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[XB1] LEGO CITY Undercover $26.99 @ Microsoft Store (Xbox Live Gold Membership Required)


Great price for Xbox Live Gold Members, especially to have the digital download.

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    This was such an underated game in the Lego series…. Has hours & hours of gameplay for the younger ones (& not so young!)

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    Only A$12.37 on the Microsoft US store. You can buy an Xbox gift card from Amazon US and apply that as payment.


    A few of the Lego games are only US$5 on the Microsoft US store, so you could get an Xbox gift card off Amazon US for US$15-20 and buy a bunch.


      Any link to gift card? Any way to use aus cc?

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        Yep, easy process.

        1) Add a US address to your Amazon account. Anywhere will do, pick a Hyatt Hotel address anywhere in say, Portland (no US Sales tax).

        2) buy an Xbox gift card

        (eg https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00F4CEHNK/ref=sxts_1?ie=UTF8...).

        You can use an Australian credit card on Amazon US no problem.

        3) buy the game from the Microsoft US store and use the digital gift card from Amazon as your method of payment. Any extra credit left over will remain on your Microsoft US account balance and can be used in the future.


          Thanks for going into detail Silvertone. Do you know if the games then remain under your purchase history on your local account?

          The US store often gets some seriously good discounts.


            @cheepo: Not quite sure what you mean by “purchase history”?

            Your Microsoft account “Order History” just shows sequential purchases in the currency they’ve been made, so US$ or A$

            Also, your Microsoft account is “global” in the sense that you don’t need a new account for each region, however it’s not always easy to purchase from other regions. Some stores like the Microsoft Singapore store allow an Australian PayPal account, others like Microsoft Brazil you can buy Xbox Brazil gift cards online…


              @silvertone: Thank Silvertone. Just double checking as I had issues a while ago when I had to contact support over the phone. It was a few years ago now though.


            @cheepo: I've been doing this for years. I just keep my account set to USA and buy everything from their store. I've never had any issues playing games here in Aus, even the old games I bought from the Aus store before I changed it. Just follow the steps silvertone set out above and buy Amazon digital cards as you can't use credit card or PayPal to buy games directly. I've saved a ton of money compared to buying from the Aus store.


              @Timm: Sounds straightforward enough. Just didn't want to risk losing my games in the process. I have an outstanding Amazon credit on my U.S account which has been sitting unused for over a year, so it may be a good time to now use it. I've already spotted 2 games I could get for $10. Cheers.

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              @Timm: You can use paypal to buy from the US store. Just needs to be an American account. I set one up for Hulu and use the same one on the US Xbox Store also. Also use it for PSN, although I created a separate US PSN account for that.

              I buy from both stores without changing anything in my account settingd I usually use my phone as it's easiest to jump between stores. On my phone I'll just change en-au to en-us in the address bar to see price difference.

              If i hit buy on the US store it automatically chooses paypal as payment method. If im in the Australia site or on my Xbox directly it uses my normal card. So far no issues doing this.

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