Samsung HW-N950 7.1.4 Atmos Soundbar, $1201 Delivered @ Appliances Online


Been watching this and prices for a while, and nearly purchased in the last eBay sale, but there was no stock in Sydney from eBay (that was $1293). Now $1201 delivered, awesome! Coupon code 20OFFNOV18 ($20 off $500+). Not sure of expiry date, but assume 30th November?
Earliest delivery for me was 4th December, which is fine.

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    Thank you Dean, I found another +$20 for coupon 20OFFNOV18 and ordered one same like I was eyeing for Dolby Atmos and DTS X.


      Thank you! I used their live chat and mentioned the coupon. They are going to credit it back to me. I've updated the title accordingly.


    You can price match at The Good Guys, which has some stores with stock. I did this about a month ago, they wouldn't beat the price only match it. The system is ok, not the best setup.


    Nice deal, does anyone know what the grey circle with the "grey" beneath it means. Grey import?

    I might get this, but more hoping for deal on the hw-850. My lounge can't fit the rears of the 950 well

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    Wow this is more than my semi decent tv cost! It had better sound fantastic!


    Anyone owning this soundbar care to comment on the sound quality?

    Online reviews say its a good solid unit with decent sound however user reviews on Samsung's own site are pretty bad.


      I have got this one. Its got great sound.
      I was comparing this with the Bose Soundtouch 300 before buying. This one just blew it away out of competition.
      This is a great price for the kit.

      I found the height of the soundbar a bit of a concern. Had to raise the height of the TV to avoid blocking the IR sensor.

      Haven't tested Atmos sound per se. But really happy with what we bought.

      Bought it from Samsung direct few weeks ago.


    Atmos on a soundbar?

    Sounds like marketing bullshit.


    I owned one, returned it and went Yamaha.


    I bought this from Megabuy for similar price.
    Hardware wise, very good. ie 7.1.4 for not much more than a Sonos Playbar price.

    Occasionally has Dolby Vision passthrough issues. I think software is the issue. Reluctant to upgrade firmware to latest ver 1003.0 2018-09-03 as several users on forums have reported it can lock out HDMI input and can't be reversed!

    I hope that a future update will improve the situation


    Based on my recent experience with them, I would suggest to stay away from them. I recently ordered something on their Ebay store. At the time of ordering, it said more than 10 in stock. I placed the order and next day got the tracking number, for delivery due in 3-5 days. On clicking the tracking link, I got a message that request is invalid. Contacted their support and they were rude and told that the item is not in stock and will be available in 3 months time. I asked why the tracking is updated then and how come it's showing in transit. Never got a response to that. Now I am going through Ebay for refund.

    Such a headache!! Will never order from them again.


    current price is $1,338

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