This was posted 2 years 11 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free 90 Day eBay Plus Trial


Sign up by Christmas Day to receive a 90-day free trial (normally 30 days).

Reports indicate that you can still sign up for this free 90-day trial even if you have completed a 30-day trial previously.

If you sign up using PayPal you may immediately cancel your payment contract here if you wish to avoid being charged in future.

It’s highly probable another joining promotion is in the works that may be stackable with this one if you can wait a bit longer before signing up.

Christmas 2018 promotion – Free 90-day trial

The terms in this section 10 apply if you sign up for a free trial of eBay Plus between 9 November 2018 and 25 December 2018 (“90-day trial Offer Period”).

By signing up for a free trial of eBay Plus during the 90-day trial Offer Period then you agree to be subject to these eBay Plus Terms and Conditions as amended as follows:

All references to “30-day trial” are replaced with the words “90-day trial” throughout, excluding the second sentence of section 3.2 which is replaced with the following:

If you cancel during the first 30 days of the 90-day trial period you will continue to receive all eBay Plus benefits until 30 days after the date the date you originally joined. If you cancel after the first 30 days of the 90-day trial period you will immediately cease receiving eBay Plus benefits. Once your eBay Plus benefits cease your eBay Plus membership will end.

All other terms in these eBay Plus terms and conditions remain unchanged and applicable.

Original eBay Plus - Unlimited Deliveries & Returns on "Plus" Items for $49 Annual Fee Deal Post thanks to syba.

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  • Thanks mate! It worked for me even though I had a previous one month trial when it was $29 per year

  • Can confirm it works after using the previous trial.

  • Thanks OP, signed up and cancelled immediately :) Might come in handy during the upcoming black friday sales!

    • Hi iori57,
      Did you cancel from both the eBay site and from the PayPal site, or just from one? And how do you do it?

  • +4

    Hmm! I am sceptical of this. From the FAQ link in the description:

    Can I sign up for another trial?

    We offer one free 30-day trial. If you've previously tried eBay Plus but cancelled your membership, you'll be charged the annual membership fee when you sign up again.

    • hahaha, that is tricky.

      • +1

        I know. I want to take advantage of this (though I hardly see anything of value from these eBay Plus sales lately), but that part made me uncomfortable. I have no energy to going back and forth with PayPal and eBay to get a refund for weeks. I'll wait and see how those who signed up for this will report at a later date, although someone made a comment above, saying they got charged for a subscription FOUR months after they cancelled their eBay Plus trial recently Too risky.

    • But this is a 90 day trial so it’s different

      • If one hasn't used the 30 day trial before then they're in the clear. The issue is with those who have subscribed to the previous trials (as it says in the FAQs link above), like myself. It isn't clear how this will turn out to be, but I am not willing to risk it.

  • thanks mate got 90s cancelled renewing instantly so free plus till feb :)

  • Thanks op

  • How does free returns work? Is it like Paypal where you pay for the shipping yourself then get reimbursed later on?

    • +1

      You apply online for a "prepaid" shipping label.

      If you read the FAQ that's linked in the OP, then you will know the answer to this and many other thangs.

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    I signed up on the $29 subscription for a year and have already got my money back on it despite only using it once.

    Sadly they've closed the loophole that actually made it worthwhile so wouldn't pay again.

    (For those wanting to know the loophole, people would put $20 gift cards on eBay with $19.95 postage and then sell them at a 20-25% discount. They made $34.95 from each $20 gift card)

    • -2

      Yep remember that. Stocked up a few grand of gift cards at 25% off lol

    • You're lucky your posts were badged with the plus sticker, none of mine were, even after relisting them….and they're still aren't today….

      "It is automated per fortnightly basis, we do not do this manually and cannot if requested so" they say to me….

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    Signed up then cancelled immediately too.
    Also had a previous ebay plus trial membership which I cancelled before I was charged.

    • +5

      You sound very clever dude!

  • Fantastic. Thanks!

  • Any new 20% off codes ?

  • Anyone know what to do with this?

    “Sorry, this program is currently only available for users registered on and whose billing currency is Australian Dollar.”

    • +1

      I also had this because I originally registered in the UK. I was only able to change my currency to USD or EURO so I contacted Ebay through their chat and they changed it instantly :D.
      Go to ….

      Scroll to the bottom and click on the link and sign into your account to see what options you have.

      • +1

        Thanks. I ended up calling them and took the lady 30mins to sort it out as she kept getting errors on the system. Anyhow all good and free shipping till Feb 19!

  • Thanks op!! Nice deal.

    Ebay must be struggling with memberships of this prepaid product. Free is the right price.

  • Signed up and cancelled straight away.

    Thanks OP.

    Black Friday and Xmas sales here I come!

  • +2

    Ebay Minus - Worst Subscription service ever.

  • The range of plus listings is pretty crap like Amazon, except with prime you get other perks…

  • +1

    Thanks op!

  • I just signed up and they only gave me 1 month - did anyone else find this?

    • Looks like this was my fault - I had entered an American address to try to get a previous deal and not updated it back to AU :(

  • Can you sign up for the free 90 day trial even if you already paid for a subscription so I get another 90 days extended on top of my remaining 7 months worth of plus left…? hahaha

    • Apparently not…. since I don't get a button to take on the trial to further extend my membership expiry date…..

  • +1

    Just a heads up to those that take up offers like these, and have no intention of paying for the service after the trial period ends - you may be billed anyway.

    I signed up for a Tidal trial advertised here on Ozbargain and immediately cancelled the trial in order to not be billed after the trial ended. See my comment/question regarding it here -

    As expected the Tidal app said the cancellation would take place on X date. When said date arrived I received 2 emails in rapid succession - one from Paypal saying $11.95 had been paid to Tidal, and seconds later an email from Tidal saying my cancellation had been processed.

    I lodged a claim with Paypal, who took over a month to respond with a response for more information - they requested (this quoted from the email)

    "Please provide a copy of the billing agreement associated with this transaction and proof of cancellation."

    I have no way of proving that I clicked the cancel button - perhaps a screenshot of the app showing the cancellation date would have been prudent.

    Needless to say my claim was rejected.

    I'm not too upset because the fee wasn't very expensive, it's more the principal of the matter.

    Caveat emptor.

  • +2

    The advice in the description is at odds with the Ts & Cs -

    Description says - You may cancel your membership immediately here( (Edit membership > Cancel membership) and / or your PayPal payment contract here( after signing up and continue to receive the benefits of eBay Plus until the end of the 90-day free trial period.

    The Ts & Cs say - (10.2.1) 1. All references to “30-day trial” are replaced with the words “90-day trial” throughout, excluding the second sentence of section 3.2 which is replaced with the following:
    If you cancel during the first 30 days of the 90-day trial period you will continue to receive all eBay Plus benefits until 30 days after the date the date you originally joined. If you cancel after the first 30 days of the 90-day trial period you will immediately cease receiving eBay Plus benefits. Once your eBay Plus benefits cease your eBay Plus membership will end.

    • +2

      I copied the terms exactly as they were at the time of posting, they have since been updated. I have edited the deal to reflect the change, thanks.

    • So manually cancel on the 89th day? Or am I interpreting it wrong?

      • +2

        Either that, or you can disable the automatic payment from within your PayPal account (assuming you use PayPal to sign up).

  • Crap - don't think it worked and charged me $49… I have previously used a 30day trial.
    I clicked through thinking it was getting Paypal details in-case I didn't extend but it looks like it's charged me the full amount. After cancelling, I've still got membership till next year :(
    Anyway to get a refund? Otherwise I guess I'll just try to use the benefit of it over the next year I suppose…

    • When did you cancel automatic payment in PayPal? Immediately, or you waited for a while?

      That's why I, given the way these T&Cs are worded, was concerned with this offer as I previously used the 30-day trial. For people who haven't signed up to the 30-day trial in the past, as well as for some others who already took advantage of it and quickly cancelled auto-payment through PayPal, will still be able to benefit from this. But I think for many people this offer will be a headache. I hope I am wrong and eBay won't screw OzBargainers.

      • I cancelled immediately.
        I think people early on were able to get it to work even if they did the 30-day trial previously…
        But it seems like eBay has 'gotten savvy' to this trick? They did update the terms and conditions regarding cancelling to prevent people getting the full 90 days if they cancel, maybe they updated it also to start preventing people from taking advantage of the 90 day trial if they had the 30 day trial previously?
        For what it's worth, for some reason my PayPal didn't go through and they cancelled my membership. There's no reason for it to not go through, but maybe eBay has a system to recognise if you cancelled immediately they won't actually then charge any money.

        • +1

          Very likely. Before this 90-day trial was posted I created another eBay account for the 30-day trial for something I wanted to buy during one of the recent 10% off deals for eBay Plus members, and it seems eBay closed that account right after I made that first purchase. Looks like they're closing all the loopholes and will do anything they can to squeeze more money out of us. I wouldn't mind if eBay Plus had more benefits, but seeing all the eBay Plus sales lately, not sure if it's worth it. I would rather pay for Amazon Prime than for this.

          • +1

            @AussieDaddy: Totally agree. I pay for Prime but actually use the other stuff (prime video, prime books and now they've recently added music). To me the prime shipping feels like a bonus since I watch/read stuff much more than I buy things to get delivered.

  • Thanks OP. Just joined and cancel it.

  • signed up, cancelled the auto payment in Paypal, fleabay shows this

    Member since
    15 November 2018
    (Your trial ends in 91 days)
    Next payment due
    14 February 2019

    so might have 91 days, might only have 30.

  • Very silly question but could someone please tell me where in PayPal could I cancel my membership? Thank you!

    • +1

      Here. eBay Inc. > Cancel

      See this comment.

      Doing this does not actually cancel your membership, it simply disables automatic billing so that when renewal is due you will not be charged.

      • when i went to that link i saw google:


        Shared information with Google, Inc
        Online and in-app billing details
        Online and in-app payment method
        Total billed amount $0.00

        any idea what is this?

        • +1

          I have the same, it's Google Play Store.

          • +1

            @headphonejack: ok thanks i thought some kind of ongoing subscription like this ebay plus but its not

  • it works

  • will try thanks

  • I went through Cashrewards site & it comes up 0% for Ebay?

  • +5

    Joined it for last 3 months free, but get absolute nothing significant. EBay must be joking if people will pay $49 for that.. Either give us free shipping for all small items, or bugger off this membership.

  • Is this like Blackjack Plus at the casino?

  • If I activate the 90 day trial (25/12) and cancel str8 away, When do i have the benefits till?

    • I did it and mine says membership ends 26th March. Obviously unable to test that and T&Cs say you will only receive benefits until 30 days after joining if you cancel within 30 days. Hopefully someone who did it over 30 days ago can confirm.

  • +10

    just signed up and then immediately cancelled membership.

    after confirming cancellation it says

    You've cancelled your eBay Plus membership

    You can still enjoy eBay Plus benefits until 26 March 2019.

    • I just did the same and had the same message.

  • Really sweet from eBay. But surprisingly still have people haven’t got this.

  • Not working for me.

    Sorry, this program is currently only available for users registered on and whose billing currency is Australian Dollar.

    • Had the same, chat was able to sort it out on the spot (my account was originally an nz one).

  • Oops.

    While signing up for the trial on a secondary account I accidentally also canceled my actual ebay Plus subscription, the one I paid $29 for on my primary account. I can't uncancel it.

    Does anyone remember if that $29 introductory price was a one time only, or if you lock in that price in future years as long as you don't cancel?

    To be honest, I only took advantage of ebay Plus once, which was during the trial. Since then, there's been a disturbing lack of ebay Plus items, and most items of value already include free shipping anyway. I was expecting Plus exclusive promos to make it worth keeping, but they only did it a couple of times and I couldn't find anything worthwhile anyway.

  • -2

    eBay is definitely surpassing Amazon with these deals. Way bigger selection of items, actual free trial for 90 days and with the 20% off you can get some amazing deals. Amazon are just limited for choice and the bargains aren't even that great. I guess if you plan on buying from Amazon US it might make sense but even then you need to spend $49 and it takes a few weeks to arrive. I'll be sticking by eBay.

    • -1

      Amazon have no deals?? Almost my entire gift giving this Christmas was supplied through Amazon bargains. I haven't bought a thing from eBay in months.

  • +1

    Thanks op! Joined!

  • I already got a free 90 day trial 18/11. Any ideas if I could get another 90 days by doing this today?

  • Is it worth the effort?
    Not a big eBay user here.

    • +1

      It looks like a lot of items are eligible for free postage with this.