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[Refurbished] Kobo Aura H2O 6.8" eReader with Bonus Sleep Cover $184.98 Delivered @ JB Hi-Fi (Online Only)


There are lot of deals for kindle. However, I prefer kobo as you can download epub books . You can also download free epub books from your local library. JB HI-FI has refurbished units with bonus case. Usual price for new one is around $ 250 mark and the case it self is worth $45. Stock level is showing low.

May be of interest to some one.

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  • Bit steep for a refurb.

    Lucky I got my brand new Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2 eReader for $175.96 from Myer in June

  • Yes. Myer still shows it for $180 but no stock.

  • For those with kindle very easy to convert epub to mobi with calibre.

  • A kobo? An elegant weapon for a more civilized age…

  • I was considering the Kobo Clara HD for $159, for ComfortLight Pro, but they've removed the games. At least pocket integration is still available.

  • Blah i cant decide if i should get it. Im currently using the kobo pc app on my tablet. No major problems so far. Would be nice to have a device specifically for reading tho, but tablet has colour and i can also use kindle.

    After a quick search through ozbargain, kobo ereader deals aren't common so it might be a while before another deal comes along (unless kobo deals just arent posted on here). Ugh, i'll sleep on this deal and hope it gets sold out so i can stop thinking about it, and pray a better deal pops up on boxing day

    • Grab a Kobo. Forget the useless sleep cover. Lasts weeks with no recharge. Much lighter. Much easier on the eyes (same way a book is).

      • The new kindle is very light and the book around the screen is tiny so not sure if this is worth more then new kindle

        And paperwhite with backlight is really nice

        • Not only that, new 8th Gen Paperwhite costs about the same is also waterproof with higher resolution. But it's 6" vs the H2O 6.8".

          Also, since this is the first gen of the Aura H2O, it may be a cool front light instead of of the warm comfortlight. But I think the new Kindle front light is also cool white.

          However, if you're buying a previous gen of the Paperwhite (Auspost and Officeworks current have the 7th Gen for $149) I don't see why you shouldn't get the refurb Glo HD instead. On Kindle e-readers you have to pay another $$ to get rid of the ads.

          • @kururii: What ads you talking about? I have bought 3 and dont see any ads

            • @asa79: "Special offers" on the screensaver during sleep mode. It's probably the most non-intrusive type of ad. But since you don't have it I guess it's a US thing?

              • @kururii: You might of got a ads version from amazon us, as the ones i got from good guys no ads in sleep mode

                • @asa79: Yeah, looks like the kindles for the Australian market doesn't get them, even the ones in UK and Europe do.

                  Glad they chose not to bring that here.

                  I also wanted to correct myself that the 2018 Paperwhite is 10th gen and not 8th.

  • Can you put PDFs on this to read?

    • Yes, I find them a little cumbersome at times especially for books with multi-column layouts and diagrams and so on but for novels it works just fine.

  • Looks expensive for a refurb

  • At end of day converting an epub to mobi and vice versa is painless with calibre. Used to do it all the time as had kindle and Sony which was epub. Have since replaced her Sony with the new kindle so much lighter