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[Possibly Targeted] - Bitdefender 2019 75% off (Antivirus from AU $17.49/1 Yr/3 Devices) - Black Friday


I received this by email so I suspect it's targeted to anyone who's had a paid subscription before. I tried to make the link generic but every time I did it only went as low as 60% off, so you'll likely only be able to use the targeted link to get the full 75% discount. This is also direct from Bitdefender so you aren't dealing with a third party.

Prices are as follows:

Antivirus Plus 2019 - up to 3 devices / 1 YEAR - AU$17.49
Internet Security 2019 - up to 3 devices / 1 YEAR - AU$25.00
Total Security 2019 - up to 5 devices / 1 YEAR - AU$30.00

Add their VPN Premium for AU$49.99

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      Hmmm…I think they're targeting people with different discounts. When I follow that generic link I only see 65% off, but the one I received was definitely cheaper, hence the screenshot.

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    The Family Pack is also part of the sale, but is not listed on the deal page. $40 for a year for up to 15 devices.

    Also, for extra savings, disable autorenewal on any of these, and it will prompt you to re-enable it and renew at the same price the following year.


      Comes up as $64.99.

      After looking at that, I went to the .com site, and it redirected me back to the .com.au site, but there, as you said was the $40 deal.
      Really weird.

      Have a +1 for a cracking deal


        from that page, i click on the renew link at the bottom and it goes to a new page with only 60% off. Guessing must buy at 75% and then msg them to merge into the existing subscription


          Buy without an account and it should give you a code. Then you can enter the code in your account


            @tukanglistrik: In my case, and has happened on previous occasions, when you go to enter said new code it asks if you want to replace the existing account / remaining days with the new one.
            Like Sammyboy said, I'm contacting them to add the new code (366 days) to my existing account.


      Thank you. The deal is still working.


      Family Pack used to be unlimited devices.
      It's now saying to replace old subscriptions with this new 15 device one (not just adding to it)!!!

      Guess I'll just have to go through the rigmarole of getting them to add the 366 days to my subscription… once again.

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