expired [NSW] Free Schnitzel and Chips from 12.30pm-2.30pm Today (7/12) For First 500 People @ Schnitz (Top Ryde)


Free schnitzel and chips.

First 500 only.

12.30 to 2.30pm Friday 7 December.

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    That's awesome! What's the catch though?

    They are giving away 500 free schnitzel and chips and will make no money off them!

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    The pricjng was just ment as sort of a guide, obv the chicken still needs crumbing ect but if they have 73 stores i doubt they do that instore. With that much volume they prob pay 6-8 a kg for breasts.. as for that side of things, you cant make an omlette without breaking eggs. The idea is they get afew newbies in.

    As to volume, we do heaps of meals at work, yet we still butterfly 12kg chicken every day just for snitzels/parmys… Id hate to think how much they use…


      Id hate to think how much they use…

      Worldwide over 50billion chickens are killed for their flesh per year, the majority of which is, like that in this deal, completely unessential.


        completely unessential.

        Most things in life aren't necessary, we need schnitzeled chicken as much as we need chocolate, or the desire to drive nice cars etc.

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          Driving cars and eating chocolate don't involve the necessary torment and killing of another sentient being.



            necessary torment

            Hmm, do you mean unnecessary? Anyway, what's different from a roast than a schnitzel? And it's not even "tormenting" - they aren't still alive when they are schnitzeled.

            I could go on about how the chicken will be killed anyway because someone wants chicken and also will but I won't.


            @thevofa: That's assuming all chickens are tortured before being killed, which isn't exactly correct.

            Humans aren't going to magically stop liking the taste of chicken any time soon, so as long as they have a somewhat decent and cruelty-free life, I don't see a problem.


        Was that really nessacary? If you dont like the deal for chicken go post a celery one. :/ Not saying you cant have an opinion but no need to push that sorta thing…

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    How do you know if someone's a vegan?

    They'll tell you.

    Hint @thevofa: your approach is not thoughtful but overly assertive. If you respected other people without grouping into extremes - i.e., all or nothing clarifications - you'll be more effective at promoting thoughtful consideration, rather than gun slinging.

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      Thanks for the advice. Please tell me exactly how I should approach you to get you to have thoughtful consideration and I'll do just that.


        Think about religious people as a comparison: I immediately shutoff from people jamming their convictions on me.

        On the other hand, if people demonstrate their world view(s) through respectful living and considered dialogue, I'm all ears to "learning"

        Remember that convictions are highly individual; laws are universal (although dynamic) which we all "must" follow, while convictions are… individual and represent an opt-in.

        Getting deep. Coffee time.

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    Surprised it only took me 5 minutes to order and receive!
    What it looks like

    I have a feeling I just met heaps of Ozbargainers lol