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Weber Q2000 - $304.47 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Good guys have the Weber Q2000 on sale for $358.20, also listed on their eBay store. Combine this with the 15% off storewide and it comes down to 304.47, which is the cheapest price it's ever been!

Good Guys has 10% off all Weber products, so accessories like half hotplates and carts seem to be a good deal as well.

Original PYIPPEE 15% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2018

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    • +15

      RRP less discount = Bargain

      Most common reason people buy these would be to cook meat.

      • Correct - that makes this a bargain for this product so of course it is a great post. I think old mate was referring to it in the wider scheme of things. For me it is a good product because it has good cooking area relative to its compact and portable size. You can take it camping, you can have it on the balcony of small apartments etc and still get good results. It doesn't do as well in the "amount of shit you can cook at once/$ ratio, but thats not the point of this particular product. If you don't want/need portability buy a jackaroo. If you want portability - buy the weber.'

        • +3

          Exactly, I live in an apartment with a small balcony and this will let me bbq to my heart's (and stomach's) content

          • +1

            @sk94: That's where my Weber adventures started on an apartment balcony and it was perfect! Even now in a house I've never gone "Damn I wish I had a 8 burner BBQ"

            I probably just wish it could do "low and slow" cooking better. Seems to be a bit hard to keep a low temp.

            • @Fergy1987: I saw the weber premium has a temp gauge, but I also saw a yt video of guy who just drilled a hole into the lid and installed a thermometer hahaha, that'll surely help with temperature controlled cooking!

              • @sk94: Higher lid, piezo ignition and the temp gauge are the differences…..

      • +1

        real men rub their meat first

        • Beat his meat to make it tender

  • I know that as soon as I buy this, there's gonna be a massive Weber sale, taking the price down to $280 or something. That's just my luck.

    • +5

      I actually think the opposite is likely to happen. Rarely do you get a great deal on these. Just the usual 10% here and there so you should go for it! Just be warned once you buy it you'll be buying the cart, the extra plates, the trivet, a gas bottle if you don't want to swap n go, $300 goes to $700 pretty quick. But still love my Weber :P

      • I've been watching Weber prices and this is as low as I've ever seen it

    • I've bought the same for $287 so you're pretty close. But not sure when will it ever though.

  • Any q3100 sales?

    • The entire range has the same 10% at good guys, then 15% off on eBay. I didn't check cause the q3100 is too big for me :)

  • +1

    IMO this is the Weber you're going to want. I have a Family Q and love it, I just wish it was portable.

  • Best deal since the 50% of all BBQ's on ebay a couple of years ago.

  • +1

    For anyone after a Baby Q - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Weber-50060224-Baby-Q-BBQ-LP.... $274 before 15% off is awesome! Had a look at the hotplate, appears to be $53 on top.

    • Breakfast plate or half hot plate?

      • half hot plate. Applied discount though which was great.

  • How do you get this down to 309? i can only get it to 359

    • +1

      Make sure you apply the code at the checkout :)

      • Ah woops, it was set to deliver.
        I need a BBQ, get this or a $300 Jumbuck 4 burner from Bunnings?!?

        • Weber all the way! I have this and a baby!

  • $212 for a black weber baby Q here: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Weber-Baby-Q-Q1000-LPG-BBQ-Titan...

    couldn't figure out how to post this deal, something about a lesser known seller

  • I'm after a Q3600 but unfortunately they are only sold through Weber Specialist Dealers, GG don't carry them so I will never get a discount :(

  • Great deal.

    I have been waiting for a Weber Charcoal Kettle deal for a while, can't find a good price on ebay now. Seems like the kettle version is rarely on sale :-(

  • does this come with the cord to connect to the gas bottle?

    • yes it would

  • Are the natural gas versions good? My new house has a gas point out in the alfresco and I want to take advantage of it…

    • Depends on your use case. I like the flexibility of taking mine, with the cart, out on picnics so I don't have to compete with others over a dirty BBQ and can setup anywhere I like.

      A 9kg has bottle seems to last forever even with at least weekly use.

  • +1

    Any third party covers and stands available?

  • Noob question: why don't people buy second-hand /used Weber ? It does not look like it has better modes over the years (like phone) anyway. Is there any risk involved for used ones ?

    I saw there are people on gumtree buying old ones, clean it then sell it

    • +1

      Picked up two Baby Q100 from the street during household rubbish days (crazy). Cant believe people chuck them in 100% working order. One even had the side trays. Also found the older version of the trolly. Ah well one mans junk is another mans treasure they say. Been cooking on the for months and the 6 burner BBQ has been left neglected. They are very economical on Gas compared to larger BBQs so highly recommend.
      Biggest Downside = Heat control. Even on low flame, it is still too hot to slow cook. One of mine has a thermostat and usually still heats to 180c+ on lowest setting (with lid closed). No idea of the q2000 is better? Other than that highly recommend

      • This is my exact same story except picked a q2000 up & yes our 6 burner has been neglected ever since.

  • -2

    Have one and I hate it! Only thing its really good for is slow roasting.

    If you want a well cooked steak (not well as in well just well) forget about it.

    • Doesn't seem right. I only note this as I find the opposite.
      For Steak, I preheat on high for 15mins (lid closed). Then chuck the Fillet Steak on, close the lid, after approx 2.5mins, I rotate 45degrees (to get the cross marks). I turn after another min and cook on otherside for approx 3 mins. Steaks and nicely charred. I like med rare (take off when approx 55c) To me the two I have do get hot BUT lid must remain closed other than turning. Sorry about the cooking lesson….and more about how I find my one's perform.

    • -1

      Are you trying to cook with the lid open?

      Weber's are profoundly different from traditional barbeques, and seldom will you ever find a person complain who has read the instructions and followed the directions about preheating and enclosing.

      Like most other commenters, my 6 burner has barely been touched since I bought a Weber a year ago.

      • Ok put it down to personal preference.

        Having cooked a few hundred thousand steaks in a commercial setting it does not give the results I expect for a great cooked steak. Will it cook it? Yes it will. Will it have grill marks? Yes it will. Will it render the fat well? No it wont. Its a bit like cooking a stir fry on a stove-top fry pan.

        Give me an open charcoal grill any day; obviously not as convenient as a simple gas BBQ.

  • Is this the baby q or is that the q1000?

    Would this be too big to put in the boot (among other things), and cart to the beach for family picnics? Should I get q1000 or 2000 for that purpose.

    • That’s the Q1000, which weighs about 12kg. This one weighs about 20kg; are you willing to lug that to the beach or park?

    • get the Q1000 (baby Q) for picnics/beach etc.

  • Where are you meant to put this though outside? Does this model get a stand? Or is that just the family?

    • That’s just the Family; you’ll have to buy either the Patio cart or the Portable cart for this one. Or a non-Weber cart/trolley

      • cheaper to just buy the family one. only one model of family one i take it. Isn't there one with a separate burner for outside pan cooking?

        • What do you mean by 'one nodel'? The Family comes in LPG or NG. As for your question, I don't know. I'm not a Weber expert. Only in transportng the heavy things as a tiny person in my previous job (nothing like trying to move the 40kg Family one when you weigh 45kg …)

          Not much point buying the Family one if you don't need that much cooking space.

    • Check out this stand recommendations:

  • This is currently $350 including the 5% eBay discount, I think I'm going to buy tomorrow. How often do they have bigger discounts? Should I wait?

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