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Samsung Galaxy S9 256GB $949, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 256GB $1099 ($400 off) @ JB Hi-Fi


S9 Plus Expired

12MP Super Speed camera with Super Slow-mo
5.8" Quad HD+ Infinity Display
Dual Stereo speakers

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  • Price match Officeworks for another $50 off.

  • Good find, Thanks! Costco is also offering same deal for tmr only too (if there any costco members who are interested).

  • Good find

    Keep waiting for the pixel 3 deals

  • Why aint the 64gb models for the s9 not on sale?

    • +1 vote

      Unsure why the downvotes. Got a three year old 64GB S6, less than half full in spite of 1000s of photos - why the hell would I want to pay the insane prices they charge for a bit of extra storage?

      • I guess some people store more than photos. Music and video take up a lot of storage. I'm constantly getting no space warning and have to delete the less used media and apps.

        • I guess… I have a lot of video too, but Google Photos seems to do a very good job of shipping most of the stuff up to the cloud, keeping some scaled down local stuff handy and then pulling down the high res stuff on demand. I don't listen to music much though, and when I do it's streamed, so again not much need for local storage.

          Each to their own though; I'll be holding off looking for a good deal on a smaller size one, but this seems like a decent deal for the crazy massive one.

  • I was desperately searching for the Lilac Purple coloured one about a month ago (256GB). None of the places had it in stock then. Oh well.

  • Nothing on Note 9? :(

  • Bring back non curve screen!

  • RRP was overpriced. This should be the normal price. Staff price is $979 for S9 plus.

  • cheers been watchingfor a while, AU blue tick stock for this price is tempting

  • Are these Dual SIM or Single SIM models ?

  • Offer has been extended in store and online for the S9 256gb variant only, ends 26/11.

  • Great if you get the $45 pm port in deal for 12 months and get $200 off this price at JB