expired Corelle Dinner Set 16 Piece $35 (Was $59.95) @ Woolworths


CORELLE® dinnerware is the original break and chip resistant glass dinnerware. Functional and versatile, our Winter Frost White collection is a fundamental basic, perfect in its simplicity, and pure in its form. Made using unique Vitrelle 3-layer glass technology for extra strength Chip and break resistant for extra durability Dishwasher for greater convenience Microwave and pre-heated oven safe Set includes;

  • 4 dinner plates
  • 4 bread & butter plates
  • 4 soup/cereal bowls
  • 4 white stoneware mugs

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    Sorry, temporarily unavailable


    Good set for a good price.

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    chip resistant glass dinnerware.

    This is really annoying.

    I have to put Doritos into a different brand of bowl.

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      the bowl will give in; if you insist.


      I feel like this is one of the cases they understate "resistant". A water resistant phone you take if outside on a humid day and is breaks due to water ingress. These plates I've thrown nearly clean across the floor and they've survived. Properly durable things. Also when they DO break they don't shatter into a million bits. Just a few large pieces…from the small few that I've seen break.

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        going to try it in store tomorrow,
        see how many pieces it will break in to!

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        Of the ones I've broken they do shatter into a million bits. Still recommend though.

        Another thing to look at if u can't find this is at IKEA they have something similar for pretty cheap. I haven't had them long enough though to say for sure they are identical in durability.


        Hmm just realised they super cheap? I think I bought them at $1 to try out.
        They only seem to have the 4 items though although I think I had a different plate which maybe isn't stocked anymore


          My corelle ones have also chipped into a million pieces.

          The Ikea ones are so much thinner than the Corelle ones. Also the Ikea ones are smaller than the Corelle ones. I much prefer the Corelle.

          Having said that they are a bargain at less than a 1/4 of the price.. I bought 90 of them (3 x 30 pieces) for my mother in law for parties…30 stacked plates is still only a few CMs high.

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        I find most brands of crockery resist chips/cracks/breaks. The trick is: don't drop them. I'm still using bowls and plates that used to be my nan's. I've had them for close to 30 years.


        What happens if you throw them dirty across the floor?


    What sort of unco do you have to be that this is a selling point? How often do you break a plate? For me maybe once a year if it's a really really bad year.

    I can see this being a selling point back when crockery was expensive, but now it's dirt cheap.

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      How often do you break a plate? For me maybe once a year if it's a really really bad year.

      I guess it's all a matter of perspective ;).




      Have you heard of bone china? If not, not easily breaking was a big selling point. Bone china was very popular, I own some. Probably a bit nicer than the woolworths variety of plate. I encourage you to get down to your local op shop and seek some out.

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    Christmas pressie for mum sorted

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    I've had some Corelle plates that are still going strong after 40 years of continuous use and I wash them in the dishwasher. The reason I like them is because they are very light, as well as being strong. Although not part of this set I would recommend buying the noodle bowls as well.


    We have a few of these sets. They are pretty decent. As already stated when they do break they make a huge mess of sharp shards, but weve only ever broken one plate when it was dropped at height and hit the edge


    I personally like them because food doesn’t stick as easily so washing 2 day old dishes is less of a chore. Also as they are thinner and lighter than traditional ceramic plates, carrying a bundle of them at once is easier (also means the teenager is less likely to brutally drop the pile of plates into the cupboard).


    Lightest plates i have so far used. Live them.

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    Is this in store only?


    Bought two, I believe there are two more sets available at Woolies Carlton VIC.


    Bought 1, 1 more avb at Woolies Parramatta Westfield.

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