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Choice of 14 Premium SA Wines - Reds, Whites & Moscato from $89/Doz. + Extra 20% off & Free Shipping @ Tractor Shed


We've got a new 20% off deal with free shipping, so swing away. FOURTEEN wines to choose from from James Halliday 5* producer and small, family vigneron Geoff Hardy.

A choice of FOURTEEN award-winning bin-end and export label wines all from just $89/doz - Plus Get a further 20% Off all wines AND Free Shipping exclusive to OZBARGAIN subscribers.

If you are enjoying these wines, please don't keep it a secret, please tell everyone you know and click the 'Like' Button. As a small, family business, we rely on your word of mouth endorsement. Ignore the major corporates and support Australian family businesses :-)

Red, whites, moscato and dessert wines all available using the OZBARGAIN coupon code.

Choose from 14 wines including a few new releases including:

92pt Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2017
93pt Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2017
91pt Adelaide Hills Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2017
94pt Clare Valley Riesling 2017
92pt SA Winemaker's Reserve Shiraz 2018
92pt SA Red Blend 2018
93pt SA Shiraz 2017
90pt SA Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
94pt Adelaide Hills Shiraz 2016
95pt Dessert Wine 2016

James Halliday 5 Red Stars - Wine Companion 2018
Winestate Australian Winemaker of the Year 2012 & 2018.
Winestate Magazine Wine Company of the Year 2012 & 2014. Top 5, 2016 & 2018
Optus My Business Awards - Australian Exporter of the Year 2017.

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Tractor Shed: by Geoff Hardy
Tractor Shed: by Geoff Hardy

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    You guys should do mixed dozens


      Hi Cyrax. Thanks for the suggestion, it is a perennial one. In short, we are able to offer really sharp pricing on the wines because we don't re-pack. Re-packing requires some manual handling and time which in turn means cost and which translates to either increased prices or reduced margin. As the Tractor Shed is such a small part of what we do, we prefer to use that time and investment in more remunerative parts of the business. Hope you understand. Cheers! RD :-)

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    We like to see prices. Bargains have prices. ® © ™


      Indeed they do, as do these. www.tractorshed.com.au - Cheers! RD


        We come here for bargains. You posted here.


          Indeed, I did post here. And the post takes you there…. www.tractorshed.com.au
          Seems to be plenty of happy buyers clicking through, looking at the orders coming through.
          Happy clicking. RD


            @RD ADL: Your description discloses no prices to your fellow OzBargain Members. Your 'edit' button is between 'view' and 'revisions'.

            Happy clicking. RD

            116 clicks in nearly 6 hours is absolutely woeful.

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              @PJC: A few free sales all the same for no effort - aside from having to engage you that is. Perhaps best to ignore future offers PJC. Am sure that you like me have better things to do. Cheers! RD

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                @RD ADL: Always happy to click through to your great website and enjoy these beautiful wines at bargain basement prices, RD.

                Please keep posting when you have a bargain for us Ozbargainers…… have made a couple of mates aware as well, so there will be more sales on the way…..


                @RD ADL: Did you want to sell stock or count stock?


                  @PJC: hahaha. Good one. That's like something I'd say. :-)

                  I'm off. Wine o'clock.


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                    @RD ADL:

                    Perhaps best to ignore future offers PJC.

                    Offers have prices. 14 offers have 14 prices. I am not in a position to ignore offers that have not been made.


    Was holding out for a deal like this with some of your GH Hand Crafted varieties e.g. Tannat, Montepulciano or Lagrein.

    Any chance for one of these being added to the sale?

    Very keen on the Tannat if you can beat your last price on it :-).


      Hi Opposablethumbs. Ah, you might just have missed them, there were a few up there until a week ago. All the wines up are the ones in this sale this time around. These Tractor Shed wines do have a tendency to come and go quickly as wholesalers or exporters pick them up. Generally best to stock up when you see something you like as it might be the last chance. More true probably of the obscure varieties as they are so small in production, often less than 2,400 bottles. That said, there's always new bottlings coming along and I dare say you'll find a few alternate varieties in the Tractor Shed next year. Happy drinking. Cheers! RD :-)

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