expired [QLD] Bananas $0.39 kg, Brown Onions $0.39 kg, Mangoes $0.39 Each, Watermelon $1 Each @ Northside Discount Fruit Barn (Rothwell)


Crazy prices today at Northside Discount Fruit Barn [Rothwell]

Cavendish Bananas $0.39 kg,
Brown Onions $0.39 kg,
Super Sweet Calypso Mangoes $0.39 each,
Whoole seedless Watermelons $1 each
Tray of R2E2* Mangoes $10

*R2E2 is a mid-season variety with large, highly coloured fruit. It was selected in 1982 by Ian Bally, Ross Wright and Peter Beal as a seedling progeny of the Florida variety Kent, and takes its name from the row and position in the field of the original tree at the department´s Bowen Research Facility.

Released for commercial production in 1991, R2E2 has gained wide acceptance throughout all mango-growing regions in Australia and is the third most popular variety grown. R2E2 has a long shelf life and is sought after on the export market.

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