expired Double Velocity Status Credit via Flybuys


Just saw this in my Flybuys Offers… Not sure if targeted https://www.flystaypoints.com.au/flybuys-double-status-credi...

Similar to previous years…



Earn double Status Credits in December when you shop at Coles, Coles Online, First Choice Liquor and Liquorland!*

Terms and Conditions

*Double Status Credits
*Velocity Frequent Flyer members must link their Velocity membership to their flybuys household to earn Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits. Only one Velocity membership can be linked to a flybuys household at any one time. For the promotional period Sat 1 Dec to Mon 31 Dec 2018 the earn rate for Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits will be 2 Status Credits for every $100 (including GST) spent in total across Coles, Coles Online, Liquorland and First Choice Liquor. No fractions of Status Credits will be allocated, only whole Status Credits. The Velocity Frequent Flyer member linked to the flybuys household (as at the end of the calendar month) will be awarded the Status Credits. During the promotional period, the nominated linked Velocity member may earn up to a maximum of 20 Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits. Spend excludes tobacco and tobacco related products, charity donations and gift card purchases. Please allow up to 2 weeks after the end of each calendar month for your Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits to be credited. Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits will not appear on your flybuys statement, see your Velocity account for your Status Credit balance. Velocity members also need to fly on Virgin Australia marketed flights to earn Eligible Sectors in addition to Status Credits to upgrade or maintain a new level of membership. Find out more about the Status Credit and Eligible Sector requirements for Velocity membership levels at velocityfrequentflyer.com/status.

Velocity membership Terms and Conditions apply 10041500

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    Thanks OP.

    Want to know if I link the Flybuys to Velocity, will I still get flybuys points when shopping in Coles?


    What's the maximum 20 status credits get you…?
    I once had two status credits that have since expired.

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      Absolutely nothing….you need 250 to get to silver which still gets you very little. 500 to get to gold which will get you in the lounges. They expire after 12 months. It's not a bad way of topping up your status credits (if you use it over the course of the year) to maintain status but the cost per point is also quite high. Without the promo you'd be spending $1000 for 10 status credits, you'd earn more on a cheap flight. Even with the promo it's not great value.

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        Its rare for a frequent flyer program to award status credits at all for anything other than flights. So in that context it's great value that you can get up to 120 a year for doing the family grocery/liquor shopping with coles.

        Obviously in terms of overall tier points required to earn/maintain status of course it doesnt make up a significant portion, but nor should it.


    Its sad watching all my status points expire.

    Gone from just short of platinum, around 900 points, to 50. No longer fly for work. :(