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Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (All Colours) $220 Delivered @ Amazon AU


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    saw free in the title so i clicked

  • I bought the Jabra 65 and found them lacking in bass so returned them. Are the Bose any better?

    • These are great all-round incl bass.

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      Agree, but this bose is pretty gigantic. Will look like Frankenstein.

    • I heard these can't be returned? How did you manage to?

      • Followed the 30 day return policy. Even Received reply paid sticker.

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    Loads of people having issues witb these disconnecting on the Bose forums.

    • I am using it in the gym. No issues. May be the firmware update fixed those issues.

  • To buy or not to buy? Hmm

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    Have you seen how this thing jets out of your ears making you look ape shit. B&O Beoplay is a more logical choice.

  • My wife purchased this for my Birthday and i can tell you that these are really good! I don't like the fact that they stick out so much, but the sound quality is out of this world.

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    I have these and they are really good for workouts and runs, just remember if you want to watch movies on your phone/device they have a bit of lag. Bose has basically said its by design what that means is - its not going to get fixed via a firmware update. Doesn't bother me but something to be kept in mind.

    Also, the earbud design is similar to the Bose soundsport in ear - which means they dont go deep into your ear canal ,as opposed to Bose Soundtrue in ear get jammed in. This is a matter of personal preference. Again for me this is perfect as I hate earphones that get jammed into your ears.

    • Came here to say this. Very unfortunate for the audio lag. Still waiting for V2 or Airpods 2.

  • These ones are designed more for workouts and runs. There will always be a lag watching movies due to the nature of the wireless design. Most media players do have built in audio sync adjustments that you can use to address the lag.

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    Well those last few comments have put me off. Is the lag due to the earphones themselves being wireless or them connecting to the device via BT? Because I've never experienced noticeable lag on my QC35s

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    I bought the QCY T1C Bluetooth 5.0 from…


    Couldn’t be happier, the sound is Big, including the bass. $25.

    • Thanks for the info. Do you reckon they will stay in the ear during a run?

      • Yes I do. I jumped on one leg with head tilted and did not budge.

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    I got the jabra elite 65t from the MasterCard deal for $180 still considered the best value for money true wireless earphones. And that was reviewed at the $300 price point

  • Does it has a built in mic? Can I take calls from it?

  • The audio delay while watching video is a deal breaker for me. I have tried the Onkyo wireless buds and watching youtube with a half second delay is super annoying. If you dont watch videos, then they look pretty great all round.

    • Going to hook it up to my Galaxy watch with spotify so might be safe there.

  • I have a mate with this model and he loves it. Just purchased it. Thanks for the post!

  • Seems like the price has gone up to $275

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