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Computer Alliance 15% off Storewide @ eBay


T&Cs here. $15 flat rate postage (not per item) or free shipping with eBay Plus membership. Enjoy :)

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    Thanks TA

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    I was wondering when the next sale would be!

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      It is now

      • I was reading that reply in Peter's voice with a straight face on

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    The old 20% banner is still at the link.. got excited for a second!

  • Thanks mate :)

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  • hrm, no chromebooks….

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    Any good deals?

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      Are you Seriously Joking?

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        I assume you're making a joke on his name. But it's a good question.

        I'm looking for an rx 580 8 gig.
        With comp alliance and this 15% off I can get one for $322, elsewhere on ebay with 5% off, $284

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          That's exactly what I'm looking for as well. Can I please have a link.

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          Here's the link
          Thanks Julesxzzz

        • Count me in on searching for a decent deal on a RX 580 8GB. $280 is the target, which was briefly offered by Mwave and PC Case Gear.

          Item #332694397352 on Ebay is tempting, but I'm unconvinced on the claim of it being "OEM packaging", and even then, it's retail pricing for 1/8th of the warranty coverage.

          • @Ben1985: Yeah I'm considering going with an ex mining card for something like $180 and putting the 'saved' money into future proofing a better MB. Hoping lasts a year or 2, then upgrading.

            As I've been looking into it too, it seems about half the number of the 580's have cheap cooling (especially the cheaper ones), so they are loud. Which is fine if you can deal with it, but these days it's something I'd like to avoid.

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    No Computer alliance, no…. o wait :)

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    Reckon this is a very good deal 4 Bay Synology DS918+ 4GB for $662.15 +Del

  • They don't sell any 144hz IPS freesync monitors, now I'm sad I won't be able to take advantage of this deal

  • Any good prebuilt gaming PC? I ceebs building my own and just want the convenience.

    • Techfast has some pretty decently priced prebuilts. Search ozbargain ;)

      • No current deals though :(

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    15% doesn't seem to really cut it compared to the 20% previous sales. A couple of price checks and the 15% off is basically the same as 5% other places.

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      CA price is really depends on what you are after.

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    Any new 20% off codes ?

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    Seagate IronWolf NAS Drives

    Worth a deal post?

    4TB $148.75
    6TB $245.65
    8TB $305.15
    10TB $415.65

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      Do it scrim before it's stolen

    • Is that before or after discount and delivery?

    • I don't know how these compare to WD white label but you can get WD My Book (contains White label) for less than $250 by price matching to in thr Officeworks store

    • With regards to 12tb drives, the deal is not as good as the 20% FUTU one that finished on 22 Oct. Was hoping to at least be a similar price for the 12tb+ drives but they are more expensive.

      12tb Seagate Ironwolf NAS (non-PRO) was $684 less 20% = [email protected]FUTU sale
      this deal at CA is $669 less 15% = [email protected] Sale

      For reference, the 10tb Seagate Ironwolf NAS (non-PRO) is only 45c more expensive here though so only the higher ranges seem to be not as good (although you will need eBay plus for free delivery to offset the $15 delivery).

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    Can’t find samsung evo 860 1tb only 256gb and 500gb :(

    Edit: nvm found it

    • link? I can't find 500gb

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    Came for the 'Trust the Process' comments… came disappointed

  • Any recommendations on an Intel NUC? for mrs family to basically surf the net, watch youtube, basic computer stuff. Could the Celeron be suffice or should I get the i3-7100?

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    No free shipping no deal

  • Awesome thanks TA! Bought new CPU, GFX card, mobo, RAM & CPU Cooler :)

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    I’ve had great experiences with CA from past deals. I was after a Nvidia Shield this time, but for some reason you guys charge $269 for the Nvidia Shield (both on eBay and your website), when the RRP is $249. Is this an error?

    • It's a price jack

    • Free postage?

  • Where are the 1tb 970evo's ???

    • In shortage at the moment, slim chance we may have stock this week.

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    No good deals on gaming laptops

    • Yeah, cheapest one with a 1060 is about 2k before discount.

  • no pickup option?

  • Thanks, just decided its time to upgrade the trusty i5-3XXX.

  • Any 14tb Seagate Ironwolf NAS PRO?

  • Hey TA, any ebay site wide promo's coming up soon?

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      LOL yep.

      Serious question though - does ebay 10% stack with this deal?

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    Too bad no good deals on any RTX2080 or Ti… Bummed I missed the Newegg deal yesterday.

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    Couldn't find GTX 1070 ti, GTX 1080 or Vega 56/64

    Bit lacking in this sale…

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      agreed, was hoping to find some vega 56s at least. desperately need to upgrade

    • Msk GS65 stealth thin 1070 for ~2.9k after discount - Not too bad for a 1070 MSI GS65

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    Was hoping for an RTX2080, but even with 15% off they're still way too much..
    Will wait for one under $1k

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    Anyone know how these guys are for returns handling? Don't really want to commit to an interstate purchase on a monitor if the reseller are going to make things difficult if the monitor suffers a fault.

    • I faced that dilemma when i bought the Asus ROG PG27Q. It had a hot pixel that wouldnt flush out. CA told me to return it for warranty assessment and being in Melbourne for me to ship it up would've costed more than I had saved with a coupon code.

      TL:DR I should've bought local for a monitor

      • Under Australian Consumer Law the Seller must reimburse your shipping costs for return of a faulty item.
        If the item is big and/or heavy, they need to arrange collection themselves.

        Know your rights!

        • Saying it needs to be "assessed" is not acknowledging a fault though, it's their way of weaseling out of it.

          • @ssquid: True, but if there is a visible fault they're not going to be able to refuse, you might have to just wait a bit. Sending them some quotes from the ACCC page is usually enough for them to play ball.
            It is bullshit how many companies in Australia try to avoid their obligations though.

  • Is this not working for anyone else? I'm getting "This code can't be applied to your order."

    • Are you sure you are using Australia account?

      • You're right - looks like I had bodged it in to an 'american' account for an earlier deal and not changed it back. Thanks

  • Sandisk Ultra 200GB microsd is $58.65 with the 15% off.

    It's listed for $49 on their website - price-jacking much?

  • Worth getting the G403 Logitech mouse for $84 or wait a week

  • Don't buy from ebay I lost $400 through Syk_as_buys. And paypal said you signed for the package: case closed, no refund.
    Only go to a computer Alliance store.

    • +2

      whats 'Sky_as_buys' got to do with this CA ebay sale?

  • Anybody getting code can't be applied to your order?
    I know it expires today but T&C's say it expires at 23.59 (AEDT) - right now it's 13.34 AEDT. So surely it's not expired yet?

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    The Centrecom in Nunawading, VIC (and I assume the other locations as well) are part of Amex shop small and so if you have enough Amex cards, you can chain them up into a nice discount on price matched items.

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