $510.05 shipped if it's convenient.

Overall. Great reviews of this chair all round, very adjustable and customisable.

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  • Have one of these chairs, and just as comfy if not more compared to an aeron. Certainly looks better too

    • Same, def prefer mine to the Aeron I used at work in the past.

    • Shock horror. No owner sitting on the high horse AKA Herman Miller Aeron, trying to defend theirs are way better than every other chair in the world ;p

      • +3 votes

        It might shock you that different people like different things. I paid three times as much for an Aeron because I determined it was that much better.

      • Eh?

        I didn't like the Aeron but I love the Mirra. To each their own.

      • I love my Aeron. Years of back pain disappeared gradually after using it for roughly a year.

    • does it support your back? or lower back? I have back problems.

  • I've had one of these for about 6 years, is holding up really well. The only issues are connection between the chair and strut is a little loose making it wobble side to side a bit, I don't think there is any way to fix it, and the gas strut needs replacing.

    Overall it's pretty comfortable, but if you can spring for a herman miller do it, I've used aeron's at work and they are much better again.

    • Steelcase is a alternative to Herman Miller.

      • -2 votes

        Steelcase is a company. I presume you’re recommending their filing cabinets?

      • I've only tried the leap in a store, seems alright but short term sitting isn't a fair test so I wouldn't want to throw my recommendation behind it.

  • Thanks Op, ordered one through Ebay. Excited to finally have a decent office chair!

  • I'm guessing "metro post" is only for Melbourne? 'cause it's coming up over $100 for Perth.

  • should I go for this or the secretlab OMEGA Series?? any advise? thanks.

    • Omega is comfortable for people who don't have back issue. You can try it at Aftershock St. Kilda if you live in Melbourne.

      But for me, i need something more ergonomic as I have Scoliosis. That's why I decided against buying Omega.

      • Good idea. I will do that. Thank you for your advise.

      • same…

        What chair have you been looking at? Would top chairs such as the Embody help?

        Had an AKRacing and it's not adjustable enough to help my back/neck/scoliosis issues.

        • Yes I have been looking at embody for the past few days,but the price tag is really putting me off… And you don't see many embody chair on ebay or Gumtree…

          I'll go take a look at this Ergohuman v2 plus in person tomorrow..

    • The Secretlab Omega claims many things and honestly having seen and tried one I believe it under delivers. The back and neck supports are afterthoughts, being cushions you hold in place by sandwiching with your body to hold in place. There is really only really two adjustments, back tilt and gas lift, which maybe passable for a "gamer chair" is pretty underwhelming for a $500 to $800 chair. There was something I found wrong with the arms… but I can't remember what from memory.

      The Omega has build quality, lacks features, expensive postage, costs more than comparative chairs and ultimately for a chair that is supposedly manufacturer direct, doesn't deliver.

  • Have two of these chairs. Very comfortable under 112 kg, need extra padding if over. Excellent customer service from Temple and Webster is a bonus.

  • Any alternate around the $200-$300 mark?

  • For cheaper alternative consider ikea markus

  • I have one, although bought it for 600+ around a year ago. Its very comfortable and perfect to maintain good posture. Good investment for people who sit for 8+ everyday.

  • have on of these chairs. Had 10 years of warrenty on it. after about 5 years of use, the arms at the base (their plastic) weaken and break and need replacing. so warrenty seems like a must:)

  • Shame the showroom is in Melbourne.

  • I have one of these, lasted about 5 years so far, better than a cheap office works chair.

    However, the bolts that attach the back of the chair to the seat are garbage. Out of 4 bolts, 3 have sheared off. The best way to avoid this is to keep the bolts tight so there is no play. Also, get some additional bolts from the manufacturer, so you have extras if one or more shears off.

    You can extend the chair's life a lot by looking after these bolts and having backups.

  • Are these really worth the price? I have a $100 officeworks chair and it's okay I guess

    • AS you spend time sitting down for long periods of time you open yourself up to numerous health conditions. Backache, RSI, neckaches, poor circulation and a few others. Fixing these problems are not cheap, visiting a specialist could easily cost you $40+ per session and you'll need multiple sessions, Xrays $100s, MRIs $1000 and surgery $1000s.

      If money is the consideration (and it probably is) you'll actually be saving yourself in the long run preventing problems from cropping up. There are some pains, which you would sell everything you own to get away from. The comfort, is actually pretty damned important, the difference between sleeping in a bed you find comfortable and one you don't, is probably one you can relate to.

      Yes, a good chair is expensive but if you do your research you can save yourself major $$$. First try a number of chairs and find one you LOVE, then hunt one down for a discount or secondhand.

      • I used to buy cheap chairs around $100, after a couple of years or so the base is flat as, even if the rest still looks good and also generally the backrest don't support you well. They were never good to start with. Saving a bit of money wasn't a good idea. In a heartbeat I just picked up the Ikea Markus as mentioned above and it is already 10 times better than my existing chair. Your back will thank you in the long run. As you get older this becomes more important.

  • Extra 3.5% off from Cashrewards

  • Can vouch for this brand. Will last much longer and prevent injury from sitting too long

  • I saw yesterday at costco very similar chair and it is currently on special. Usually $399.00 and now $199.00.

  • Am picking up a used Aeron for $440 tomorrow.

    Decisions, decisions.

    Any comprehensive reviews between these two chairs?

    • get aeron. if you don't like, you can still sell it

    • I bought an Aeron for $1k and Ergohuman about 6-7 years ago. Used both and after a week I took back the Aeron for another Ergohuman. They are just way more comfortable imo. Aeron has the brand and resell value. You have to figure out if brand/resell value is more important or spending hours each day (comfort) is more important.

    • Get a new one in a box, you will be the first one to fart on it.

      Buy an used one, you will be sitting on unknown farts.

  • Would rather buy a lightly used Aeron at this sort of price. They come up all the time from offices looking to liquidate all their furniture, can go even cheaper if you're lucky.

  • was $463 with $22 shipping last year. those chairs will save your back. had it for 3 years, been fantastic so far.

    Aeron has wider seats when I compared it, but no head/neck rest. back, armrest and seat elasticity feel about the same.


    I’m waiting for the Ergohuman V2 Plus Deluxe Ultimate Edition

  • Any idea what the resale value is like on an Ergohuman?

  • Is this good for a shorter/slimmer human?

    I've got the Buro Metro chair but the seat is a bit to big for me

  • I bought a v1 about 3 years ago - very good product (comfortable sitting upright or reclining and keeps you cool) that has held up remarkably well. My only issue with the v1 was my feet barely touched the floor (being c. 174cm tall) - but from what I was reading in reviews at the time, it seems that the v2 can go lower. Would be good if someone could comment on this

  • Subscribe to newsletter get a $20 discount code.

    The code, appears to be unique, shows up on screen after entering email. It was accepted, -$20, but another code showed up for $30 off shipping. But only can use one code at a time.

    For some reason they charge $14.95 for click and collect.

    Try incognito if newsletter subscription doesn't come up for you.

  • 🚨 😲😲 Hmm I came across this…

    🚫 "There are Ergohuman V2 Plus chairs being sold as the Deluxe model don't get caught make sure you know the difference, check out the full range and compare them carefully. The big difference is that the true Deluxe model has independent adjustable seat angle tilt which no other model has - click the below link to compare!"

    The version T&W sell do not have angle tilt… Could be a Chinese knock off. Can someone please confirm if T&W has angle tilt???

  • How does this compare to the Formway Life chair (looks similar)?

    A number of companies use formway in Barangaroo (Syd) - they normally retail for $1.1k

    • Formway chairs are very nice, lots of adjustments and features. My friend's model has the seat reposition itself to maintain central gravity on the gas lift (which is a super rare function). Definitely comfortable but regardless chairs are subjective, because comfort is subjective. Try a chair out, see which you like.

      As much as people love the Aeron, I don't.

  • I have purchased this chair, hope its great

  • This is a fake version of the real thing, right?

    • sitting on them. those are real. this is NOT the top of the range model with all chrome metal back, chrome arm rest and base tilt.

  • I'm looking for a headrest attachment for my Buro Metro chair. Anyone got any recommendations?

  • If you want something made locally then check out Sturdy Framac. They are used by many universities/governments/defence, and are arguably better quality and cheaper! Definitely worth heading out to a showroom to see all the various options, and see which ones feel best to sit on.

  • these are nice. thabks op for the post up.

  • I’ve got one of these
    They are well built
    Lacks a bit of thigh support for me though

  • Anyone know if you could try this out somewhere in Gold Coast or Brisbane? Thanks!

  • Anyone who owns it, how is the lower back support?

    I am looking for something like this but with really good lower back support.

    I would appreciate your feedback.

  • This is a good price, but T&W routinely sell this chair for $569 afaik.

  • Is the seat base made of mesh?

  • DONT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. Struggling to get my money back for a chair I bought from them while ago and returned. Keep in mind: they filter all the reviews posted on their website and leave only positive ones- have learnt on my own experience.

  • I had one of these chairs, probably an off brand I cant remember but I had nothing but issues with them. I ended up having them replace the chair 3 times and every single one had the same issue. My memory is pretty fuzzy about it but I'm pretty sure the metal bracket was (profanity) and the chair itself wasn't able to retract properly so I would have something sticking into my back if I leant back.

    Really sucked because in theory it looked like a pretty great chair.

    edit: so I looked through my emails and it was a similar model, an "ergonomic 2020". Will never deal with them or their dodgy chairs again.

  • I've had two of these chairs (always order one when I change jobs) and they are amazing - never have back pain anymore. I haven't heard of this particular brand but any office furniture store stocks one that looks exactly the same so it seems to now be a generic design that everyone copies - just check the warranty (should be lifetime or 10 years minimum). First one was $1100 second was $800 so this seems like a good price if the parts used are as good.

  • Any recommendations for <$300?

  • Cheers OP, bought one.

  • went by the showroom to check it out today. These chairs are real comfortable, just need to decide whether I want the leather or mesh seat now.

  • Will it be comfortable for tall people? I am 6'6".

  • Good chair, I made my boss buy one at my last work. Sorted my back ache out after sitting in it for 10 hours a day.

  • I also own one and can highly recommend it. Very comfortable. I had my home office & word assessed by a Occupational therapist and the home office with the Ergohuman chair impressed them and passed the assessment but the chain in my office did not. I should add I am very tall and I have trouble getting office chairs that fit me properly …

  • The deal's over, it's $549 now. Just when I decided to pull the trigger, sigh.