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Agoda - 12% off Hotel Bookings with AU MasterCard


Return of the Mack!

The last post by Dasher86 was a great find and very useful during my travels but had expired a few months ago
Now it has returned and is as simple as it was before!
An easy saving of 12% on already extremely competitive Hotel rates
No code or voucher required
Just use the Agoda Portal and pay with eligible Australian MasterCard's on Pre-Paid (Pay Now) Hotel Bookings
to enjoy an easy saving of 12%!
I use my Citibank Debit MasterCard and it works a treat!

Book Period - 20 November 2018 to 31 January 2019
Stay Period - 20 November 2018 to 31 July 2019
Destinations - Worldwide
Devices - Website Landing Page Only (https://www.agoda.com/mastercardau) - Not applicable to Agoda App

Note: The T&Cs mention that some eligible Credit Cards and Commercial Cards are also included in this promotion but does not specify which specific ones are suitable, feel free to comment below on which cards work for you.

Happy Travels and Happy Birthday OzB!

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  • Any exclusions?

    • +1

      I suggest going to the link and looking at the T&Cs.

  • Can you use voucher codes on top of this? Amazing deal if so.

    • Are there any basic/public voucher codes you can recommend/share?

    • Even if there's any code somehow I couldnt locate where to put the code is. Open via laptop browser, not mobile or apps. I can only see the code already automatically applied which I can only remove not add

      • WX255BL for 10% off selected hotels. I couldn't get it to stack with the Mastercard discount.

        • I got them to stack, 10% for the coupon and 12% for Mastercard.

  • +1

    This is 1% better than Expedia's MasterCard discount šŸ˜…

  • What vouchers ?

  • +1

    dammit. doesn't like mastercard credit cards, only debit it seems

    anyone got a dummy debit card number i can use to reserve the booking (not pay for it)? :D

  • "Stay Period - 20 November 2018 to 31 July 2018"


    They must mean 31 July 2019?

    • Apologies, I should have looked closer at that. I got that excerpt from the T&C's but I am assuming that they have made an error too. Unless they are accommodating those with time travelling Deloreans!

  • +1

    Also while your post says debit, the T&Cs say

    "MastercardĀ® credit, debit and commercial cards which bears the MastercardĀ® name and logo"

    • Ideal if it works! But have had a few folks mentioning it not working using credit card so only 100% about the debit.

      • yep, only worked for debit for me.
        however,i chose the "book now, pay later" and confirmed the reservation with an expired debit card number to apply the 12%, then paid for the existing booking with a different card - price still reflected the 12%

      • You're right. I booked a hotel with my credit card and assumed it would apply the discount later. Once I realised my mistake I cancelled the booking and then rebooked it with my debit card which worked no problem

      • same here

  • +1

    will this stack with cashrewards?

    • I tried and couldn't get them to stack. has anyone had any luck doing it?

  • -1

    Should have read the comments first :( Did a pay-now via master card credit card thinking it would refund after - it doesn't. Would have been cheaper to book with Hotels.com for same price with their 10th night free system. Unfortunately cant cancel, non-refundable.

    • +1

      if it makes you feel better, your username checks out :D

  • I am going to Malaysia from 30/7/19 to 4/8/19. In this case, am I eligible to get a discount for full period of my trip?

  • Just paid for 4 nights in Bali in January using debit MasterCard by Commonwealth. Price didn't reflect. Assume it would on next page. Nope payment gone through. Trying to contact agoda now as it's non-refundable

    • Booking made on mobile. Did see the 12% discount logo before proceed

    • same issue. I'm contacting support

  • Will we see the discount AFTER we enter our credit card details ?

  • Tried 3 of my mastercard CCs (28 degrees, bendigo, westpac altitude black) none worked. Forgot I had a debit card w/ citibank so didn't try that. Was only a cheap short booking so I guess it wasn't that bad.

    If it's anything like the AMEX deal, the discount shows up on the booking page before you press confirm.

  • does agoda charge in AU dollars. Will there will any foreign transaction fees?

  • I don't believe that you can stack with cash rewards.

    • Strange. Last night when I turned on cash rewards the 12% discount wouldn't appear. So I clicked out of cash rewards a few times to make it disappear.

      However, soon after purchasing 3x accommodation I received an email saying my cash back via cash rewards was processing.

  • +3

    Just used this successfully with my debit Mastercard, after finding that the discount did not appear on entering my credit Mastercard details. Make sure it says MasterCardAU 12% and shows the price drop before you hit the Book Now button!

  • Sounds like a good deal, coupled with a cashback offer, but… if you're searching for something more than the most basic room, eg. 2 bedrooms, you have to click into each hotel one by one to see if they have a 2 bedroom offering and how much it'll cost - right? As far as I can tell I can't filter search results by number of bedrooms. Correct me if I'm wrong!

    • +1

      I couldn't get it to stack with CashRewards. The 'promo eligible' label disappears when I went through the CashRewards link.

  • I found one room on Agoda which, after the discount, appears as the same price I found on booking. Is it a fake discount ?

    • Did the hotel have "Promo Eligible" next to it? Did you enter debit card details rather than a credit card as that type of card should work?

      • I found a room on Agoda advertised at 170$/night, after discount it's 149.6$ . I double check and search that the same hotel on other website (Booking.com) and price is at 148 or 149$ ( don't remember correctly but 1-2$ cheaper ). This is exactly like eBay sale price jack.

  • Worked with a debit Mastercard and not a credit card. It shows you the discounted price before you confirm the booking. Thanks Op.

    • I found exactly the same. I tried 2 Mastercard credit cards and neither showed the discount but two debit cards did.

  • Did not work for me. Be careful

    They are claiming this doesnt exist on their support number.

    I am trying to get a cancelation. I have sent them screenshots of everything on THEIR website which clearly says I should get this.

    I will be filing some kind of fraud to the credit card company if they don't do the right thing.

    • I contacted support and provided all the details and they refunded me the 12%

  • I don't understand all these people saying it doesn't work, the discount should appear BEFORE you pay. It clearly states that in the T&Cs.

  • I can't get the discount to show with either of my Mastercard Credit Cards.

    I have a Citibank Plus Debit Card (Mastercard), which does show the discount after entering the details, but for some reason, can't book with it (comes up with "We're unable to pre-authorize your credit card" message when trying to book, maybe due to lack of funds, even though I'm selecting book now, pay later?).

    Pity, because the discount makes this a good deal for me.

    • +1

      It looks like you have found the same problem as the rest of us as commented on above that only debit cards work.

      • You're right, in the sense that it showed the discount after entering my debit card (yet wouldn't show after entering either of my mastercard credit cards), but unfortunately couldn't finalise the booking, due to getting an "unable to pre-authorize your credit card" error when attempting to finalise booking (not sure why I was getting this message, but it was preventing me from finalising the booking).

        Ended up booking via one of those sites which catalog a bunch of sites like Agoda, ended up paying a fraction more without the discount (the prices were cheaper going via the catalog website, than they were via Agoda directly funnily enough).

        Oh well.

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