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105 Free eBooks @ Amazon (Categorised Links Inside)


All free at time of posting. Enjoy :)

us au When I Wake Up
us au Dotty and the Chimney Thief
us au My Snowman, Paul
us au The Snail Who Forgot The Mail
us au I Won't Cut My Hair

us au 2019 Gluten Free Buyers Guide
us au 150 Holiday Recipes
us au Smoker Cookbook
us au Amazing Quinoa
us au Instant Pot Cookbook

us au Human Locomotion
us au Advanced Cardiac Life Support
us au Leptin Resistance Guide
us au Medicinal Herbs
us au Pre-Diabetes Cookbook

History & War
us au Battle of Waterloo
us au History of Scotland
us au The Ottoman Empire
us au Adolf Hitler
us au Uncounted Victim

us au Mushroom Farming
us au Backyard Organic Gardening
us au Organic Soil Building
us au Household DIY
us au Hydrogen Peroxide

us au Itsy Bitsy Spider
us au Devil's Briar
us au The Butcher of Labyrinth
us au The Haunting
us au Spirits & Spells

Info Tech
us au 1-Hour WordPress 2019
us au Amazon Alexa
us au Python - The Bible
us au C++
us au Introducing Microsoft Power BI

us au Martin Luther King Jr
us au Frederick Douglass
us au George Washington Carver
us au Malcolm X
us au Helen Keller

Money & Business
us au Investing Habits
us au How to Get Great Service
us au Money Management
us au Fundraising Handbook for Nonprofits
us au Living the Best Life You Can

Mystery & Suspense
us au Darknet
us au Murder on The Mind
us au Rosemary's Gravy
us au Itsy Bitsy Spider
us au The Formula

us au How to Raise Children for Christ
us au Giving Birth Abroad
us au Toddler Discipline
us au Love You, Ava Baby
us au No Child Left Unwrapped

us au Same-Sex Mirage
us au We All Married Idiots
us au How To Analyze People
us au Happy Wife, Happy Life
us au 47 Little Love Boosters

us au The Beauty of St. Kilda
us au Naughty Little Secret
us au Darknet
us au Winning the Player
us au Winter Nights: Ten Book Boxed Set

Science Fiction
us au Dark Nights
us au A Rending Clash of Worlds
us au Wild Sky
us au The Never Dawn
us au Qualia, Pierce, & the Time Ship

Self Help
us au Self-Discipline
us au Reboot Your Life
us au Emotional Intelligence
us au Explore and Discover Your Purpose
us au Breathless

Spirituality & Religion
us au Immersed in His Glory
us au 21 Prayers of Thanksgiving
us au The Kingdom of Heaven
us au The Holy Bible
us au Do the Gods Hear Our Prayers

Sports & Outdoors
us au Self-Defense
us au Pilates for Beginners
us au Yoga Bible For Beginners
us au Muscle Myths
us au The Ambidextral Gunfighter

us au Spanish Short Stories for Beginners
us au How To Move To The UK
us au Expat
us au Best of Mexico
us au 101 Amazing Things to Do in Colombia

us au A Christmas Carol
us au Daughters of Deliverance
us au A Tale of Two Cities
us au I'll Marry You In Dog Years
us au Les Misérables

Other (1)
us au Ancient Knowledge
us au The Universal Mobility Of Individuality
us au Sick of Being Sick
us au Dictionary of Anatomy
us au Dictionary of Medical Terms

Other (2)
us au The Great Book of 1990s Trivia
us au Book Marketing Guide
us au How to Publish an eBook
us au Unofficial Guide to Shopping at Aldi
us au Reader Magnets

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  • Which one do you recommend as a must read TA?

  • +1 vote

    I downloaded :

    • Smoker
    • Instant pot
    • Living the best life you can
    • Self discipline
    • The holy bible

    Thanks TA

  • The Ambidextral Gunfighter

    Who are we gun fighting?

    101 Amazing Things to Do in Colombia

    Might be useful there.


      The Ambidextral Gunfighter

      This title is specifically targeted to US high school teachers

      • This title is specifically targeted to US high school kindergarten teachers

        Fixed for you!

    • My left hand's not ambidextrous but luckily my right one is.

  • Spirituality & Religion:
    Do the Gods Hear Our Prayers

    After thousands of years of fighting, peace between the light and dark elves is within sight. Ordered by the Overlord to settle their differences, the gods from both sides meet to hammer out a treaty, until the unthinkable happens.

    Are you sure this is in the right category?

  • Why are they all coming up as:

    not currently available

    • My freaking phone is possessed, shut down and restarted and now showing.

      Also keep getting RDR2 trailer pop ups from Rockstar.

  • There’s some great books. Thanks OP

  • An Unofficial Guide to Shopping at Aldi: Tips, Tricks, Resources

    A must for every Oz-bargainer : )

  • Fundraising Handbook for Nonprofits…not free

  • Don't forget 8% cash back through cashrewards!

  • Thank you TA! Great work!

  • In total, some of these ended up costing me more than $40 dollars. And they did say free at the time of getting them. Amazon wont let me refund without phoning them.

    • Many are free to KindleUnlimited subscribers, but not to normal buyers. Luckily, I realised this before hitting the buy button.

  • Dictoionary of Medical Term + Dcitoionary of Anatomy no longer free, sadly. Sometime of relevance to all of us at some stage of our life.

  • Downvoting the deal.
    Many (perhaps a third) of these no longer free and 1 click will cause you to pay up to $35 on at least one of the books and hundreds in total.
    This is a money wasting trap for unwary and OP has not added sufficient warning, particularly since so many expired quickly. Previous deals have lasted longer (not under the OP's control) and included better warning to check if they are still free (totally under OPs control). New users are especially vulnerable.
    I tried warning others and the warning was downvoted because I dared to say I was tempted to downvote. OP responded defensively rather than take the time to improve the warning.
    Given the effort and quality of deals OP provides (particularly free books) it is a shame that I feel the need to do this.
    Bottom line is this deal will cost people money for things they though were free if they are even a bit careless.

  • Most links still free when i tried

  • I just checked my bank acc and notice some charges from Amazon that I couldn’t identify went and checked and found I was charged for some of these books. They were showing free when I clicked on them!