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Huawei Mate 20 Pro Dual Sim 128GB/6GB RAM 6.39" $1419 Delivered (Grey Import) @ Sky Phonez


HUAWEI MATE 20 PRO DUAL SIM 128GB/6GB RAM 6.39"4G UNLOCKED $1419 @Skyphonez
Overseas Model with 12 month warranty.

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    Is there any reason you don’t associate wit cash back programs? Otherwise good price!

  • Please do not tick the Freebie checkbox when it costs money to purchase. Thanks.


    Gee its a nice phone but very hard to justify that price for a grey import non-apple phone


      yee rather get the note note 9 and save 400

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      Even harder to justify it for an apple phone…


    Nice phone but is it cheaper with 20% off on Ebay stores? I haven't done much research yet as my old Huawei Mate 10 is still working perfectly.

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    AU$1302 delivered from aliexpress - blue colour

    this does not include cash rewards 5% (=$65 , so $1237)

    or $1185 from ebay using PYRO10 here but only one left

    or $1252 from ebay using PYRO10 here 14 in stock

    or $1226 from ebay using PYRO10 here 4 in stock

    there is probably cheaper - I didn't look that hard.

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    as long as people pay this kind of money for these types of phones, phone companies will keep charging that much, almost 1,500 bux for a phone, have people gone crazy!?

    a 2-300 dollar phone has about 80%-90% of the features of these phones, and 100% of the basic features, it makes calls, sends messages, browses the web!

    people are so crazy!


      yup - I love my photography but decided to stick with the google pIxel 2 XL - its close enough and cheaper. Rather get a good lens for the price difference

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      you think $1500 is outrages? Tell that to ppl who bought iPhone XSMax…


        I know, tell me about it, they are, to put it nicely, very silly…I did want to use some politically incorrect language and have shown a massive amount of restraint by not calling them anything worse, even though i think it…


    Cheaper elsewhere (see above links)


    Is this so called green screen phone

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    If your phone screen goes green, you have no warranty to replace it.

    DO NOT buy this phone in grey import.

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    This is one of the most expensive prices I've seen for this phone. Definitely not a deal


    How is this good price? Just get it with Optus. https://www.optus.com.au/shop/mobile/phones/huawei/mate20-pr...

    • $1800 over 24 months and it includes a Unlimited call/SMS plan with 4GB data
    • $2016 over 24 months and it includes a Unlimited call/SMS plan with 100GB data

    Android fan here.

    I wouldn't pay that much for an Android device since they drop in value so fast.

    At least Apple devices keep their value and you can get alot of it back on resale.

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    ebay mobileciti have it for $1598 less 10% ebay code (PYRO10) less $100 visa credit = $1338 - australian stock, australian warranty , reputable dealer.


    Allphones was doing for $1279.20 with their 20% off the other day, I question about a misprint they had about the free $100 gift card from mobileciti which we know are the same company, so they took the phone off ebay and have not relist it back on yet. Its a good price for Australian stock. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/163368640906?ul_noapp=true