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New Nintendo 3DS: $288 at KMart ($10 Cheaper Than Anywhere Else!) Sale Starts Thurs


Deal on page 11.

3D screen an touch screen, charging cradle, AC adaptor, 3DS stylus, SD memory card, 6 AR cards and pre-installed software. Includes Face Raiders, Augment Reality (AR) games, Mii Maker to create characters, Nintendo 3DS sound and Nintendo 3DS camera for taking and viewing 3D photos.

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    great price. Thanks

  • -2 votes

    I just don't know how sold I am on a 3DS… I think it's the woeful battery life that kills it.

    • +2 votes

      What's holding me back from buying one is that I know Nintendo will most definitely bring out a revised version late next year or early 2013 as they did with the DS. Aesthetically, the 3DS IMO could be better. It's a bit bulky and the 3D slider looks a bit out of place. Still looks like a prototype, reminiscent of the original DS.

      I can imagine Nintendo bringing out the '3DS Lite' - thinner, lighter, longer battery life with the 3D slider repositioned.

      • +4 votes

        Errr… APPLE do this EVERY 12 MONTHS with ALL of their products! And people PRAISE them; wait in lines for hours before the store open! You should be happy that they try to better their hardware.

        • +5 votes

          Yeah Apple do the same thing. Hence why I have yet to buy an Apple product. Only foolish drones with too much money to waste would praise them and line up at launch to buy gen 1, knowing that they WILL be doing the same thing with gen 2 the following year.

          I'm not saying that buying the 3DS is stupid if there will be a new one next year. I'm just saying that if it was a little more aesthetically pleasing, and if the battery life was longer, it would be a lot easier to decide. At the moment though, I'm not sure if I can justify purchasing one now, if I know that these drawbacks will be rectified in the next version.

          It's kind of like how I never bothered purchasing the original DS because it was fat and ugly, but once the DS Lite came out, I bought it straight away since it was how the system was meant to be.

      • +1 vote

        Well, release dates:

        Original DS: 2005
        DS Lite (Ahh, let's make it smaller!): 2006
        DSi: 2009
        DSi XL (Ahh, how about we do exactly the opposite of what we did before!): 2010
        3DS: 2011

        Maybe they're making an attempt to do what they intended to do with the DSi, but perhaps they didn't have the tech or time? (and maybe at the same time adding even more things)

  • +1 vote

    But you can get the Big W deal 3DS+Game+accessory kit for $295.20 with the $20 off coupon and 10% paypal cashback or $279.54 with 5% staff discount

  • +1 vote

    CotD = Crap-a-thon of the decade??? haha!
    i'll be sure to miss it, but do i look forward to the crying/bitchin/whinging afterwards….


    Cotd worst site ever? I think so !!


    CoTD is not a bad site, what do you expect when they are selling 3ds for $199, of course there will be traffic.


      Yeah, not bad.. terrible.


      It's not just 'traffic' though.

      COTD uses the 3DS as a loss leader, the very fact people here, whirlpool etc are twittering about the upcoming 3DS 'deal' means they get more eyeballs on their screen alone. They know their server will crash, it's not a truly legitimate sale.


        Quoted from their website about the sale:
        "We have made our best efforts to bolster our server infrastructure, but we cannot guarantee 100% up-time – if you think that a few server crashes will be upsetting, we recommend you give this event a miss and join us for the Catchathon on Thursday!"


      ozb members report please

  • -1 vote

    Can someone clean up these comments please?
    They don't seem to be related to the deal, it's just "3DS is bad, CoTD is bad".