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Vodafone TV - $72 Delivered @ Vodafone


Nice price on the Vodafone TV - going for half the usual price of $144.

Excellent bang for buck IMO:

  • FTA TV tuner (can record to USB)
  • Inbuilt ChromeCast (has been working great with Kayo)
  • Quality bluetooth remote (dedicated app buttons / tactile buttons / play and pause / numeric pad etc)
  • Ethernet
  • 2 year local warranty

Would snap one up if I didn't already have one ;)

Edit: Confirmed available in store too - thanks krouton24



Review (USB recording added since review):


Credit to MrSpeaker72 on Whirlpool

Mod Update 29/12: Still available.

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  • Brought and returned this at launch. Ended up with Apple TV 4K. The lack of 5.1 in Kodi was a deal breaker. But at this price it’s tempting again.

    When was recording added? Is it official?

    • +2

      Was an update to Live Channels back in July (officially for the HDHomerun from memory, but works with the VTV):


      • What’s the connection w/ Voda’…?

        Is this something i’d Need Mobile data to use?

        Photo reminds me of a (tunerless) XiaoMi TV Box [3]. From earlier deals. (Mi ox 3?)

        Who makes it?

        Need a Voda’ acct to get the deal price?

        Does its HDCP copy-protection adversely affect its use
        (via its HDMI output) with a dumb monitor?

        Does recording to a USB device happen “automatically (w/o an app)…
        eg, simply storing files… or do I need an app (if so, which)?

        • “You're almost done.
          To complete this order, you’ll need a debit or credit card. Once you’ve received your order, you’ll need to activate the service online.

          Keeping your existing number

          Once your order arrives, we'll help you transfer your number across.

          Check your coverage

          Use the Coverage Checker to see where Vodafone coverage is available.”

          Lazy Telco!

        • +1

          Vodafone sells it outright, that's all. No ongoing service or account needed.

          It's made by Technicolor. Uses an amilogic S905D SoC like a lot of other boxes.

          Output device needs to support HDCP 2.2.

          Recording is a mess. You need a USB drive >= 64GB, formatted for exclusive use by the VTV, and recording is done by selecting shows from the Live Channels EPG - which is limited to only displaying what is on now and what is on next. Then it crashes when you try to play back the recordings, so you have to use KODI to watch them.

          • @ssquid: Yeah it doesn't make much sense to only have recording possible of 'now and next', but no pausing of live TV. Only really makes sense if you were to have a 7 day EPG.

          • @ssquid: "Output device needs to support HDCP 2.2."
            Dear can u plz elaborate this,
            Am i able to watch 1080p content on a old 1080p tv with hdmi
            Or tv has to HDCp 2.2

            • @3635: 1080p should work, HDCP 2.2 only matters when trying to play 4K content.

              • @ssquid: Thanks a lot

                • @3635: I got this now .
                  Yes its working 1080 with provided
                  HDMI cable , no issue,
                  Also 500gb hdd NTFS working mkv files through usb with vlc player
                  Am happy with this product

                  • @3635: May I ask about your TV? I have a really old TV which doesn't support HDCP. Netflix (1080p) on MiBox refuse to play due to HDCP, throwing error tvq-pm-100.

                    Does Netflix 1080p work on your TV?


      • Ours came in a bigger box, Free to slide & bounce around inside

        I trust it’s own box is padded, in some way…

        Designed in EU..

        Made in Thailand

        So, what’s the issue caused by hDCP 2.2 [copy protection]?

    • +2

      Did you not set up kodi correctly?

      These support DTS out of the box

      • Every time pass through was enabled static would play and Kodi couldn’t handle the decoding itself.

        • +1

          Might be the end audio device?

  • +6

    This is one epic deal for an awesome device!

    I own one and prefer it over my Mi Box.

    • What do you find better and is your mi box now Android 8?

      • +3

        I have 2 Mi boxes and 1 Vodafone TV in my house. Both Mi boxes are running the latest Android. Things that I like about Vodafone TV over the MiBox:

        • In-built Ethernet port
        • Much better Remote Control with YouTube and Netflix buttons
        • Voice Search seems to work better with Vodafone remote
        • In-built TV tuner

        With Mi Boxes we are always having to switch between HDMI to DTV when we want to watch Free to Air channels (FTA) which is slightly inconvenient. On the other hand Vodafone TV is just one stop shop for everything including FTA channels.

        • -2

          but the ethernet port is only 100mb tho?

          I like the remote to be honest.

          Personality we dont use much FTA viewing with netflix, youtube or kodi

          • +2

            @asa79: No point in anything over 100Mbps it wont have the grunt to process it.

        • Do the TV Tuner need an aerial connection Or can it receive FTA with no aerial attachment?

          • +1

            @serpserpserp: Needs an aerial connection the same as any other DVB tuner

            • @jwh: I have been unable to watch FTA channels with aerial. Although the same antenna is showing all the channels through another device (USB tuner).
              Is it normal with voda tv or do I have a faulty device?

  • Can I add/sideload Amazon Prime? Thanks.

    • Yes you can.

    • +11

      Yep - there's a bunch of APKs here including Prime and Foxtel Now:


      • Can these apps be side loaded onto a Telstra TV1? Or are they completely different because it's a different device, OS, etc? Would love Amazon Prime on there.

        • No - they are different (Vodafone TV runs Android TV; the Telstra TV is a rebadged Roku, which AFAIK runs Roku OS, which is a custom Linux distribution).

          • +1

            @kirt: Thanks kirt. That's a shame. People say you can side load it on the Telstra TV but finding information and packages was a nightmare. Maybe I should just get one of these… :/ Got the Telstra TV free but still feels like a waste not using it.

            • @dreamstation: you can side load only 1 app at a time on Telstra TV. I have Plex on my Telstra TV. Google for instructions.

              • +3

                @Bellyup: FYI Plex is official on TTV devices now

                • @XeKToReX: I've never been able to find a sideloadable Prime for Telstra TV, which is infuriating as it musn't be that hard given it's available on the normal Roku

      • Thanks

      • How do you find prime. I had issues with it on Sony Android tv

      • Do the Optus Sport apps for Firestick work on the VTV?

        • It was working perfectly up until about a month ago, but now throws up an error.

          You can still cast to the VTV.

      • Can you please share the site that you got this from?


        • +1

          Are you talking about the APKs?

          If so, I ripped most of them from my Vodafone TV, Fire TV Stick, Foxtel Now Box, and Shield.

      • Hey OP I tried to install amazon video for Xiaomi, it only works with low resolution video, can't play 1080, the google play version does not install at all.
        I tried to install the SBS one and again no luck. Any advice?

        • I heard the one below was solid, which I recently uploaded, so give that a shot:



          That SBS one is hit and miss, but the good news is that a native app is being developed and should be available early next year (and in the meantime you can cast SBS to the VTV).

          • @kirt: Thanks Kirt I'll give it a go.

        • +1

          Official SBS Android TV app has been released.

    • +1

      Also thanks kirt :)

    • Do sideload Prime on Xiaomi as well? Keep getting errors mid way thru watching stuff and have to resume :/. Why can't Amazon bring out an official app already.

      • Yeah I have issues with it on the Mi Box too (the Shield has a native Amazon Prime app, so there is hope).

      • +1

        Because they want you the buy the Amazon TV stick

      • Never had an issue with Prime on my Mi Box.

  • Given that my LG Oled has a load of apps already I'm guessing that this is really just a chromecast alternative for me or does it give me anything else? You could argue TV recording but most of my TV watching is Netflix. I also use Optus sports so this would be handy to cast from phone to the TV but a chromecast would be better for that as it's smaller right?

    • Lg and Samsung smart TVs can't do Kodi so this would give you that

  • Still trying to figure out how is this better than the Mi box.

    • It has a FTA digital tuner and you can record to USB. The Mi box can't do that.

      • +15

        There’s nothing on FTA worth recording.

        • +6

          Every now end then hell freezes over and I see an add for FTA TV. My mind boggles at why anyone would watch that trash. "Family Food Fight". "Yummy Mummies". Like seriously wtf is wrong with the people running network TV? Are they all late 20s, early 30s women?

        • +1

          Judge Judy!! PERIOD :)

        • +4

          Doctor Who!!!

        • +1

          Maybe the occasional FTA live sports that you can't watch live and isn't available on freeview catchup?

    • Yeah same. Running 2 Mi Boxes in the home with both MM and Oreo and no real issues except maybe the Bluetooth remote needs to be re-paired every now and then. Worth getting this?

      Edit. The FTA tuner/recorder doesn't appeal to me

      • Bought it anyway to check out. Can't complain about the price

      • Get a cheap remote from ebay for Mi box. Works better than the original and never needs repairing. I've used mine for the last 2 years. Gave up on original one.

    • +7

      A few pros over the Mi Box:

      • Ethernet
      • TV tuner
      • Aussie power supply
      • Local warranty
      • Better remote IMO
    • Remote is probably main thing. Otherwise it's only Android 7 compared to mi box 8

      • +1

        Tho there are plenty of complaints regading Oreo on the MiBox…

  • Can I install Amazon Prime Video on it

  • Is it possible to stream a video-streaming website directly from a Chrome tab like on Chromecast?

    • It has chromecast (4k i think) built in.

      • +2

        Can anyone confirm you can cast in 4k? Thanks

        • +1

          same I want to know if u can cast 4k

    • Yes just not netflix

    • I ended up buying it and can confirm it is possible to stream any Chrome tab to it.
      It might be the best option to make your old TV "smart" without spending too much. Works really well with my old FHD TV in a bedroom.

  • How smooth is Kayo? Is it choppy?
    Might get this.

    • Been casting an hour or two each night since launch, and haven't had any stutter or quality drops (which is on par with my Shield).

      • I'm new to this device and android TV. Can you point me in the direction to instructions that allow me to side load Kayo. I just opened this device up now and have am setting up

          1. Go here: https://mega.nz/#F!PaJQELqY!dg3wVzOFIybj6an5Yeq7PA

          2. Download the APK file to a USB stick.

          3. Put USB stick in Vodafone TV.

          4. Download X-plore File Manager from the Play Store

          5. Launch X-plore, navigate to the USB stick, click on the APK, and install

  • +1

    Vodafone doesn't have SPDIF audio out, but has ethernet port (compared to Mi Box)

    • Damn. Would have got one, if not needing a new amplifier. Would a usb dongle work for spdif?

      • +1

        I got a usb powered hdmi optical splitter working well for me. Dirt cheap on ebay

        • Whats the use case/reasoning there?

          • +1

            @Xizor: Older amp with no HDMI?

            • +5

              @pin4e: Wouldn't you just plug this via HDMI to TV, then roll SPDIF tv to amp? That way any device on the TV can do SPDIF audio out.

    • -1

      100mb Ethernet isn't a benefit

      • +5

        As someone who's struggled with shitty WIFI on the Mibox I'd beg to differ. Also where people have ethernet available I'd almost always take it over wifi.

        • -1

          Usb 2 to Ethernet will give you 200mb which is double the speed

  • Can you play content from a usb. MKV for example.

    • Yep.

      • Tks thats one in the basket for me.

    • Does it support x265 MKV files? 10-bit?

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