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Woolworths Online Black Friday - 100s Extra Products on 50% off Including Finish, Omo, Dove, Nivea, Connoisseur, Whiskas


Black Friday Woolworth online only sale. Was just published on http://www.wsfm.com.au/lifestyle/food-wine/woolworths-black-... :

• 50% off Finish & Fairy Dishwashing Tabs
• 50% off laundry from Vanish, Omo, Dynamo and Cuddly
• 50% off Air Care across Air Wick, Ambi Pur and Glade

• 50% off selected Nivea, Dove
• 50% off Hair Care range
• Dove Bodywash Triple Moisturising 1l - Half Price
• Redken Shampoo & Conditioner All Soft 300ml - Half Price

• Ice Cream - Half price on Peters Drumstick, Connoisseur, Arnotts Wagon Wheels 4-6pks
• Vegetables - Half price Birds Eye Steam Fresh Vegetables
• Pizza - Half price selected Dr Oetker Ristorante Pizza, Papa Giuseppi Pizza
• Chicken - Half price Ingham's Free Range Chicken Breast Tenderloins 350g, Tegel Free Range Tenders 365g
• Entertaining - Half price Herbert Adams pies

Chiller & Deli
• Chobani Flips, Pouches, Oats and Fit Pots all Half Price
• 50% off selected quick and easy entertaining meals from Latina and Leggos, Yumi’s Dips
• 50% off Chilled Kombucha range including favourite brands like Mojo, Remedy and Macro

• 50% off My Dog, Nature's Table and Optimum Dog Food
• 50% off Dine, Whiskas and Optimum Cat Food
• 50% off Schmackos and Dentastix Pet Treats

Health Foods
• 50% off total Shelby’s range, Gullon Biscuits and selected Connect Foods products

• 50% off Bare Bakers Gluten Free lines in Bakery

Baby Specials
•Babylove Nappies range on sale
•Nuk baby products on sale


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2018

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  • +10 votes

    Pretty much 50% off every week.

    • Looks to be the same number of items they would normally have off for a week sale, agreed! Where is the actual Black Friday deals woolies?

      • +2 votes

        I am afraid we have to wait till tomorrow to see what else is on sale…as it is claimed as 100s of extra products online only, so it should be current + extra…

  • woolworths black friday? lol I remember no retailer in oz knew what black friday was a few years back

  • Funny how Dr Oetker Pizza 50% off generally gets 100 votes (or 180 for some), yet this deal gets rubbished?

    • Because it's supposed to be a Black Friday deal and not an everyday special.

  • +1 Herbert Adams pies @50% off.

  • iirc they had $12 400g moccona coffee last year

  • i want to see fruit, veg and meat go 50% off.. you know real food, the type yiayia would recognise

  • Is this for Friday 23/11 only?

  • I got an email saying jack links jerky is half price tomorrow at Woolworths

  • No I am extremely skeptical of this “deal”, Mashkez. The list that you’ve outlined has been on the half price listing since a few days ago as I check every single half priced item every week. For you to say that we “have to wait till tomorrow to see what else is on sale” is a bit patronising and vague.

  • How the heck is $ 1.75 Was $2.00 half price? Get it right please

  • Their maths is way off. with discounts. And somehow pick up days today and tomorrow are wrong? At least for WA they are. It is still Thursday night here and tomorrow should be Friday but it has made it Saturday. So I had to amend order to pick it up today even though shops have shut. Just watch the dates incase same applies to you.

  • They’ve got opti nan pro on the cover of the baby Black Friday special but it ain’t on special…

    • stage 3 is in there for $12. Though I suggest you don't support Nestle for propagating misinformation regarding breast milk.

      • No I specifically checked at 12:05am and again at 12:30am and they still didn’t have Nan Pro on sale. I checked later at 9am and then they finally updated the product. I have 2 infants so I am very attuned to infant products on sale.
        Even their now-discounted milo was at $1.11/100g instead of the $0.88. So they got it totally wrong when Black Friday started. They were 9-12 hours behind lol.

        • wow thanks for the neg. I wasn't aware that black friday sales had to begin at 12am on the dot. Also, with two infants, how do you find time to browse for bargains at 12.30am?

  • Is it free shipping?

  • I just ordered online to be delivered tomorrow. Does that mean the price for me will be higher when delivered or will it be the same when ordered?