This was posted 3 years 9 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free 90 Day eBay Plus Trial


Sign up by Christmas Day to receive a 90-day free trial (normally 30 days).

Reports indicate that you can still sign up for this free 90-day trial even if you have completed a 30-day trial previously.

If you sign up using PayPal you may immediately cancel your payment contract here if you wish to avoid being charged in future.

It’s highly probable another joining promotion is in the works that may be stackable with this one if you can wait a bit longer before signing up.

Christmas 2018 promotion – Free 90-day trial

The terms in this section 10 apply if you sign up for a free trial of eBay Plus between 9 November 2018 and 25 December 2018 (“90-day trial Offer Period”).

By signing up for a free trial of eBay Plus during the 90-day trial Offer Period then you agree to be subject to these eBay Plus Terms and Conditions as amended as follows:

All references to “30-day trial” are replaced with the words “90-day trial” throughout, excluding the second sentence of section 3.2 which is replaced with the following:

If you cancel during the first 30 days of the 90-day trial period you will continue to receive all eBay Plus benefits until 30 days after the date the date you originally joined. If you cancel after the first 30 days of the 90-day trial period you will immediately cease receiving eBay Plus benefits. Once your eBay Plus benefits cease your eBay Plus membership will end.

All other terms in these eBay Plus terms and conditions remain unchanged and applicable.

Original eBay Plus - Unlimited Deliveries & Returns on "Plus" Items for $49 Annual Fee Deal Post thanks to syba.

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  • +4

    Thanks op!!

    • +33

      I would rather they offered a service that was compelling value for $49 as opposed to something that's free but of little to no use.

      • +3

        Username checks out.

        Try again eBay!

  • +10

    I quit my 30 day free trial on Wednesday and this still worked.

    • +5

      I quit my 30 day free trial on Wednesday and this still worked.

      This could only mean that ebay is absolutely desperate. Happy to be corrected though. :-)

    • I have a current free trial till the end of November, is there a way to get onto this deal? Or do I have to wait till my current trial ends?

      • +1

        How many of your accounts have trial running through to the end of the month?

  • +1

    Legend, worked great

  • +4

    Can someone confirm that this still works if you've previously used the 30 day free trial? I don't want to be charged for $49! Particularly as Ebay plus hasn't provided anything really of note yet….

    • +1

      Worked for me.. As I said in my previous comment

    • +8

      Worked for me as well! Can't believe it. Haha don't think I will pay for it if it's not free…eBay plus membership is not like Amazon where they give you express shipping at least.

      BTW, it can be cancelled straightaway to avoid $49 after and you will still have the membership till the end of trial.

    • I cancelled my trial months ago and it worked fine for me.

    • Worked for me

    • Then why are you after another trial lolz

  • Did anyone not get the $20 gift card from previous promotion?

    • Yep, via email

      • So you didn't get the card via email?

        • From ebay to my ebay email (not paypal email address)..


          Here’s your $20 Gift Card thanks to eBay Plus!

          Edit: oh I see the "not" now. Very clever

    • I got it but i can not know which account to use as i tried 4 accounts already but could not use that. Anyone can help how?

      • See which email address it was sent to

        • Text sms

          • +1

            @Frogprince7: Log into each acct then on menu go to My Ebay Summary page.
            In the page there are sections for watched, purchases, etc.
            The vouchers for that acct are shown there in a separate section.
            You should still be able to see the free $20 gift notification (with the status expired) in that section.

    • Got the $50 one a while back, thanks for the reminder, I had forgotten about it!

  • New to eBay plus but been selling a lot on eBay. How does this benefit for us sellers or is it just for buying stuff? I'm just a layperson selling stuff that I don't need from my house by the way.

    • +1

      Doesn't particularly help small sellers too much, it did at the start but ebay did a quick fix of that. It's more a buyer help with their free returns policy on eBay plus listings and for big sellers who get shipping cost reimbursement.

      • +1


      • "and for big sellers who get shipping cost reimbursement."

        Can you expand upon tis?

        My wife is a huge bay seller, exactly how will she benefit?

    • +3

      It's a detriment for small sellers, because you can't compete with the free shipping. Well, I can't.

      • Include it in the price and take advantage of 10-15% ebay wide sales. Buyers don't buy from sellers charging shipping seperately. Well, I don't.

  • +1

    Can you get free shipping from international delivery?

  • +3

    Got accepted for the free trial (even though I used a free trial back when it started). Immediately cancelled the membership so I wouldn't be charged and now I have Ebay Plus for free until February.

    • Did the same thing!

  • +1

    Im 3 days in to my 30 day trial. I missed all offers when I signed up!!!

    I just attempted to cancel so I could take advantage of the 90 day trial instead however my account stills shows its active untill end of trial (27 days). So I cant seem to take advantage of any 90 day offer.

    • +3

      Have a go after your trial ends with this.

    • What about your other eBay account?

  • Is this targetted? I'm seeing 30 days only.

    • +3

      Click sign up it'll say 90 days

  • +10

    Just in case anyone's curious, you can sign up and immediately cancel and you retain the 3 months

  • It’s nearly the end of free trial of 30 days. What benefit did I get? Nothing.

    • What benefit did I get? Nothing.

      You joined at the complete wrong time. You should've joined when they had 15% off for plus members or the awesome flash sales in September.

  • +4


    I already had eBay Plus, started on 26 July 2018, and is valid until 26 July 2019.

    On 22 October 2018, I received a PayPal receipt in my inbox saying I made payment to eBay Plus annual membership fee for $48.99. I disputed it in PayPal, and won, will be receiving the full refund of $48.99.

    Weird how big companies like these can make such mistakes, when everything should be automated!

    • They charged you twice?

      • Yes, 4 months after I sign up.

    • -1

      Have you seen how poor eBay's website is across different platforms?

      The other day I had a click and collect order at Supercheap through eBay. The delivery address was:

      Person X
      Address Y
      Phone Z

      Both Person X and Phone Z were overwritten in the details sent to Supercheap to the name and number of the account holder. He's never lived at Address Y and never used that address! Big company != good tech

      • +1

        Did you pay with PayPal?

        • Yeah paid with PayPal, with the account owner and PayPal delivery address being Person X of Address Y with Phone Z. Their systems are garbage.

          • +1

            @iMagoo: How do you know it's not PayPal or Supercheap's own system contributing to the error? PayPal stores its own address details for users, and I've known them to be substituted into orders I've made in the past, and who knows what sort of database or CRM system Supercheap might be using and how it processes information it receives.

            • @dm01: Process of elimination. Person X was the only person affiliated with the PayPal account used. It was the first click and collect made at Supercheap from that eBay account.

              It's definitely eBay at fault.

              • @iMagoo: Then you might need to rethink your nomenclature in the example you've given as it's not really clear (to me at least) quite what you're saying.

                I'd suggest person X has address X and phone number X, while person Y has address Y and phone number Y.

                Are you person X? And you're not the eBay account holder?

    • Weird

      Or the f that ends in d.

    • I signed up for eBay plus when they ran their half price promotion I was then charged half price for a month and the full annual membership every single month even after calling up and asking them to fix it.

      I blocked my PayPal from allowing it in the end and they refunded me six months later.

      It's a horrific product and worse support I had no benifits worth noting at all

  • +5

    There isn't that much great about it anyways. Ive had it since the start the only benefit I can see is double flybys, which is actually the standard amount we used to get with Ebay. No way I would pay for this subscription again!!!

    • Wow, cutting the amount of points you used to get for free and then charging you for the original is so pathetic.

    • I signed up to save $14.95 postage on a phone. Better cancel it now, after reading about these billing errors.

  • For those who have trial before, be careful, it will automatically charge a whole year fee, though clicking through the trial sign up page.

    • +2

      I setup payment through Paypal and haven't been charged. I had the original trial at launch.

      • They added one year subscription to my account and PayPal automatical payment to eBay was active.

        • I tried signing up for the 90 days trial and now I have membership till the 10th of November 2019. I cancelled my automatic payments in Paypal and don't see that anything has gone through. Have I won?

          Don't worry they cancelled me haha. I am glad the $49 didn't go through though.

  • Also worked for me. I signed up for the free trial when it first launched but didn't have the $29 so it dropped out at the time.

  • +3

    Signed up an canceled immediately. 90 days of free eBay plus. Also had free 30 days trial before.

    • Hi, Where do you cancel the payment option in Paypal?
      Edit: Found it.

  • +5

    I'm one of those people that paid $29 to keep the membership for a year.

    Spewing lol

    • +4

      Please hand in your Ozbargain membership.

    • +5

      Paid $29 at the beginning in Sept and will never pay again.

  • +15

    eBay: "Too many people have remembered to cancel their trial membership just before 30 days is up. Lets try 90 days and hope more people forget!"

    • +2

      people cancel eBay plus the next day after signing up the trial
      as the eBay plus benefit will last till the free trial period ends (even canceling straight after sign up)

      • +2

        Next day? I guess if you sign up at 11:59pm.

  • +4

    They should copy Amazon's model and offer real benefits. I have no issues paying $5 to Amazon every month as the membership pays for itself many times over.

  • +2

    Man. U snooze you win.

  • Thank you OP

  • Awesome!

  • +7

    Ebay plus is a joke, no real benefit. Ffs I could return for free with PayPal anyway. And actually make the rest of non eBay plus items more expensive.

    • Free postage is a benefit on many items. I signed up for the trial a few months ago and forgot to cancel but it more than paid for itself in my first purchase - 10% off for Plus members on an already discounted phone. Have since had a $30 Ebay voucher and 3 months free Stan. I expect more special deals over the next 9 months, if not no point in renewing because I'm not a regular Ebay buyer who needs the free postage.

    • 3 months of Stan for Christmas has helped. Also the return process is so much better under plus. But yeah time will tell.
      Edit I have also picked up an extra discount by selecting products that only offer free delivery for WD SSD's were $5 cheaper form Futu for the non general free delivery.

  • Am i missing something i click on the link on here both links no mention of 90 days only says 30 days?

    • Same here

      Wonder if it was changed?

    • +1

      click sign up

      • This. It's still working.

        I used the 30 day free trial previously.

    • Same here

  • The problem with relying on free trials only is you may miss out on some of the good deals that come along and your trial already expired. I can name 2 that nabbed me over $300 in actual savings over the typical ebay savings, so its payed itself off.

    That being said, you dont get much else like Amazon which have the streaming service and free shipping on everything. It'd be good if eBay offered a few more ongoing site-wide incentives rather than just select sellers and random one-time offers.

  • Just in time for Christmas shopping, thanks!

  • +1

    Any possibility that eBay will revoke this offer before 25th of Dec?

  • Signed up and immediately cancelled, but my membership is active for another 91 days. I'll see if it's worth the $49/yr, I guess?

  • +1

    I paid $29 for ebay plus at the beginning and will never pay again.

    • +2

      You are correct - that was an introductory price and will revert to $49 when you're due to renew.

  • Can someone just please tell me what ebay PLus even is and what the benefits are? Thanks!

    • There is a FAQ link in the description.

      • Thanks, im at work and those sites are all blocked so was hoping for a quick explanation if anyone can give me the quick version

        • +8

          It would be remiss of us to go against your employer's wishes and provide what is evidently information that could compromise your work performance.

        • +2

          Free delivery and free returns on Plus items
          Double flybuys points
          Exclusive deals
          "Premium customer service"

          Read my post above. They have incentivised membership previously (Google home mini, Ebay coupon) so I wouldn't be paying without one of those freebie offerings. Trial is free so as others have said sign up and cancel.

  • Thanks for sharing

  • I still have my membership valid until 7th of Dec, even though I've cancelled the subscription. I have to wait until it expires.

    Thanks op, I will renew it once my current free month expires. Hit the reminder button 😊

  • +1

    I’m waiting for a 120 days free trial.

    • +2

      That's good to know.

  • +1

    Will wait to stack.

  • Link provided by OP takes me to a 30 day trial?

    • It says 30, but click through and it will say 90 days.

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