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Vodafone SIM Only Plan $40/Month | 50GB Data | 12 Month Contract | Unlimited Calls in Aus |


Vodafone released new plans:
$40 for 50GB ($5 off, normally $45)
$60 for 80GB + 20,000 Qantas Points
$80 for 100GB + 40,000 Qantas Points

All includes unlimited calls in Australia and 1000 minutes International calls, plus unlimited text. Data is unlimited but throttles down to 1.5Mbps after included data exceeded.

Note bonus data and additional plan discounts ends after 12 months and plan reverts to base plan. Hopefully by then better plans are available to upgrade to.

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  • 100% shop back? what does that mean

    • get 1 months bill back. Example $30 p/m, get a one time $30 cashback

  • not better than Black Friday deal, the first month free + cashback

  • +1

    Data is NOT unlimited on the $40 plan, it’s $10/Gb overage.

  • Vodafone rep confirmed it's only for the new contracts. Upgrades are not eligible.

    • Just done upgrade online. $40/50G looks like no problem.

  • Vodafone's coverage is awful, in fact it's disgusting.

    • I find it's better than Telstra's. Sydney, city. Plus Voda has visual voicemail which I think is AMAZING.

  • I signed up for the previous plan ($45 down to $40 + 10% discount) mid November which has all the inclusions except only 40GB instead of 50GB. I started a chat on Messenger with Vodafone yesterday and confirmed they will add on the extra 10GB/month to my account at no cost.

    • in the same boat but my chat rep wouldn't offer me the 10gb extra, escalated and he said manager will call me, let's see i guess

      • no dice, the manager wasn't willing to offer the 10gb more, can cray please share if it was difficult for you or should i try another random chat rep later? Thank you

        • THU 12:42 AM
          Hi Vodafone, I am a business customer and I recently renewed my 12 months sim only plan to a new plan. I saw a new plan being offered at the moment where you can get 50gb for $40/month and I would like to change to that plan. Can someone please confirm that I can do this? Phone number is <deleted> and I can be reached on my mobile between 9 and 5. Cheers

          Thanks for your message, but we’ve gone home for the night. Our call team’s available 24/7 on 1300 650 410 or, if you're overseas, you can reach us on +61426 320 000.

          THU 10:51 AM
          Hi can someone advise please?

          Thanks for your message. If you haven't already, let us know what we can give you a hand with and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
          Hi <deleted>,

          You had contacted us out of hours earlier, so we didn't see your message until now. We're here now though, so let's check out what we can do to get you the 50GB.

          To keep your information secure, please verify your account info here: http://www.vodafone.com.au/facebook

          Please let us know once you have, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


          We're in, thanks.

          We can definitely get you on to that 50GB data offer and you don't need to do anything! We'll send the details to our offer guys now and they'll have it sorted by the time you start your weekend

          That's amazing thank you so much!

          • +1

            @cray: thanks a lot cray, i went on twitter and it ended up being as easy as your process. no idea why their online chat/call back manager made it so much harder. Really unpleasant to be honest…

  • Is cashback on EACH month of sim-only, or only 1st month, eg 65% off $40 = approx. $18 every month for 50GB data on a 12 month contract, or only for 1st month?

    • +1

      Read the T&C man. Cashback paid is on the percentage of the first months’ rate plan value for postpaid plans

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