12 Sets of Elixir Nanoweb Acoustic Strings Set $199 (RRP $384) Delivered ($16.58/Set) @ Gsus4


Gsus4 [Bulk Buy & Save] is back!
It's now time to stack up your Elixir strings :)

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Purchase from your trusted authorised Elixir Dealer
and SAVE your time and money.

Get 10+2 Packs of
Elixir Acoustic Phosphor Bronze w/ Nanoweb Coating
for $199AUD Inc GST w/ FREE Shipping

Acoustic custom light (#16027) - https://gsus4.com.au/products/12-sets-elixir-acoustic-phos-b...
Acoustic light (#16052) - https://gsus4.com.au/products/12-sets-elixir-acoustic-phosph...


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    GSuS4. I 'C' what you did there.

    Do you sell classical guitar strings? I couldn't find them on your site.


    Quick question, your "before" pricing. Is that the price you regularly sell these for? A quick look on ebay shows that packs of 10-12 of these go for around $200-$220.

    It looks extremely misleading to use a massively inflated "before" price.


      Hey mate, $384 is the RRP price if you purchase them all individually.


        Is it possible to have a mix of the different sizes? 12-53 is pretty hard. Cheers


        Your website lists $384 as the two-pricing in relation to the sale. From the ACCC website:

        Businesses that use such statements must ensure that consumers are not misled about the savings that may be achieved.

        Statements such as 'Was $150/Now $100' or '$150 Now $100' are likely to be misleading if products have not been sold at the specified 'before' or 'strike through' prices in a reasonable period immediately before the sale commences.


    Thanks, just ordered a set

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