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Samsung EVO Plus MicroSD Card 128G US $20.86, Huami Amazfit BIP US $48.99, Meizu EP51 Earphones US $19 Shipped + More @ GearVita


1. SAMSUNG EVO Plus Micro SD Card 128GB - US$20.86/AU$28.5, Shipped [ OUT OF STOCK ]

Coupon Code: BlackFEVO


2. Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Bip Smartwatch Bluetooth 4.0 Global Version ( Black ) - US$48.99 / AU$66.81, Shipped [ OUT OF STOCK ]

Coupon Code: BlackFBipA


3. Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Stratos Sport Smartwatch 2 Global Version - US$134.44 / AU$183.36, Shipped [ OUT OF STOCK ]

Coupon Code: BlackFStratos


4. Meizu EP-51 In-ear HiFi Bluetooth Sports Earphones ( Red&Black ) - US$19 / AU$25.9, Shipped

Coupon Code: BlackFEP51


5. Xiaomi Yeelight YLDP06YL Smart Light Bulb E27 - US$15.99 / AU$21.8, Shipped

Coupon Code: BlackFBulb


6. Huawei Honor Watch Magic Smartwatch - US$133.42 / AU$181.96, Shipped

Coupon Code: BlackFMagic


7. Lenovo Watch S Smartwatch - US$43.69 / AU$59.58, Shipped

Coupon Code: BlackWatchSA


NOTE: Limited availability, grab them in time! Enjoy!
For per discount item, only one per person.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2018

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  • Is there a coupon for 256gb?

    • Hi,

      You can try this coupon: 11SCard256. Thanks.


      • +1

        Comes to about US$55.36 which is no deal.

  • Trying to buy two Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Bip Smartwatch Bluetooth 4.0 Global Version, but total comes too $144.19 AUD? How to get price for $134 AUD shipped?

    Edit: When putting price in USD, the total comes to $104.52, so price is still incorrect.

    Edit: Prices in Title don't include shipping. Title shouldn't say Shipped, should say + Shipping

    • Hi,

      I'm sorry I updated the note now. Everyone can only enjoy one piece on per item.
      Thank you.

      • Is this why coupon code was removed after checkout? Coupon successfully applied with multiple items in basket

        • Hi,

          Might not. Please contact us our customer service, they will help to solve your problem asap.


          • @Gearvita: Just ordered a second time with only one item in the cart, and discount code was still removed after order was placed. Was just charged $59 USD when checkout said $49

          • @Gearvita: Unable to even place the second order for my Mrs under a different account. When I select Place Order, it is denied with the message "Do not honour"

            Get your process under control! This is ridiculous. Have already had to contact Customer Service twice because I was charged incorrectly. Two charges pending on Credit Card

            • @RickyBaker: Hi,

              Sorry for delay in getting back to you. It should be the bug of system and other orders was OK.
              Our customer has dealt with your problem. And they will contact you. Thanks for your feedback.


  • +1

    Purchased two items. Coupon code was successfully applied at checkout; however when payment was processed, coupon code was removed and I was charged full price. Contacting customer service to refund the difference

    • Same thing happened to me! Careful people!, I tried contacting them but no luck so far.

      • Issue appears to happen when paying by credit card. Didnt happen when paying by PayPal. I did get a repsonse from Customer Service, but going to take 10-30 business days to see the refund in the account…

  • God these chinese coupon company bs tactics piss me off.

    Why not just drop the damn price for x days?

    Not only that, but why is the bip STILL more expensive than launch day?

    Started at below 45 usd!

    Eugh. I dont mind paying for good things, but i hate being ripped off.
    There is No WAY that a chinese shop ever sold at a loss, so i KNOW its still quite price hiked.

  • @Gearvita, I have opted for Australia Piority line at about 40 cents more. The shipping is between 5 to 12 days instead of 10 to 20 days. Please confirm if the order will be shipped on priority

    • Please let me know if the discount code is actually applied for you after the order is placed; if the order is placed at all.

      • +1

        yes it got applied. Paypal charged me the discounted amount.

        • Did you do Australian priority shipping? I paid with Visa, but was charged the incorrect amount twice.

    • Hi,

      Yes, it is.


  • +4

    why put picture of 256gb card when it's not on sale

  • What kind of battery life do you get from the meizu 51?

  • Thanks op. Bought the bip. Was considering the Stratos but maybe next time.

    • +1

      Has your Bip been shipped yet? Mine's been "Processing" for about a week now.

      • I ordered mine on the 22nd and am anxiously waiting too.. mine was last "approved by Aus post" on the 29th. But nothing more since. It's still within the 12 business day shipment but I want it now >.<

        It should be passed the processing phase soon… my guess is, if you bought it on Black Friday it'd have a bit more of a delay due to demand.

  • Hi I think my code did not apply properly, or i forgot to put it on correctly because PayPal didn't work.
    I got charged the full price instead of discounted price for the ep51, sent you a PM could you please assist

  • Any higher discount on Stratos? Interested, but might wait for Black Friday deals, has been lower before.

  • Can't even get an account registered - yep checked my email and my junk folders…. blah so much effort for something I'm not sure is going to come in time….

  • +1

    Can we please have this post removed? The codes do not work at all, in fact when you input them they say not valid. GearVita are charging people the full amount for the products and people are getting ripped off. This should not be allowed.

    I emailed GearVita two days ago letting them know their codes did not work and they did not respond.

  • +1

    Coupon code for the Amazfit BIP worked earlier today.

    Now I get 'Coupon code is not valid' when I try to apply it.

    • I get the same.

  • any deals on the Amazfit Pace?

  • More BIP please.

  • I just had success using the code for the Amazfit BIP.

    • and how much did you pay at the end? i got weird:

      Cart Subtotal A$92.20
      Shipping Singapore Registered Air Mail A$5.61
      Order Total A$97.81
      You will be charged for $70.65

      actually i got Coupon code is not valid

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