expired [XB1] 16 New Games Added to Game Pass - PUBG, Agents of Mayhem, Ori and The Blind Forest + More


Announced at Inside Xbox.

Might be a good time to pick up a $1 game pass if any of these interest you!

November 11 -
Thief of Thieves

November 12 -
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

November 22 -
Agents of Mayhem
Thomas Was Alone

December 20 -
Ori and the Blind Forest
Kingdom Two Crowns
Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Games starting US holidays (no idea what date) -
Supermarket Shriek
Mutant Year Zero
Pathologic 2
The Good Life
Void Bastards
Secret Neighbor.

Global release date in 2019 -
Ori and the Will of the Wisps

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    GAME PASS MEMBERSHIP DEAL (Black Friday); Rather than create a new thread they also announced that on 22/23 November (Black Friday) they will be offering half price Game Pass Memberships for 1,3,6 & 12 month subscriptions. Was advertised in the cheesy ad they had during XO18 this morning. If your getting Game Pass get your $1 first month, cancel the recurring billing after you subscribe and then on 23 November get your half price subscription for whatever period you like….

    I'm too old to understand the rules of this forum to create a new thread, if someone wants to create a new post go for it :)


      so let me get this straight

      you gotta buy the game + xbox live gold + game pass to get the full console experience?

      whatever happenned to just buying and owning a game


        You don't have to buy the game, but you can, as long as you are a member of Gamepass you play any of the 100+ games free of additional charge as long as you are a member of gamepass (Even after they remove the game from Gamepass to download). You only need Gold if you want to to play Multiplayer online in which case you get more free games each month (Up to 4 decent games) to keep from that program. I own a PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro and XBox One X and this is by far the best value game subscription service out there and subsequently the only one i subscribe too now, can't wait till it comes to PC aswell.

        I play PS4 for VR and Exclusive Games
        I play Nintendo Switch for Platformers and Mobility
        I play PC for VERY cheap game prices, Mods, Amazing Graphics and Mouse and Keyboard
        I play XBox One for local multiplayer, console graphics and Game Pass (with PC)


          maybe it will be worth it when it comes to PC

          im trying to avoid buying a console cause i dont enjoy controller gaming
          and most of the free games im not interested in so the value just isnt there personally

          paying for multiplayer is just insanity given theyre not even providing dedicated servers

          have they supported KBM yet for xbox?


            @furythree: Yep, announced yesterday they will have Keyboard and Mouse for 20 odd games so far, and more to come. Fortnite the biggest game they are supporting Day 1.

            These are the games that will offer keyboard and mouse support on XBox One in November:

            “Bomber Crew”
            “Deep Rock Galactic”
            “Strange Brigade”
            “Vermintide 2”
            “War Thunder”
            “X-Morph Defence”

            Otherwise there is and has been a USB finger called the XIM Apex that allows it in 95% of games via community coding. The USB is about $200 so it may be better to wait.


              @TheWoos: yeah im aware of the xim

              but $600 for a xbox one x + xbox live gold + this subscription + $200 xim

              we are in PC gaming territory at 1/3 of performance


    Game Pass is 50% off at the moment too.

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    As a PC gamer, Gamepass and Play Anywhere are amazing value. I got an Xbox One X and love being able to play games where and how I want. I just wish more games were Play Anywhere titles.


      Game Pass should be coming to PC in the future. Which means PC exclusive titles should be added to the service. :-)



      Can you explain to a PC gamer who also just got the Xbox One X from the JB deal on how game pass and play anywhere benefits me? will appreciate any info because I don't really understand it tbh. I know I can play the xbox only exclusives on PC but I don't know how I can get anything else that is helpful to me as a PC gamer.


        Ok, so there are some games (For a Horizon 4 for example) that are both play anywhere and on Gamepass. If you pay for gamepass, you also get access to those games on your PC via your MS account at no extra charge.


    Would be nice if Sony jumps in on the gamepass band wagon.


    Sweet. I’m looking forward to Hellblade. This makes me feel better about my three year investment.


    noooooooooooo I want to play hellblade but my trial expires before then fakkk

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    The value of GP is amazing, so many quality games to play.

    My only big gripe with it is that Xbox live is seperate, should be included or bundled cheaper at the very least.


      In the USA they are introducing a bundle - you lock in for a 1 or 2 year contract and included in it is the Xbox itself, as well as Gold + Game Pass. I think they might also be introducing a plan without Gold/Game Pass too, but not sure.

      Hopefully this makes it's way over to Australia one day.


    Play Forza horizon 4 best car game in 2018 for sure!!