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Nikon D3500 DSLR with18-55mm VR Lens $479.20 / D5600 with 18-55mm VR Lens $719.20 (+ $100 Cash Back) @ JB Hi-Fi


JB has 20% off Nikon cameras (a few exclusions). Full list here

The D3500 is the latest entry level release DSLR from Nikon, even cheaper than the Black Friday deal from Amazon.

D5600 link - eligible for $100 cash back ($619.20 after cash back).

Additional 5% off from this deal.

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    Save your money i would say.

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      Yes, you said the same in the last post for the D3500. And here you are again. You suggested the Fuji X-T20, which is more than double the price of the D3500 for just the body. Obviously this is an entry level camera targeted at a specific end of the market. Perhaps people have set budgets, and casually doubling that budget isn’t on the cards. The 3000 series is widely regarded as having a very good sensor with very good image quality. I’m yet to find a review of the D3400/D3500 that has anything particularly negative to say about it.

      Spending more money on gear isn’t going to make you a better photographer. And if you insist that it’s better to outlay more money from the beginning, invest that extra money into decent glass.


        Not the dumbest thing to reconsider purchasing a DSLR in 2019. Some reasonably priced entry level mirrorless options around.

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          Good, reasonably priced mirrorless cameras have been around for about 5 years now. DSLR isnt going anywhere anytime soon.

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            @aja12: DSLR is a big name. Companies are selling crappy poor technologies into "DSLR" bodies to attract newbies. But the reality is this the real DSLRs are full frame format sensor but they are more heavier and a pain in the back to carry around. The best option IMHO is fujifilm x series or Sony Alpha series (mirrorless)


            @aja12: It's just going to be harder to justify buying a DSLR if the real innovations are in mirrorless. A person looking into buying a beginner camera may not be too concerned at this stage but its very easy to be lured in and end up spending large amounts of money into the lens system. Once you've invested so much into a brand its going to be costly to switch.


          If you’re in the market for a camera now. Maybe waiting a month isn’t a great option.

          But working out value for your money & what is the best option under $500 for right now is

          What else is competitive/ good value for a potential buyer looking to spend under $500?

          Considering the current 5% discount coupon. With the possible option of 5% off gift cards too. Bringing the potential price down to around $430

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            @stickymoo: Save money and regret later, spend more and get something that you can also carry to your overseas trip. I got a d5100 and d750 which I hate to carry around for casual photos so i bought a fuji.

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        Because. Not everything in a "DSLR Body" works great. This is a APS-C sensor in a smaller body even smaller then my full frame Nikon D750. So why I think these entry level bodies are bad for new photographers because the bodies are heavy and ugly and people tend to leave them home because they are chuncky and don't motivate beginner photographers enough. You want something small and easy to carry.

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        Same goes for phones. Spending more doesn't make your voice sound like Morgan Freeman but people still buy new phones. Its about the satisfaction. The more satisfied you are the more you will have interest in it and use it.


    Good deal. I picked up a 200D recently but had this been available at this price for D3500 I might’ve saved the $100. The thing which drew me to canon was the wifi and fully articulating screen though which have both proven to be essential for me getting photos off the camera to my iPhone easily as well as getting some great shots where I wouldn’t have been able to use a fixed screen or viewfinder.


    no point buying entry level dslr these days.

    if you are looking to get serious about photography, and are budget conscious, you are better off with Canon. quality lenses are cheaper on the Canon side of the fence, not to mention that Canon has wider selection, easier to find a bargain.

    if I were to buy a DSLR right now, I would go for a used full frame body, though. it is not hard to find 6d on eBay for under $800. 5d mark ii or mark iii is also a great option. heck, if you seriously want to learn photography and want to enjoy the results, you are better off buying an old professional camera like 5d mark i (classic). don't be scared off by 12.8 megapixel, it is still a professional camera, and photos are amazing!

    but if you are looking for a consumer level experience, don't want to spend a lot of money, don't plan to buy lots of lenses, I would say go with mirrorless! they are light and easy handling, something like Fujifilm X-T100 or X-T20. pictures are great and punchy, and cameras are small and light.

    entry level DSLR will only weigh you down, and pictures will always slightly suck :)

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      Pictures will not suck with these two Nikon cameras

      Or if they do. It won’t be the cameras fault


        seriously! if it didn't suck, there would be no reason to upgrade ;) I had a recent entry level dslr and 13 years old professional full frame side by side, and guess what :D images on entry level dslr suck for a reason! it's supposed to be entry level.

        so, ask yourself, why is the out of camera image worse from a recent high tech dslr, with modern sensor and processor? beaten hands down by a 13 years old camera with 5 generations old procesor. probably because they don't want you to get excited for $500 :)


          Image Quality is largly down to the lenses used rather than the camera bodies themselves.

          For example, the 18-55mm kit lens used on these 2 cameras are about $150 if you buy them separately but the equivalent Nikon professional 24-70mm zoom lens is about $3,500.

          And that is where the Quality Difference lies. If I put that $3.5K lens on a D3500, I doubt you can tell the Image Quality difference between it and another higher-end camera body.

          That being said, I am now spoilt on higher-end camera bodies. If you put me on anything more lower-end than a D750, the ergonomics and performance will drive me crazy.

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          Image quality is great with this sensor. You're definitely not going to be held back in this regard.

      • -3 votes

        Lol. I got these kit lenses man. Crap isn't the best negative word to describe the quality.

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