Westfield Gift Card - RED and Gold XS Westfield Gift Cards > PROOF of RIP-OFF <

Westfield Gift Card - RED and Gold XS Westfield Gift Cards > PROOF of RIP-OFF <

I've recently seen a lot of posts on both Ozbargain and other forums where people are getting very stressed out and confused about the Red and XS (Gold) Westfield Gift Cards.

It's no wonder due to the below statement in their FAQ's — Westfield FAQ's

Where can I use the Westfield XS Gift Card ?
The Westfield XS Gift Card offers more choice and flexibility.

In addition to being accepted in participating retailers in our centres Australia wide, the Westfield XS Gift Card can be used anywhere EFTPOS is accepted outside of Westfield Centres (at retailer’s discretion).

Gift Card acceptance is at the retailer’s discretion and some retailers may choose not to accept the Westfield Gift Card or Westfield XS Gift Card, including cinemas

The above FAQ statement is an absolute lie and what westfield thinks is a very clever way to cash in on unsuspecting customers. Most customers would also assume because they are paying an extra $2 ( $4.95 for Westfield XS Gift Card GOLD ) and it has the EFTPOS logo on the front it must be legit.

It's not legit and I will explain why >

BOTH cards , the Westfield Gift Card ( RED $2.95 ) and the Westfield XS Gift Card ( GOLD $4.95 ) are BOTH EFTPOS CARDS. In fact the cheaper RED Westfield Gift Card is BETTER than then the more expensive XS Westfield Gift Card Gold.

EFTPOS cards ( so both the westfield RED and GOLD gift cards ) can be used anywhere in Australia that accepts EFTPOS, again it's BS that they have to be used inside a westfield shopping centre.

If you're having problems at a check out or POS machine, make sure you do it yourself - everyone is so used to tapping now, this card needs to be swiped and then you need to press SAVINGS - do not press cheque or credit as it will decline just like any other EFTPOS card would - after you press SAVINGS enter your PIN, the PIN is located on the back on the card - you scratch to reveal it.

I have been using my card outside of westfield for YEARS at pretty much every single shop you can think of and surprise guess what - yes it works because it's EFTPOS!

Here is a screen shot https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/282722/64473/westfield... of my receipt from outside of westfield to show you, you can also check your own RED Westfield Gift Card ( or Gold ) if you are still unsure by going to the below website link > This tool will check if the entered credit card numbers conforms to the Luhn formula ( Google > Luhn Formula < if you are unsure what this is ) Debit, Prepaid, Credit and Gift Cards should all work fine.


PLEASE NOTE - Never enter your personal or credit card details or other personal details onto any site to 'test', the site I have linked only asks for the card number - not your EXP date or CVV number - If a site is asking for this then it's a phishing site and a scam.

Below you will see a check I did on my RED Westfield Gift Card.

Valid credit card numbers. Passing the Luhn test.

Credit card number: 502119#############
Personal account number: 0230#######
Major Industry Identifier: (5) Banking and financial
Bank identification number (BIN): 502119

So what does this tell us? Well now we know it's a valid debit, prepaid , credit or gift card ( yeah so what… ) - > what we really want is the (BIN) which is the cards 'Bank Identification Number' - as you can see the RED Westfield Gift Card BIN is 502119

Now you know the BIN ( by the way ALL RED Westfield gift cards have the SAME BIN ) you can go to this website and check your BIN >

https://www.exactbins.com/bin-lookup - again I tested the above BIN mentioned and the below is the result.

BIN: 502119
Card Brand: MAESTRO
Card SubType: GIFT
Issuing Country: AUSTRALIA

Anything stand out to you? Yes that's correct - CARD BRAND = MAESTRO | Maestro = Mastercard | and CARD TYPE = DEBIT. ( Debit is EFTPOS )

more details on Wikipedia re Maestro

Due to the fact it's a Maestro DEBIT card - what this means is yes you can use your RED Westfield Gift Card card outside of westfield, you can also use it anywhere in Australia that accepts EFTPOS and because it's a MAESTRO card you can use it anywhere in the WORLD! ( that accepts Maestro which is EFTPOS )
please see below statement from Wikipedia — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EFTPOS

Australian debit cards normally cannot be used outside Australia. They can only be used outside Australia if they carry the MasterCard/Maestro/Cirrus or Visa/Plus or other similar logos, in which case the non-Australian transaction will be processed through those transaction systems. Similarly, non-Australian debit and credit cards can only be used at Australian EFTPOS terminals or ATMs if they have these logos or the MasterCard or Visa logos"

So all of a sudden you've gone from having a Red Westfield Gift Card which you think gets you no where / being ripped off and told / restricted to using your RED Westfield Gift Cards only in Westfield Shopping Centres to now actually having a Maestro Debit Card which can be used anywhere worldwide.

You're Welcome - Merry Christmas ;)

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    Holy smoke. I have a couple of Westfield gift cards, but I don’t have any Westfield’s nearby. But based on what you’re saying I can just use it like any eftpos card and swipe away.

    Thanks for your detailed post with clear instructions (e.g., swipe, savings, etc).

    Quite the specific post but very informative!

    • Yes that's correct, you're very welcome Worf

      • +8 votes

        maybe a TL:DR?

        Westfield XS Gift Card is a EFTPOS /maestro savings/debit card that can be used anywhere.

        • I don't know what a TL:DR is, but the RED and GOLD Gift Card are exactly the same.

          • +1 vote

            @catchpossum: TL:DR = Too Long : Didn't Read - it's a brief summarization of the entire post/body.

          • @catchpossum: Your post said red is actually better than gold - is that based on the price only?
            Can these be purchased to meet minimum spend requirements on credit cards?

            • @chriise: Hey Chriise, yes price pretty much - in effect they are both exactly the same card. I'm not sure what you mean by "Can these be purchased to meet minimum spend requirements on credit cards?" > can you explain this to me?

              • @catchpossum: Thanks for clarifying. Some CCs have airmiles points if you spend minimum amount (eg $3000 in 90 days). Someone here might be able to confirm if buying these EFTPOS cards will count towards that minimum spend.

                • @chriise: I know with Woolworths you can get bonus ' woolworths points' when buying Gift Cards over a promotional period ( for example at the moment you can buy the Visa Predpaid Gift Card and they giev you 1000 Bonus points ) In regards to Credit Cards and airmile points I wouldn't know. Plus I've been using a Qantas FF point trick for years - I never fly anywhere economy, I've also never paid to fly business class ;)

                • @chriise: actually I do know of a way you can get those points. Buy something from David Jones - maybe 2 x Khloe Bags ( they are around $1500 each ) then after you purchase them go to their 'exchange Refund counter ( normally on another level ) and return them. Depending on your CC company it will show just as 'refunded' you may also like to wait 2 weeks then return them. This also works GREAT for interest rates, your credit card see's the refund as you paying off your credit card - so your interest rate goes down :)

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    I would upload screen shots of my receipts outside of westfield to show you but unfortunately you can't do that on Ozbargain,

    you can,

    my account—-> files —->upload new file.

    once uploaded then click on image and copy and past url into post.

  • Anyone work for channel 7 or 9?
    Maybe good for current affairs or today's tonight material.

    • lol I know about 8 people that work in TV, it's nearly Christmas - everyone's already on holidays

    • Do they still have today tonight?

    • What for? so that you can attract all their attention and for them to block it to Westfield only next day? This is nothing new to be honest, professional ozbargain and FF professionals all know about this.

      • I agree, this only benefits us. Any publicity might cause Westfield to change their cards and you will end up having to pay more these gift cards in the future…

      • That sounds exciting how do I become a professional ozbargainer? Can I do a course? Will I get a certificate? < See sounds dumb.

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    A good wiki (probably needs updating) that lists the alternative stores that gift cards work at. Gift Cards. I believe it may have been discovered widely after this Amex Westfield Gift Card Statement Credit Deal in 2016. Another odd one is the Dan Murphy's gift cards that are Wish Gift Cards in disguise (I think this is still the case) that work in Woolworths.

    EDIT: Another one I'm keen to test out is the Casual Dining Gift Card which is an EFTPOS card however given it's only 5 retailers I do suspect it's locked to those retailers.

    • Re Dan Murphy's Yes also correct :)

    • https://www.casualdiningcard.com.au/gift-card-tcs/

      This Card is an eftpos prepaid gift card unless I'm wrong because it specifically sates it's and Eftpos Prepaid Card it's the same deal as the westfield gift cards - I've never used a Casual Dining Card but if it has a card number why not try it out like I suggested in the post > https://www.mobilefish.com/services/credit_card_number_check...

      • As per this comment. Good Food is an EFTPOS card but only works on listed restaurants. I'd guess the same with Casual Dining but will give it a test.

        • Have you tested the card and BIN number as stated above? Just because it has EFTPOS on the card means nothing - I want to know what it says after you test it. Then I can help you.

          • @catchpossum: Respectfully, I'm not entering full card details into that site. :) The bin info from exact bins however is

            BIN: 501218
            Card Brand: MAESTRO
            Issuing Organization:
            Card Type (DEBIT/CREDIT/CHARGE): DEBIT
            Card SubType:
            Issuing Country: UNITED STATES

            The Perfect Gift Cards which are EFTPOS that work everywhere:

            BIN: 502125
            Card Brand: MAESTRO
            Issuing Organization: INDUE LTD
            Card Type (DEBIT/CREDIT/CHARGE): DEBIT
            Card SubType: PREPAID
            Issuing Country: AUSTRALIA

            I'll give it a test at self-checkout supermarket next time to see what happens. I'm thinking if it's not locked to certain retailers, it might be set to categories e.g. Retail: Fast Food.

            • @neil: Card Brand: MAESTRO
              Issuing Organization:
              Card Type (DEBIT/CREDIT/CHARGE): DEBIT

              Don't worry about Card Sub Type or Issuing Country this is irrelevant, you can see both say MAESTRO and DEBIT. Follow steps above and your fine. There is no way that they can lock it to categories - you don't think Westfield would have done this ? lol

              • @catchpossum: Uh yeah they do according to this comment.

                • @neil: There is no context behind how they "tried" at other retailers - if you hand over say for example a Westfield gift card at IGA outside of a westfield then the 15 year check out chick will say " sorry we don't accept those" because she doesn't understand - hence you need to do it yourself. Test it out like you said and let me know :) it's 3am people why aren't you all in bed lol - good night :)

              • @catchpossum: don't be over-confident with what you know from these search. I can tell you they can choose to set whatever they want in their system.

                I can give you a few examples which has now been blocked anyway, Crown gift card from the machine in front of Village cinemas, Homemaker centre in Springvale. It is all EFTPOS gift card, the card is still the same but it is not all locked if you try to spend outside the intended centre.

                Those who used Amex probably knew about the Crown one… well, good thing has come to an end after the post about it on ozbargain few years ago.

                The more attention you are trying to draw, the quicker the good things end. Once they really want to close the loophole, you won't even have a chance to regret that you did not make this post today.

                • @samehada: I'm direct, not over confident but thanks for the feedback. I have no idea what you're even talking about Crown Gift cards and an Amex offer - I'm talking about the Red and Gold Westfield gift card - whatever your cards are I wouldn't know.

            • @neil: soooooo ? Have you tested it Neil ? I've been waiting all weekend lol

              • @catchpossum: Tried today at Woolworths and got declined. It even printed out a separate slip. I believe the decline code is 58. So yes, the card can only be used for the listed retailers on the card. Oh well. Not a big deal as I'll be using them at Mad Mex anyway.

                • @neil: No way! 80% of my Red gift card is used at woolworths? lol - I don't want to say it but are you sure you followed the correct steps?

            • @neil: Also neil can I ask with this one >

              BIN: 502125
              Card Brand: MAESTRO
              Issuing Organization: INDUE LTD
              Card Type (DEBIT/CREDIT/CHARGE): DEBIT
              Card SubType: PREPAID
              Issuing Country: AUSTRALIA

              I'm assuming there is a PIN on the back? I'd be interested to know as it says Card Type 'prepaid' if you pressed 'savings' or 'credit' and then entered the pin.

              • @catchpossum: Yes, pin on the back. Pressed savings.

                • @neil: Neil was the one that declined the one that said "issuing country" United States ?

                  BIN: 501218
                  Card Brand: MAESTRO
                  Issuing Organization:
                  Card Type (DEBIT/CREDIT/CHARGE): DEBIT
                  Card SubType:
                  Issuing Country: UNITED STATES

                  The Perfect Gift Cards which are EFTPOS that work everywhere:

                  BIN: 502125
                  Card Brand: MAESTRO
                  Issuing Organization: INDUE LTD
                  Card Type (DEBIT/CREDIT/CHARGE): DEBIT
                  Card SubType: PREPAID
                  Issuing Country: AUSTRALIA

    • +17 votes

      It was already common knowledge among many in 2016(or even earlier).

      • That's nice - common knowledge to who, you? The reason for my post was to inform people / help them out. Not really sure the point of taking the time to make that comment lol

        • It looks like you created this ID to make this post. You are the one taking the time. I have several reasons to believe you know ozbargain well, not newbie.

          • @Neoika: ? I'm not sure what you mean, of course I know Ozbargain well? Everyone in Australia knows Ozbargain lol. I've just never joined or commented because I was always too busy with work now I am off for 2 months and I saw another post on Whirlppol where people were freaking out that they must buy the GOLD XS Westfield Gift Card because it's a superior card, it's not. Sorry just sh$ts me, Westfield make enough money they could give some back to their consumers. I'm curious though who do you think I am ? :)

      • You can charge this card up to $995 with this small activation fee and use it in Aldi, Costco, IKEA or other where AmEx is not acceptable. So when you pay at those places, you are paying as if you are using an AmEx card. The AmEx points earned from $995 is usually worth more than the activation fee.

        For every $995 spent in Aldi, if you pay by VISA, the extra card fee is nearly $5, bigger than the activation fee.

        During the AmEx vogue offers, the statement back offer makes the return even better.

      • Sometimes they could be obtained at a discount to face value. I doubt that will be happening again after this. Add it to the list of things that have been ozbargained (Telstra Google play credit, buying gift cards with wish cards etc.)

  • In fact the cheaper RED Westfield Gift Card is BETTER than then the more expensive XS Westfield Gift Card Gold.

    Why is it better?

    • Because red…so obvious

    • Sounds like a TV infomercial. But wait there is more …

    • I thought writing a long post would post would clear up any confusion. Please read the post again and let me know if you have any questions.

      • I read the whole thing but wasn't clear why red is better. Does the XS not have a BIN and maestro?

        • All Predpaid and most gift cards ( not all ) are linked to Banks, hence the BIN so yes the XS Gold would have a BIN - I've never bought an XS Gold gift card I mean why would I as it's the same as the Red Westfield Gift Card.

          The RED Westfield Gift Card is better because it's cheaper - that's it.

    • Because it goes faster.

  • Not all Maestro cards are equal. I tried to run a customers Italian Maestro card through a NAB terminal recently, and it didn't work - if they had an EFTPOS card it would have worked fine. They'd told me they hadn't had much success using it anywhere here.

    P.S. I don't mean transaction declined, I mean it couldn't even find an account to charge (immediate rejection after swipe)

    • My cousin was visiting from Sweden, her Maestro card worked but there were times similar to your situation - generally it was because the employee was to quick or rough with the swipe, again it could be different for Italian cards but Swedish maestro cards work fine in Australia.

      • I'd agree, card details aren't even sent to the network just after the swipe, so the network wouldnt have rejected it!
        However if the card couldn't be read by the reader, then it would appear to be rejected.

  • Westfield gift cards were created with the intention that they are only to be used at Westfield merchants, it is a product designed for that and agreements put in place between the service providers, card issuer, Westfield's and their merchants. It's their products and they can say where they want the cards to be used.

    However, since there is no effective way for anyone to actually tell whether or not a merchant is a Westfield merchant or not at a transaction based messaging level, you've discovered the loophole that it can technically be used anywhere.

    I'm guessing if anything happened to go wrong with your transaction, they would just pull out the T+Cs and you would get no support from Westfield Gift Cards if you use it at a non approved/authorised merchant.

    If the main issue is you think it is dishonest or misleading for them charge slightly more for the gold one, then perhaps you have a point. But again, I assume there are additional costs/variables for the gold version (even something as simple as having the EFTPOS logo on them maybe), which might be why they charge more?

    • That's why I always use it up in one transaction to avoid any possible trouble later. For example, buy a 7-Eleven (definitely a not participating merchant) giftcard and charge up the fuel APP.

    • Yes that's correct you're paying for very clever advertising, the fact its Gold and it has an EFTPOS logo - that's it

    • +2 votes

      From my understanding of the T&C's, there aren't any approved/authorised merchants. Only participating merchants, ie any retailer with EFTPOS facilities that chooses to accept it.

      "Gift cards may be used to purchase goods or services at participating retailers in Westfield shopping centres in Australia with “EFTPOS” facilities, when the retailer elects to accept the gift card and the gift card has enough unused value to make the purchase. Westfield XS Gift Cards can also be used at certain retailers outside of Westfield shopping centres with “EFTPOS” facilities which elect to accept the gift card. A list of participating stores and centres is available online at westfieldgiftcards.com.au. Some retailers may choose not to accept the gift card."

  • Only issue I can foresee is if you want to return something?

    • I can confirm. Got double charged once, and refund is NOT possible by card.
      Poor merchant had to refund me cash instead.

    • I've returned food at Woolworths, I had my reciept - the lady behind the counter gave me cash as I said it was a 'Gift Card' ( didn't mention Westfield ) and I had thrown it out.