This was posted 3 years 7 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Vornado Air Circulator 660 $149.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Happened to be at the EPPING store today for some tyres and while waiting stomped across this vornado deal which have been posted before but if anyone is out for this then grab yourself a bargain.

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    Is this good?

    $150 for a fan seems pretyt standard if not expensive

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      It's a great for circulating the air. Not a traditional 'blow air against my face' type fan, but more of a 'place in a corner to circulate air for the whole room' type floor fan.

      I have 2 of the older models and love them. Really makes the room feel like there's a constant breeze.

      Great price too with this deal. You'd want this model for a larger type room like a living room as compared to a bedroom.

      Wonder if Harvey Norman and goodguys will price match this considering I don't have a Costco membership anymore.

    • Great product, been using this myself in our home, the idea of "bouncing/dispersing" the air to the wall is good! So you won't catch cold/wind having them on overnight

  • Is this across all stores or store specific, if the latter, what store?

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      Picture taken @epping Costco

    • they are at Docklands (VIC) too

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    This is the regular Costco price.
    Don't buy now a price drop will usually follow their addition to the end of the isle.

    • I'm not familiar with Costco price drops, is this similar to Aldi one's, where, if the item hasn't been sold on a special buy day, it gets put on the clearance/sale rack?

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      Or buy now, keep an eye out for the price drop, and then return to the store for a refund of the difference. I’ve done this on a number of products after noting they’d reduced the price.

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    Still no DC (Energy Smart) models yet? I'm waiting for a deal on one of those!

  • do these use more energy than traditional fans?

  • I had one of the slightly smaller ones but couldn't for the life of me figure out how to open it to clean the blades :(

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      It has some small screws you need to remove to take off the front panel. And then take off the fan blades to clean the back panel. There are a few youtube videos showing you how.

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    This is effectively a dupe from a post in late Sept. This is the regular price at Costco, hasn't budged since the last post.

  • love vornadoes total game changer. worth the investment. they work so well and run pretty silent on low setting

  • Gotta say - any setting other then the lowest one is too loud for me.

    Best to use to blast a room for 10-15mins on mega high (which they do well), then move it down to low.

    Is too loud for me to sleep with though (even on low)

  • I use one of these for indoor cycling - really good!

    • you mean you ride on the fan???? wow…

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        pretty sure he means he cycles indoors to power the fan… nothing else would make sense.

  • I was a little disappointed with this, on the verge of returning. Being largest in the range I was expecting a bit more …oomph.
    Although to be fair, my living areq is larger than normal. Seemed to be much better in the bedroom. Maybe I had my expectations to high.

    • Perhaps you need 2 due to the living area size? Did you follow their spec in terms of room size?

  • I had one last year .Great product.

  • Btw I have a ~$20 metal fan I bought NFI but > 10 years ago pointing to the corner and my blinds on the other side of the room are moving.

  • very much an overpriced piece of motorised plastic. The Rotary switch on the one I have just bought switches from off to highest to mid to lowest speed in this order…Huh???. Really is a non-intuitive set up with the switch hidden in the back also. Furthermore it is too noisy on the two higher levels. I think you should just. buy a cheap box fan

  • Just bought one yesterday. Noticed in lowest settings it made clicking/ticking noise. Is this normal? Defect? Faulty? It become annoyance if it is a feature.

    • I mean clicking ticking noise every 15-30 seconds

      • Oops just saw how old this thread is!

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