Google Pixel XL (128GB, Just Black) $499 + Delivery (Free with Shipster) @ Kogan


Great Phone.
Comes with a free 17GB Kogan Mobile voucher.
5.5” quad HD AMOLED display
12.3MP rear camera with phase detection autofocus (f/2.0)
Unlimited online storage for photos and videos
Android OS 9.0
New Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor
Google Duo – cross-platform video calls

Delivery price varies by location.

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    it’s the highest rated smartphone camera ever*
    Wew lad.

  • +4 votes

    I would recommend Pixel 2 XL over first generation. No more software updates for first generation but second one still has 2 more years to go i.e. at least android q and r


      Oh? I got Android 9.0 update last month on the phone. Is there no more updates?


        It's dead for OS updates. Not worth buying at this price. Given the lottery of issues too.


          care to elaborate?


            @KingSlayyer: Og xl had a bunch of issues that were common including Bluetooth, mic not working, random reboot of death, and poor battery. It's the same lottery you have to take with all nexus/pixels. You might get a good one, or may not. I had 3 bad ones.

      • +2 votes

        Feature updates ended on October 2018, monthly security updates will continue until October 2019.

        I am still extremely happy with my Pixel XL, its over 2 years old now and still runs as well as it did when I first bought it.

        I will likely consider updating it once the security updates are stopped but even today its a great phone.


      In fairness most old phones are dead as far as OS updates. Heck new ones are pretty bad too…

      • -1 vote

        When you say most old phones you mean Android devices? Apples still supporting the iPhone 6 released 2 years before the Pixel, Androids ecosystem for updates is embarrassing especially on Google devices, it should be the best on those.

        • -1 vote

          Huh? The Android ecosystem for updates is embarrassing especially on Google devices? What are you talking about? The Google devices are the only ones that get consistent updates unlike all the other manufacturers. OS updates are frustratingly slow amongst the general Android phone builders but Google specific devices are by far the best at being supported for updates.

          While Apple might support their older phones with updates for longer, the updates are badly optimised and the performance impact of each OS update renders the phone useless and ultimately forces the user to purchase a new device. My Pixel XL performs just as fast on Android 9 as it did on 7.


            @FuRyZ: If you are happy to spend flagship prices for a device with 2 years of updates (Pixel1) and not think that’s embarrassing then that’s great. Two years of updates is a little unacceptable for a flagship device, the fact google increased the Pixel2 to 3 years after people expressed annoyance proves 2 -3 years in some people’s eyes isn’t acceptable. As for iOS, not sure what mean by optimisation issues on older iOS devices. IOS 11 was bad for everyone, this has been resolved with 12 as outlined by Apple themselves. And older device owners have actually made comment that 12 improves performance significantly.


    I am I correct in that there is no MicroSD expansion in Pixel devices?
    Apart from that, I guess this has a few close plus and minus's compared to the LG G6?


      Yes correct.


      Personally I am on pixel 2 xl. Haven't thought about storage in a while now as Google offers unlimited photos and videos storage for life. Heck they are happy to take photos from my wife's iPhone and store them as if they were taken by pixel device.


      I had lg g6 for couple of weeks and I found it to be slow


    I'm getting package can't be delivered to parcel locker? Isn't shipster and parcel lockers both owned by Auspost? :( or is this because of the high costs of the product?

  • +1 vote

    Put 100$ more roughly and get an OnePlus 6. Why buy this ugly phone when you can get the latest and faster phone


    that bezel reminds me of 2008

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