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ASUS RTX2070 8GB Turbo Video Card $704.65 + $15 Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Computer Alliance eBay


Been looking around for RTX 2070 deals, this seems to be cheapest so far. Not sure whether to bite the bullet now when Black Friday is just around the corner.

Dont forget 1% Cash back with CR

Original PROCESS 15% off Computer Alliance @ eBay Deal Post

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    Cooling and noise would be terrible though.

    • They are selling MSI one at $738.65, you reckon that's a better deal in terms of price/performance?


      • Unless you desperately need a blower config to force air out of the case, such as in a compact PC tower, yes literally any dual or tri fan card will offer a better experience in terms of overclock and noise.

      • Obviously the MSI Armor is much better. It is silent with superior cooling according to multiple reviews. Temperature stopped at 62C degrees under max load and makes nearly no sound at all.

    • Terrible is a bit far… There's better obviously….

    • Why on earth do they still make these cards, sounds like a couple of hairdryers are on max settings lol

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        For people like me who like to build a tiny but powerful PC to sit alongside his gaming consoles in the living room. Been waiting for the blower style RTX graphics card to pop up on Ozbargain but I'm going to hold out for an RTX2080 to replace my 1080TI founder's edition.

      • Wow, can you hear it from there?

      • Usually people get these and replace the fans with blocks for water cooling.

        • In the case of Turing, these cards are not binned for higher overclocks due to the expected use case (and thus clocks). Now for a cheap water OC, buyers are looking to grab a higher-binned GPU (A-list), ideally with a BIOS that allows for a 130% power limit.

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    Just purchased the MSI RTX2070 8GB Armor for $753.40 from the reviews it does pretty well, better than a 1080 and about -5 to -15% difference to a 1080ti not counting future updates etc. Finally upgraded from my GTX970 :D

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      I'm still on a GTX770, starting to show its age :D

      • 750ti here yo bitches whatup

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    Still rocking my 290, nothing has convinced me to upgrade yet

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