Xiaomi Solid Color Lightweight Water-Resistant Backpack US $5.70 (~AU $7.91) Delivered @ Rosegal


Good price, searching OzB cheapest thus far.

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    How come it said $15.36 when I clicked on the link?


    I ordered one from banggood and it never arrived. I'm feeling hopeful with this one

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    I have two of these and I can't say I recommend them UNLESS you know you are getting a VERY SMALL backpack.
    I went in knowing they were small and I was still surprised at how small they are.
    Maybe good for a day to the pool or beach if you carry your own towel but not good for much else.
    The build quality seems pretty good though.

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      I used this for my Europe trip, it was just nice (for women i suppose) to put in a water bottle, camera and some bits and bobs. I liked that it was easy to roll up so I could easily put it in my other backpack while moving places. But that picture uploaded of the people wearing it in the description is quite deceiving, unless they are like 4 foot tall…


      I have like a complete opposite response. I bought it cus its small. And the build quality is not good imo. Also, the size pocket is not big enough for a water bottle.


    after log in:

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      I just tried it and still working on my end. I got this message after applying coupon 'Fixed price for selected one product: 5.70
      Free shipping coupon,the order has been granted free standard shipping'


    These look pretty much the same as the $4.50 decathlon backpacks. Smallllllll

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      If you want larger go with college style 15.6" (1+1 compartment, large+small) or 17L (2+1 compartment). Basically same just larger and slightly different designs.

      Wouldn't compare these to any $4.50 backpack, these are actually quite good quality imo.

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    Also works with 2 straps model


    Edit: wth this link shows both kinds… Idk if I ordered right one now

    They're all two strap model, just seems they've used some pictures from the sling model on 1-2 colors.


    2 separate orders per account max.

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    Thanks OP :)

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    Found interesting review on YouTube:



    Got one last time, perfect small gym bag for me. Pretty small and very thin material so won't protect much but seems to be holding up well.


    I bought one of these last time for myself and my partner.
    It works as something for her to throw a few things in for a day out but otherwise far too small to be of much use. Looks tiny on her, I imagine it would look ridiculous on my 6'2" frame so I've never even bothered.


    its cheaper at 7.48 now
    just bought one thanks.

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