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[PS4] God of War, Detroit Become Human $29.95 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Enjoy. Almost $1 more compare to previous deals :)

+Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend)

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  • PS4

    • done :)

      • +2

        haha it can get the XBONE fans too excited ;)

        • +1

          thats the reason I got both consoles :D

          • @Being Askhole: Same here, I regret spending so much on the One X though because I'm a PC gamer. Now it's a dedicated RDR2 machine.

  • Won't be to better to price at JB Hi fi and get the 3 months Stan as well free?

    • Nope.. $79 @ JB Hi Fi
      $79 God Of War , $79 Detroit: Become Human

      • ask them to price match?

        • +1

          I guess, they only pricematch physical stores

          • @Being Askhole: Depends. Price matched the playstation VR for me on Sunday (against Amazon).

          • @Being Askhole: It was on sale at Big W, not sure if it still is?

            • @congo: yeah that sale gone.. its $79 at Big W too.. but give a try at JB for pricematch with Amazon and you never know if you get lucky

      • My local JB was willing to price match to the Big W online store if he also includes the online delivery fee. Worth trying with Amazon too.

  • +1

    Uncharted Collectionis down to $19. It was $24 the other day.

    • That's the PlayStation Hits version. The original version is still $24.

      • Is there a difference between the two? I thought they are the same?

        • They are, just to a "collector" they don't want the hits usually. I don't think there is any major difference besides the cover and price.

  • I think Big W has GoW for the same price in their catalogue till the 5th of December

    • Nah it's $80 and they had very little stock when it was on sale.

      • Yeah you are right the was print about stating it finished on the 26th of November

      • It was 'in store only' on Black Friday. Home delivery was made available on Cyber Monday.

  • Is god of war any good?

    • Look at reviews, walkthroughs etc.

  • Detroit price went up to $45.

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