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iPad Pro 11" 64GB Wi-Fi $1159, 256GB $1369 | 12.9" 64 GB $1439, 256 GB $1649 @ Costco


Costco has the Ipad Pro 11" and 12.9" new models at discount prices I have no idea on stock levels as I didn't ask - so might be worth a ring first to see what stock is available before getting in the car.

The 11" is silver or Space Grey - wifi only
64 Gb - $1159 (RRP $$1,229)
256 Gb - $1369 ($1,449.00)

The 12.9' is silver or Space Grey - wifi only
64 Gb - $1439 (RRP $1,529)
256 Gb - $1649 (RRP $1,749.00)

(Imagine the next bit spoken very quickly)
This comes with the usual caveat that you can get it cheaper elsewhere, if you have gift cards with the right discount, and that the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales are very soon.

I will probably wait to see if someone has a decent discount on these before coming back to Costco if I can't get a better discount.

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    Cheaper at iFrog


    And you can price beat guarantee with OW for another 5%, so beats Costco any day.

    • Add postage - comes out more expensive at ifrog ($1454 vs $1439).

    • Do office works price beat include the postage price too?

      • +1

        The times I've done it, they guy would always add in postage costs.

    • Not really, Officeworks will now tell you they don't have 11" in stock . called yesterday and today. So don't waste your time calling them and waste 30 minutes as I did.

      Just buy from iFrog.

  • Discount is basically their annual fee =)

    • Wait for the VIP day on the 28th.

    • +1

      You can literally sign up for a membership, buy the iPad, and then refund the membership

      • Yup, you can cancel anytime in the 12 months for full refund of membership, but they won't let you sign up within the next 12 months - that is what they told me.

        Also, If you don't like the product you can return it for a refund. Electricals are usually 90 days. However, I would confirm with Costco when you buy one.

        • I was in the US around Superbowl time, i saw 3 people returning huge LED TV's. I was chatting to The person behind the counter and they were telling me it happens every year; people buy the big screen, watch Superbowl, and then return the tv

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    I really want to justify to myself that I'm able to change my workflow and adapt to the iPad Pro, but there's just a few but big limitations that go into mind. Would be really nice to have one but it's just over the top in price. I'm sticking to my Gearbest bought Lenovo Tap 3 8 Plus for now and my laptop.

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    Price match at officeworks to get a further 5% off? still expensive though lol

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      I'm pretty sure Officeworks wouldn't price match CostCo because it is a member group - but happy for people to enlighten me.

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        Officeworks price beat iFrog’s price. See post on ifrog offer. I paid $1,283 delivered for 11” wifi 256Gb

        • thanks for heads up.

        • can you upload the receipt please?

  • Do they have any discount on the keyboard?

    • Sorry, no, they only had the old pencil and no keyboard. Costco normally has a very narrow range of what they carry.

  • If people do have better alternatives please post them in the comments. I'm not precious about my postings, it is in my interests if there is a better alternative as well :)

  • Why doesn't costco sell cellular versions?

    • They tend to only have a small specific range of a lot of stuff.

  • Looking at the 128GB model silver 6th gen …

    umart has it for $549


    You could potentially get DJ to price match


    and then combine with the Amex $30 off 200 offer.

    Purchase $200 gift cards - 3 times (assuming 2 amex cards) - and you should have $600 worth of gift cards for in theory $510.

    Assuming the $549 price match - then you get the ipad for essentially for $510 with 50$ gift card value remaining.

    So $460 plus a $50 dj gift card.

    • +1

      Probably a good price - but not really comparable with what OP has listed, which is the latest generation iPad pro.

      • yeah absolutely.

    • if Apple got rid of the button on the lower end iPad it would, definitely, be the iPad of choice for many people who are considering getting the Pro for non work use. It might be worth waiting until the next version of the low end to see if they take the button out, but then they are still selling phones with the button - arghhhhh. It all lines up with you are going to make the wrong choice whatever route you take here.

  • Looking at grabbing this. I know iFrog has it cheaper but no longer has stock. This is also $100 cheaper then the apple price with a student discount.

    • If you are a member of NIB you can get 10% off gift cards for David Jones. Might be worth looking at that path as well, as long as a particular store has the stock you want.

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