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(Kindle) Free - 11 Ketogenic Cookbook eBooks @ Amazon US/AU


Maybe useful with the silly season coming up!

All ebooks were free at the time of posting. Please check carefully before you download them!

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Keto Diet: 3 Manuscripts in 1 Book - Keto Diet for Beginners - Keto Crockpot Cookbook - Ketogenic Instant Pot Cookbook (Warning: See here) US AU
Keto Meal Plan: Beginners Guide To A Ketogenic Diet & Lose Weight In 30-Day Cooking Delicious Recipes (keto meal plans, ketogenic diet meal plan, keto meal plan 2018, keto meal plan recipes) US AU
Ketogenic Diet: Do's And Don'ts For Beginners: How to Lose Weight and Feel Amazing US AU
Keto Cookbook: 2 Manuscripts in 1 Book - Keto Crockpot Cookbook - Ketogenic Instant Pot Cookbook US AU
Tasty Ketogenic Bread. The Best recipes ever. US AU
Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: 14 Days For Weight Loss Challenge And Burn Fat Forever. Lose Up to 15 Pounds In 2 Weeks. Cookbook with 200 Low-Carb, Healthy and Easy to Make Keto Diet Recipes. US AU
Ketogenic Fat Bombs: Simple, Delicious, Diet Friendly Expired US AU
Ketogenic Dessert Recipes: Delicious Ketogenic Dessert Recipes For Quick Weight Loss Expired US AU
Ketogenic Vegetarian: Delicious and Healthy recipes for rapid weight loss… (Ketogenic Vegetarian Diet For Beginners) (Ketogenic Diet Book 4) US AU
The One Pot Ketogenic Cookbook: 100+, 30 minutes and 8 ingredients or less, Easy Keto Meals For Your Instant Pot, Slow Cooker, Air Fryer and Skillet. US -
The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: Boost Your Metabolism and Burn Fat, Suitable even for Christmas and New Year season Expired US AU

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  • +2

    I am interested to know if many on here follow a keto diet

    • +8

      Yep, 16kg down since start of August, 30 to go. It's great.

      OTOH, a lot of these supposedly "Keto" cookbooks on Amazon are unadulterated garbage, so beware.

      • What are some of your go-to keto meals? I'm interested in giving it a go

        • +7

          I've been doing it for a while now and my go to lazy meal is carbonara with shirataki noodles.
          As a very basic guide this is what I eat;
          For lunch I eat a lot of salads with heaps of avocado, feta and olives with olive oil based dressing.
          Dinner is some protein with roasted or sauteed broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus with olive oil.
          You also end up eating a lot of eggs as they are easy to add to most dishes.
          Snacks tend to be walnuts or macadamias I tend to avoid almonds simply because of the higher carbs but you can work them in.
          Black coffee is main stay for me and I quite like bulletproof coffees.

          The hardest part is realising just who many carbs are in everything as a few grams here and a few grams there adds up pretty quick.
          In all honestly it took me a good 6 weeks to actually get used to this and get this down pat.

          There are quite a few channels on youtube that will give you a good idea how to make keto variants of meals.

        • +1

          Well, lots of steak :-) Mostly in sous vide, but that dates back to long before keto.

          Bacon and eggs for lunch, often. I'm fat-adapted (fat burning rather than carb burning), so I usually don't have breakfast. Currently fasting for a couple of days, maybe longer.

          Slow-cooked brisket. Chicken sausage (from the QVM, not Woolies/Coles). Fathead pizza. Avocado. Some panfired Asian veges. Cauliflower puree. Noodles spiralised from daikon or zucchini.

          Plenty of great foods to choose from.

          • @mickeyjuiceman: any particular reason besides general quality you avoid buying chicken sausage from woolies/coles? should i buy from a local butcher instead?

            • +2

              @D-Man: Most of the sausages you get from there would be full of rice flour or other fillers which can affect the carb content.

              Saying that, make sure you ask your local butcher if they're adding anything to their sausages as well

              • @sabaramo: I get my local butcher to make filler free ones. All the butchers I’ve asked add rice flower to the saussages.

                Filler free are best BBQ-ed over a grill. They don’t pan fry well IMO

            • @D-Man: As @sabamaro said, to avoid the fillers (carbs). They are only $14/2kg, and have talked to the butcher who makes them - 60/40 chicken trimming/chicken fat. They are awesome.

          • @mickeyjuiceman: Sounds more like a carnivore diet or at most a low carb diet.

        • +1

          Eggs and bacon. Eat that every day and you'll lose crazy weight while being bloody happy about eating it.

        • +2

          @nuclearwessels - I'm doing lazy keto. It's making me a better cook but I am cheating a lot so not losing much weight yet….

          List of low carb veggies: https://www.ruled.me/best-low-carb-vegetables-ketogenic-diet...

          Good 20 minute of less recipes with photos: https://www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb/keto/recipes/meals/quick

          Creamy Mushroom and Brie Soup is a killer, everyone loves it, cook this for a woman and she'll be yours forever haha: https://www.closetcooking.com/creamy-roasted-mushroom-and-br...

          Did Shirataki noodle stir fry once, not bad if you Blanche and fry the noodles….

          I want to learn to cook fish better: https://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/22/dining/conquering-the-fea...

          Can buy smoked trout by the kg pretty affordable like here: http://www.eildontroutfarm.com.au/wholesale-info.html

          Getting an Air Fryer and an electric steamer is a good idea….

          Ummm, Squid with salt/pepper/garlic/chili, Mussels with garlic/butter/tomatoes, Chicken skewers are fast and easy, lots and lots of big greek salads with tweaks for whatever I have in the fridge, gonna rice some cauliflower today…. etc

      • You're 100% right on the last bit. My friend found the first book in that list is very badly done.

        Table of contents have ads all over it https://i.imgur.com/KLKM95K.png
        The free report requires personal details that they will use to monetise: https://i.imgur.com/xdRptw1.png
        No proof reading: https://i.imgur.com/k6xl5Ez.png
        Stolen image from another source: https://i.imgur.com/iy9eZKk.png -> https://puu.sh/C3NGa.png

        Cannot trust the authenticity of the free book. Some of the recipes are possibly not even keto (coke is not keto): https://i.imgur.com/HszA9fZ.png

        Feel like the first deal/free book in the list should be removed.

    • 4.5kg down in 2.5 weeks!

    • +1

      9 kilos down since 3 weeks ago.

      All my recipes I get from here: https://www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb/recipes

      I cook Sunday and Wednesday. Twice a week for the whole week, about 5 - 6 recipes.

      • That's an excellent site, yeah.

    • +3

      Started keto, now more or less pure carnivore. Down 70kgs since my biggest weight and 40 kgs since going keto/carnivore (160 to 130 to 90). Last 40kgs last over the past 12 months.

    • i was 96 kilos in beginning of 2018 and went on keto for two months, and it dropped pretty much straight line to 80kg without any additional exercise,

      from march to now, i been eating carbs, and sugars, and beers, supper and all sorts of rubbish.. like the diet before.. and the weight slowly creeped back to 89kgs today..

      will give another month of keto soon, and get ready for summer body..

    • +3

      Been on since May. In remission from diabetes now and lost around 35 kg. Generally only eat once a day now and honestly have no great hunger even for that. Have done 12 days with only 30 grams of pecans a day plus water and still didn't feel hungry. Blood workup after was completely normal.

    • +2

      First of all thanks OP got me a few books. Yeah, been doing it for 14 months lost about 20kg and maintaining easily. The science behind keto makes sense and the results speak for themselves. Made it my lifestyle rather than a short term diet. It was such a life changer I setup a blog about my keto journey, if you interested it's www.ketopolynesian.com .

  • +3

    Did it for 3 months, lost 9.5 kgs.. Will be back on it in January after the festive season… Been 1.5 weeks off it and have only gained 0.5 kgs.. Highly recommend it.. No additional exercise to the usual futsal twice a week…

  • +3

    My wife is, and has lost a lot of weight. She is also exercising more, but the diet has definitely helped her both with weight and irritable bowel (I know - too much info). I've joined her, although not as strictly - eating same dinners and reducing my carb intake, and it is also helping me lose the few kilos I wanted to trim plus as a bonus lowered my pre-diabetic blood sugar levels to normal.

    Long term I am not sure about the overall health impacts of the diet, but the good side (actual weight reduction) does make it worth considering. Definitely consult with a dietician first though, in particular if you have other health issues.

    For those on the diet, I recommend trying the fat head pizza (http://www.fathead-movie.com/index.php/2013/06/30/weekend-bo...) as well as watching the fat head movie (it's on netflix).

    • +1

      I hated the movie, but the pizza recipe is great.

      • +1

        The guy can be pretty annoying, but I reckon it gave an interesting perspective on the whole 'fat is bad' view…

    • I'm not finding anything on Netflix called Fat head. Is there a different name?

  • One Pot is now showing as $1.37 for me.

    • Same. Was just about to post it for OP to update

      • Thanks all

        • +1

          it was fine for me on the US amazon link, 0.00 dollarydoos

  • +3

    Careful - Fat bombs and desserts now not free…

  • Is there anyone here who went on keto diet for muscle gain (since it's a high protein diet) and a more sustained source of energy (ketones)? I definitely don't need weight loss, but the other parts sound appealing.

    • -1

      Terrible diet if your main goal is muscle gain. Energy is dependent on what type of energy you require. Which, if it is energy for muscle gain. Then your answer is no.

      Also, keto is not high in protein

      The original keto diet is 4:1 ratio of fat to protein and carbs, 90% of calories come from fat, 6% from protein, and 4% from carb. More typically now it is 3:1, with 4:1 still being the gold standard. Depending on requirements and/ or what you are trying to achieve.

      • Damn, looks like I gotta get fat to take advantage of these books.

    • -1

      Is there anyone here who went on keto diet for muscle gain (since it's a high protein diet)

      Keto is absolutely NOT a high protein diet, excessive protein intake knocks you out of ketosis. For athletic people it's a moderate protein diet, for relatively sedentary people it's a low-moderate protein diet.

      That aside, keto is not for muscle gain. It's HUGELY muscle sparing, so doing a bulk with carbs THEN going keto for the cut will yield amazing body composition results. Fit people, weightlifters and athletes alike can all benefit from keto, but it's for maintenance or cutting phases not for bulking.

      • +1

        Excessive protein will not knock you out of ketosis, very common myth. But it may cause you to gain weight (or not lose any) due to the calories. This is also true of excess fat intake. If excess protein was a problem then all of those Zero Carbers would be in trouble as they munch through kilos of steak.

        Upregulation in Gluconeogenesis is demand driven. Your body ain’t going to start making glucose due to large volumes of dietary protein. It will only increase production of glucose if the body needs it and it has none. You know your body can easily make glucose from fat too, yet somehow people seem to be caught up by excess protein as a problem for ketosis.

        Probably one of the better reads on the subject here

        Having said that, moderating protein is good for other reasons.

        • Excellent response.

          • @mickeyjuiceman: It is a terrible response. With so many statements wrong there’s no point even replying. Smashed Avo is on the right track.

            Mic, you are not on a ketogenic diet. Your body would only be in ketosis when you wake up or when/ if you are fasting. Even then your ketone levels would be low.

            Not to say that your whole food, low carb, elimination diet isn’t beneficial & you probably feel great. But it is not keto. Which isn’t a bad thing.

        • The study is about excess protein & does it convert to glucose. Which doesn’t have anything to do with ketones. Ketosis. Knocking your body out of a state of ketosis.

          Luckily it is very easy to monitor ketone levels & to understand what response certain foods & in this case higher levels of protein than advocated by a standard/ recommended ketogenic diet will have on ketone levels.

          Which isn’t a debated topic. Because all peer reviewed science points one way.

  • The complete ketogenic diet for beginners (last one on list) is no longer free
    Thanks Op.

    • Updated, Ta

  • +1

    I've been following it, but not super strict. I've lost 25kg in 3 months, but I've also upped my gym work. Another 15kg to go.

  • All I keep hearing in my head is Pauly D yelling Keto guido, keto guido! He's a Keto guido!

  • reddit.com/r/keto/wiki

    The rest is easy.

    Don't forget macros, don't forget electrolytes, test if you can

    Oh and once you're in ketosis don't forget to eat!! yes it can be easy to since the hunger is basically gone.

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