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Sony 55" X70F $809 | Sony 49" X70F $834 | Sony 43" X70F $745 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Just as this report predicted, there are some great Sony TV offers from Amazon.

Sony 55" X70F Smart LED 4K Ultra HDR TV - $809 (was $1699) Out of stock

Sony 49" X70F LED 4K Ultra HDR Smart TV - $834 (was $1449)

Sony 43" X70F LED 4K Ultra HDR Smart TV - $745 (was $1079.10).

Great savings when you factor in 8% cashback with Cashrewards and AMEX.

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  • Any idea why the 55" is cheaper than the 49"?

  • I'm new to SONY TVs, how does this series differ from the popular KDX8500E series here on OZB?

  • Great deal. Ordered the 55", cheers OP

  • What's the warranty like?

  • Is it me or is the 55" cheaper than a 49"..?

  • hmm is it better to get the 49” x7500f for about $100 more?

  • I just got the Hisense 50" 50P7 for like $785, I think it was a price error, it has "ultra local dimming" instead of a uniform backlight. Wonder how I would have gone with this 55" Sony instead, which doesn't have local dimming. I've been very happy with the Hisense, bright parts look very bright and black parts on the same screen look black, which is what I've been dreaming of for years from a TV.

  • $809 now

  • Any Sony TVs still made in Japan? My last one was and it was brilliant.

  • Op - What's the AMEX offer for this?

    Also, do you know the refresh rate for 55 inch model

  • Since I missed out on the 65inch good thing I waited after 12 am and got the 55inch for $809 + 20% shopback amazon flash sale cashback + $15 amex offer. Thanks for the bargain.

    • Capped to $50

      • With that 'capped to $50', does it mean I would save at least a maximum of $50 on this TV if I decide to buy it?

        • Oh yeah it is capped at $50 can't believe I forgot about that, should have stick with cashrewards 8%! Go with cashrewards as you stand to get more than $50.

          • @devilin101: Oh, shite! Have juts purchased it through CashBack. Might need to cancel and re-order through CR then as I would save $14.72 more through CR. :(

          • @devilin101: Damn!

            Shipping soon. Cancellation isn't guaranteed.

            We're preparing this order for shipment. If you'd like to cancel item(s) from this order, select the Cancel Item box next to the item(s) and click on "Request cancellation". We'll do our best to cancel the item(s) selected.

            I don't think they're "preparing … shipment" at this time of the night, but it seems it will be a hassle if they've to confirm it in the morning, by which time the TV might already be OzBargained just like the 65" was, so I might have to forget about those $14.72.

            Edit: I have refreshed my Amazon account page and the 'Cancel order' option has already disappeared. lol

            • @AussieDaddy: Was planning to cancel and reorder as well but couldn't find the cancel button. I'll just keep my order, don't want to risk being ozbargained like the 65inch lol…

    • Same, missed out on the 65' and was kicking myself for it, but the second price drop and cashback sweetened this deal! Good work team!

    • There is a 65 inch sony X70F on Amazon as well.Decent price $1149


  • No x9000 again ;(

  • 55" is out of stock. Tried checking out but it removed it from my cart before i could complete the purchase

  • How would something like the x70f compare to the Samsung nu8000?

    Very hard to find reviews for TVs these days as they seem to have different product codes in different countries.

  • smart that they don't have chat or contact. couldn't ask for $20 back from last night purchase :(

    • You can contact them via email or phone at a certain time. When you are logged in you should see the contact us down the bottom of the page. I emailed as I paid $829. They told me to cancel the order and re order but no option to cancel. Plus its now sold out. I sent them a reply trying to get the $20 off again so will see what they say.

  • Just curious. Does anyone know if this TV has an HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) input or not? I've just bought a Yamaha sound bar with an HDMI ARC input from the Bing Lee deal and am wondering if it will work with this TV through that input for better sound quality.

    Edit: Got it. All good.

  • Has anyone received their TV? My tracking on toll says due today but nothing was delivered and I got a text saying it was due today too. Sigh won’t be home tomorrow…

    • I got messages from both Amazon and Toll and they say mine is due tomorrow between 8am & 8pm (I am in Adelaide).

    • I called up toll and they said my delivery was still tracking on the road and delivery time could be up till 11pm; which has just clocked over. Guess it'll be tomorrow or a pick up from a Newsagency….

    • Looks like I am heading towards the same path as my TV was due to be delivered today between 8am and 8m and it's 7:25pm here now and still nothing. I have to leave home at 8pm exactly. Toll seems to be bad with their delivery estimates. Their tracking site says 'Shipment Created' and nothing under 'Pick Up' and 'In Transit'.

      • I called up and they’ve escalated now. I hate Toll; every time I’ve dealt with them they’be been epic fail. They lost my iPhone X last time.. thankfully Telstra just replaced.

        • Damn! I am a casual employee and often do on-call work so I won't be able to pick up a shift tomorrow and will be stuck in home expecting delivery. If they don't show up tomorrow I'll lose my shite and go bananas on them. I thought they're better than other delivery companies but they're proving me wrong.

          • @AussieDaddy: I just online chatted with Amazon. They basically offered me a refund on the spot. I asked if they could give me a replacement instead and they went down the route of a refund initially, then you re-order and they will give you the difference back once you complete a second order because of the price increase. It'll get me the TV, but still annoying. Anyway, I gave them my inquiry number with Toll and basically i'll wait 48 hours and if it's not delivered they'll give me a refund. I have the chat transcript if needs be.

            • @kojihama: Wait, what? The TV has supposedly been shipped and it's behind on schedule for only a day as of now and they're offering a refund already? That's weird.

  • Mine was due today, I ended up speaking with Toll customer service 3 times today. They are saying it could be tmrw but won’t commit. They’ve been dissappointingly in flexible when trying to arrange suitable delivery time. Let’s hope it arrives tmrw.

    • The thing is, I think Amazon is to blame for these late deliveries. Amazon sent mine yesterday after 6pm from Sydney. Even if the TV came to Adelaide on a truck early this morning, there's no way they could deliver it today straight away. As soon as I placed the order on Thursday I tried to cancel it within minutes (I wanted to reorder via Cashrewards as that could give me more cash back than Shopback), but Amazon already removed the cancel button. But they didn't send it until yesterday evening. Ridiculous!

      • I have Amazon Prime and it was supposed to be priority delivery next day.. so… they didn't send it until Monday but I would've expected it Tuesday. I put the fault firmly with Toll as it was scanned into their warehouse Monday.

        • I've just called Toll and the lady on the phone told me that it hasn't actually moved (i.e. hasn't been picked up), although their website is still saying it was due for delivery YESTERDAY! This is a joke! Gonna let Amazon know they made me stay at home all day yesterday and today for a delivery that wasn't coming. Bloody hell!

          • @AussieDaddy: I got a call around 4pm on the way home and Toll lady said it’s on it’s way and would be delivered tonight. Arrived around 6pm Brissy time. Website says it’s still at Broadmeadows… I reckon they just weren’t prepared for the Cyber sales.

            • @kojihama: So yours has been delivered although it hasn't been updated on Toll's website, is that what you're saying? Mine still hasn't moved, so it would be great if they deliver it tonight too (though I doubt that would happen since it's past 7:30pm here now). Fingers crossed. Thanks for the update.

              • @AussieDaddy: Yeah, Toll website has it going from Broadmeadows to my house rather than any in between transit. My guess they did a massive bulk delivery between states. Hope you get yours!