expired List and Sell Something and Get $10 eBay Voucher @ eBay


Receive a $10 eBay voucher when you;

List an item in Auction-style or Fixed Price format on eBay.com.au during the Promotion Period; and
Sell the item (and receive full payment from the buyer) within the Sale Period.
Limit of 1 voucher per person
The voucher will be issued in respect of the first eligible item that you list within the Promotion Period and sell within the Sale Period and will be sent within 7 days after sale.
The voucher will be valid for 10 days from the date of issue.

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      This promotion is open only to members validly registered on eBay.com.au who have received the email invitation to participate. This invitation is not transferable or exchangeable.


    sorry eBay, but 10.9% commission for selling on your platform is a joke.

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      Its very high but generally there the $1 weekend list and sell which make it actually pretty good.

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        or the constant no fee offers, save that $1

        my account is in the green for some reason, how do i cash out?


        Is it actually $1 I get confused.

        So if I sell something for $500 by using this offer eBays cut is only $1??? No other fees? Other than PayPals cut?

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          You have to wait until the weekends for the $1 promotion and accept the deal.
          The promotional offers are listed at the bottom of the selling/sold page.
          The fee is actually $1.10 as theres a 10% GST fee. But yes, the fee is $1.10 no matter how much sell the item for.
          Also you still have to pay the 2.6% + $0.30 PayPal fee if buyer pays with PayPal.


      I got a different deal: free to list and 0 commission for 10 single items, posted today. Only thing I wanted to sell are some ex-mining cards, so I could only list one.

      Hmm, maybe I can just make 10 listings for exactly the same thing… lol


        Yes you can, if there is a minor difference in the title. I did it with two external HDD's.

        Ebay will let you know right away when you try to list the second item if it has an issue. Just adjust the listing and retry.

        If you have 10 of the same thing, adding punctuation / changing word order in the title might be harder than you think. But you can always come back and edit the title later as they start to sell.

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    I got the deal, although in my case it was restricted to specifically list & sell car parts! Coincidentally I had some old car parts in the garage I was probably simply going to get rid of at the next hard rubbish collection, and also had 'list for free' credits so what they hey. Worth a try.

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      1 drop of engine oil posted. $0.01 for the oil with free postage. Will cost you the price of a stamp. Send me the link amd I'll buy it.


      I got the same.

      But they might stuff it up and ignore the category anyway, I think this happened to me before and I got a voucher despite not selling anything in the correct category.


        Last voucher deal like this I received the reward voucher twice as I got onto chat immediate after making the qualifying sales, and they manually generated the voucher for me, then their system automatically created the voucher at the correct time too.


    I registered for this last time and on that 1 account I got sent THREE vouchers on diff days within about a week or so! Spent them all quickly in case they were made void.