out of stock [Switch] Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! + Pokeball Plus Bundle $99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Price-matched from BIG W

Pikachu Bundle appears to be out of stock from Amazon AU

  • Catch Pokémon
  • Lights, sounds, action!
  • Take your Pokémon wherever you go

Don't forget Cashback.

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  • +16 votes

    Support Big W only because they went first.

  • +5 votes

    Amazon have been impressive with all of these price matching within hours.

    • +3 votes

      Yep. Price matches and razor thin margins are how they've annihilated small businesses all around the world and reached global dominance. I'm not pretending I didn't order tons from them myself this year though.


        To be fair, that's what the big department stores have done as well. It's just that amazon is doing that to them now.

      • -1 vote

        No one is honest with their prices. No one is in business to make "just" enough money. No business tells consumers how much they make on said item, vs their mark up. So as a consumer, we go for the cheapest. It's not OzHelpBusinessGrow!

        • +6 votes

          They don't operate on thin margins to compete long-term. They're trying to knock out the competition so that they can rip us off in the future. Retail monopolies generally aren't good for consumers.


            @Scrooge McDuck: Yep, that's true. But, I won't hesitate to take advantage when they do have a bargain.


              @RocketSwitch: What he is telling you is when most of the competitors are gone there won't be bargains anymore. For the same price and if locations and stocks are available I won't hesitate to support the stores that first bring on the good prices.


                @wtfnodeal: I tried to support Target for Fire Emblem and they screwed me. So, I tried.


                  @RocketSwitch: I can understand that and that's why even the same prices Amazon tends to get more online sales because of its stocks count and price accuracy is much better than other stores like Big W, DJ, HN and Myer. Target online isn't that bad but nowhere near as good as Amazon.

  • +5 votes

    If anyone's after an opinion on the Pokeball as a controller.

    It's fun for about an hour. It had really unique features like vibrating, making the pokemon noises and lights up to match the game. But it gets awkward holding the ball one handed after a while and I ended up using two hands because it felt comfortable.

    If you also Play Pokemon GO and want to use it for those features than there's more incentive. But as a controller, for me it was more of a novelty.

    • +2 votes

      Agreed. I think it's quite gimmicky and the novelty wore off quickly, so I switched back to using the joy cons. I think it's only really worth if you play Pokemon Go and if you desperately want to get Mew.

    • +1 vote

      I don’t mind it as much, though I noticed the middle controller is kinda hard to press and because it’s round it keeps sliding that I end up pressing right when I wanna press up etc, but it’s the strap that annoyed me so much I ended up removing it.

      • +1 vote

        Grr! Yes, I forgot about this problem. You lose which way you're supposed to be holding the ball and start veering in weird directions. Haha.

        It is fun overall though. Definitely a must have if you're a nerdy pokefan. It's the closest we'll get to being real trainers :(

    • +6 votes

      I concur.

      Been using it for 2 weeks now.

      - Get Mew
      - Pretty lights, every Pokemon you catch, has their primary colour lighten up
      - Controller, nice feeling when "throwing" it
      - Nice rumble features
      - Great audio feedback of Pikachu and other Pokemon
      - Pokemon GO connectivity
      - Take Pokemon for a stroll, get heaps of candies and EXP
      - Can interact with Pokemon when on a stroll

      - Hard to take the panel off the back to charge
      - As a controller, it's nowhere near as comfortable as the joy-con, can be annoying
      - Sometimes hard to sync GO with it
      - Sometimes there's connection issues
      - Mew's nature is set, you cannot change it, sad

      Verdict: BUY! It's great.


      Could you review the game please? Not sure I want to replay RBY. How is the interactivity with other players? Can you trade and battle online?

      • +1 vote

        I think you will love it.

        • No more HMS
        • Pokemon in full HD
        • No more Pokemon box, you have access to your entire Pokemon on the GO!
        • No more random battles, you SEE the Pokemon now, such a godsend of a feature
        • You can ride and walk with every Pokemon
        • Don't need to fight the Pokemon anymore to catch
        • Great post game content, master trainers, vs gym leaders again daily
        • Hyper training to max IV Pokemon
        • Set the nature, so you can get Mewtwo and all the legendary birds with a great stat boosting nature
        • Pokemon GO transfer for your shiny, AND setting the right nature

        In terms of online, it's limited. The secret is to use 3 Pikachu icons to start a random battle or to trade. You can battle online like this and it's great. However, trading is a bit of a miss. No communication, so you can only see the Pokemon they're sending you. Most of the time, the trade is cancelled. Best with friends.

        My only issue is co-op was an after thought. Second player won't be able to do ANYTHING other than help you in battle. You can't enter doors, pick up items, manage Pokemon or anything. Makes the experience mediocre, but essential for stat boosting catches (which can be done with using two hands anyway).

          • Don't need to fight the Pokemon anymore to catch

          That seems strange to me. No more stomping wild mons for XP nor intense battles with legendaries.

          • +1 vote

            @Scrooge McDuck: Every time you catch Pokemon you get varying levels of XP depending on a number of factors such as first time catch, weight of Pokemon, combos etc. However, the intense battles with legendaries are still there. You have to defeat AND then you can catch them.


              @RocketSwitch: Oh that's how I would've designed it! Is that just for legendaries?

              I like to think that when I crush a mon to 5 HP, poison and paralyse it, that I've earnt its allegiance.

              How is the XP from battling? Do you pretty much catch everything you encounter now? Is there unlimited bag space?

              • +1 vote

                @Scrooge McDuck: Only for legendaries and Snorlax when you wake him up.

                You get XP from battles, and it's shared among all Pokemon in your team.

                Catching is rewarding, the more you catch, the better (catch 100 of X Pokemon and they become easier to catch, used for chaining combos and Chansey XP farming). You get berries, higher chance of shiny Pokemon and ongoing combo streak gives more XP.

                You can have 1,000 Pokemon in the bag space.

                In terms of items, probably max of each item is 99.


      Personally I like it other than you can’t mute the controller when playing “Lets Go”, however you can with the mobile “Go”, and I find I quickly rotate the controller so the orientation is off and I need to readjust. The readjustments not a biggie given there’s no need for precision anyway in this title so if it’s a bit off centre you can pretty easily accomodate for that on the fly.


    Price matched at JB with my $10 coupon

    Thanks OP

    EDIT: actually price matched BigW but same result