This was posted 5 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired [PS4] God of War/ Detroit US $21.99 (~AU $30), Persona 5 US $19.99 (~AU $27.30), HZD Complete US $14.99 (~AU $20.50) @ PSN US


Black Friday Sale on the PSN US Store. These are some pretty good prices if you prefer digital like me (I blame you, Steam)

God of War
Persona 5
Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition
Detroit: Become Human

inb4 resell value (some people just don't bother).

Account can be loaded up by buying gift cards from Amazon US

Credit goes to obro for bringing up the Sale. Full blog post here.

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    My reaction when I see God of War on sale. “Yeah boi!”


    Thankfully, physical PS4 exclusive games often go on sale for about the same price. I'm not the sort of person to trade in my games, I've still got a pile of games from the last gen that I "haven't gotten round to yet".

    But I'm not keen on the occasional story you hear about Sony having a beef with someone and then ransoming there entire account.

    They shouldn't be allowed to use words like buy or own, the fine print makes it very clear that you don't "own" a copy of the game, you own a "license" to play it. One that can be revoked without refund at pretty much any time for any reason.

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      Um… a couple of things:

      • You can play digital copy of the games offline. You just need to set your console as the home console of the PSN account. The fact that you can play the games offline, to me, is good enough to classify as own. You can also backup the games to an external hard drive.
      • If you don't trade in or resell games, then there is less reason against digital versions. Inserting / swapping discs can be a bit annoying at times.

      I churn through games quickly so I prefer physical versions (when purchasing games). However, I do like the convenience of digital versions (PS Plus, XBL Gold, Game Pass).


        Games online can be shared between 2 consoles and resold later. All you need to do is create a account just for this game. The First user installs it and selects it as a main console. Second gamer selects it as a non-main console. After gaming you just need to sell the account giving the usename and password. Of course there are some bad people which can change the password and ban the other player. In Brazil this is a solid market (I already lost some games due to some password changes).


      They shouldn't be allowed to use words like buy or own, the fine print makes it very clear that you don't "own" a copy of the game, you own a "license" to play it. One that can be revoked without refund at pretty much any time for any reason.

      That applies to physical copies also btw. You don't own what's on the disc. You only own a license to play it.

      There's no need to split hairs. For simplicity, when a person says they own a game, be it digital or physical, they mean that they have a legal right to play the game for as long as it is accessible (if the servers go down and you can't play it anymore, that's not their problem). No one is referring to the strictly legal definition of ownership.

      I guess you want to say that no one who owns Steam games owns their games either?

      One that can be revoked without refund at pretty much any time for any reason.

      I have not heard of instances where a player's license is revoked unless they are banned for cheating or if the online game permanently shuts down. If they could do that on a whim, they could just sell you the game and revoke your license immediately and keep your money.

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        Steam games regularly sell way cheaper than than on the Xbox or PS marketplace so at least they are better value.

        If I own it, I can sell it. I can sell my physical disc, I can lend it to my friend. You can't sell your Xbox or PS4 digital copy.

        More often than not, digital games are more expensive than physical as well.

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          All true points.

          But what you own and can sell is the disc, not the 0s and 1s that comprise the code. You made this your distinction between digital and physical, where there isn't one.

          Your license to play your physical copy can also be revoked via the same agreement as digital games. If the server goes down or you get caught cheating or misbehaving, you can get banned.

          If you're referring to single player games with no online checks, sure. They'll never be able to revoke your license to play it (you may have difficulty getting it to run on future hardware/OS though). But that would be the same as a digital single player game with no online features. I have not heard of any instances where they can revoke your license to play at their sole discretion.

          There are pros and cons of both physical and digital. You've chosen to promote the pros of physical and cons of digital while ignoring the reverse side. For me digital is just extremely convenient, provided the store is not run by someone who will go tits up at some point. I don't think Steam or any of the console holders will do that. It allows me to swap games around without looking for a disc, finding the case for the one that's in the drive, putting it in, putting it away, getting the new games, getting the disc out, putting it in, putting away the case, and doing this process every time I want to play a different game.

          This is particularly true of handhelds. If you're on the go, you don't want to be fumbling about for tiny cartridges that are easy to lose, and need to carry your game library with you everywhere you go. It sits on a memory card or internal storage, and that's all you need. Swap out games any time. When I'm playing disc based games (which only happens on console), I find myself playing only one game at a time and not swapping out until I've finished the game and never intend to go back. With digital, I play a lot more different games at a time and go back and forth.


            @lostn: I accidentally negged you and I don't like negging so the best I could do was upvote you instead.

            You may have inferred I said I own the ones and zeros, but I certainly didn't mean to imply that and I think it's a real stretch to claim that's what I said.

            I think its fair to say I own a copy of the game because they can't take away my physical copy. At best (worst?) they can ban the account I play online with and I'll still own the disc and I can start a new account and I can use the same disc.

            Anyway, its clear we're not gonna agree and that's fine by me. Enjoy the sale, Horizon Zero Dawn is so awesome I paid for a license to play the DLC ;)

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    I don't thing you can buy usa psn cards from Amazon us without us cc


      Yeah, that's the issue for us. We need to put in enough credits in the US PSN account. $21.99 - that means you probably need $25 or maybe $30USD. My US PSN account still have some left over credits, but not enough to purchase a game.


      Last I checked you could, just need a US address, which you can just lie about.


      I haven't tried it since they brought in Amazon AU, but I used to buy Amazon gift cards, then buy the PSN cards with the credit. Might still work?

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      Just bought $100 yesterday without any issues using my Australian 28 degrees card. Just make sure the billing address is in US .


      pcgamesupply is another great alternative


    Wish I got the persona 5 DLC when it was on sale, never seems to go on sale now when the base game is multiple times. :(

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