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Canon EOS 6D Mark II (Body Only) - $1398.22 + $12 Delivery @ digiDIRECT eBay


This is the first time to post. little bit afraid but hopefully helpful to someone! :)

The Canon EOS 6D Mark II is $1,519.80 from DigiDiRECT official store and AU $1,644.96 on the eBay DigiDIRECT.

  • 15% off PYIPPEE code
  • $12.00 added for standard delivery registered post

After 15% discount it becomes $1,410.22
After 1% Cash Rewards cash back -$14.10

Final Price : $1396.11

- 26.2MP
- Full Frame CMOS Image Sensor (36.0 x 24.0)
- 45 Cross Type AF Points
- WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth and GPS
- Full HD 60p for movie recording
- 6.5 fps continuous shooting speed
- Touch Screen / Touch Auto Focus
- 3.0" Vari-angle LCD Screen with approx. 1.04 million dots
- ISO Speed 100-40000 (L:50, H1:51200, H2:102400)
- 1 X SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot
- DiG!C 7 imaging processor

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    FPS aside is this seen as an upgrade or downgrade to the 7D MKII?


      7D Mark II is really good body however we can't even compare with crop body and full frame body.
      6D Mark II will be a lot powerful for hobby photography and even for professional purposes.


      In some ways 6D mark ii is an upgrade, and downgrade in other areas.

      6D Mark II is full frame camera so it is not just the resolution, the sensor size is bigger too (better low light performance). 7D Mark II is the best APSC camera from Canon. Great for sports photography / fast action. Better auto focus system.

      Considered the price, 6D Mark II feels like a full frame at APSC camera price.


      You'll start a debate among Canon users here.

      They are both good cameras - I've used the 7D and was impressed with its focus speed and just how quiet it is… especially compared to my EOS 550D!

      So the answer to your question is that it is newer and has a lower number (6 v 7) so is probably seen as a step up from the 7. I'd be happy with either.

      There are other differences and it's hard to say one is just better.

      The 7 has more metal in its frame, but the 6 has later software (DIGIC 7) and a full (bigger) frame sensor. The 6 has a touch screen and should be better in very low light. The 7 can shoot faster (1/8000 vs 1/4000) and takes 2 different cards (SD and CF). The 7 has a built in flash - none on the 6D. The 6D will take more shots per charge… And on it goes….The differences would only become apparent when you are shooting in extreme conditions - very high speed or very low light etc.

      The 7 is seen by many reviewers/users as a low-end professional camera and the 6 as a high end enthusiast - hence the reference to starting a debate.


      please correct me if i am wrong…

      disregarding the mark classes…

      7d is canon highest APSC flagship
      6d is NOT canon highest full frame flagship

      7d is comparable to 5d or 1d, from my understanding..

      for professional, people use either 5d, 6d, 7d, or some even use 80d (which i assume comparable to 6d)

      been with canon for 5 years fullframe… moving to fujifilm APSC mirrorless.. sony, too expensive..
      these days fujifilm is catching up


        No way 7d is comparable to full frame professional type, if you're professional photographer looking at the high specs that 7d offering then better look upper. The way canon have been segmenting their product making all cluttered together with a bunch of imperfect product and leaving room for others to catch up and take over. Canon still want to keep full frame for the pure professional despite technology improvement no longer justify their excuse. They have great lenses tho.


          Personally, 6D Mark II is more appealing to me because it is a full frame camera. The articulating screen is also good. It is a pity Canon purposely take bits out (single card slot). Problem is full frame lenses are expensive and I don't have the skills to benefit from full frame. Even 7D Mark II is an overkill for me.


    Can anyone recommend a good and powerful camera and good lens for Real Estate photography? Within $1k or 1.5k if possible?


      camera body, any medium class will do, such as canon 80d, or 6d, dont need too powerful enough, unless you really want to bang hard on your pocket
      any ultra wide lens will do + tripod
      such as 16-35 with long exposure…

      by the way, do you need assistant? pls kindly let me know… looking for some photography extra income… currently quiting fulltime job, move into full time photography job, and still holding on and working hard to cover living expense


      caon m100, canon ef-m 11-22mm

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