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[XB1, PS4] FIFA 18 - $18.00 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU


First time posting deal on OZB. Apologies if anything missed or mistyped.

Fifa 18 Xbox one or PS4 for $18.00 @ Amazon.com.au.

dont forget 5% cashback via shopback.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Just FYI; It's been much cheaper in the past due to clearing stock for Fifa 19.


      Also, thanks for posting as it's likely cheapest right now.

      I'm unsure of what's happening with FIFA 18 if you were playing it online as FIFA 19 has been released for a couple of months, so buyer beware.

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    Doesn't seem like that much of a deal when FIFA 19 has been $35.

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    It was 10$ even before Fifa19 launch.

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      Is it available cheaper elsewhere now? If not, revoke your neg.

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      Comparison site lists $14.99 as cheapest price this year. In Aug and in Sep.

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      No it isn’t. Nobody I know has FIFA 19, however several of my friends have 18 and can therefore play them online. Not ‘worthless’ at all. Ridiculous comment.

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        Well if that’s the case let’s post a deal for FIFA 17 its cheaper on eBay (~$11) and I’m sure you have friends that have this version you can play online with.

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          Continuing with this logic you should get a $2 preowned copy of FIFA 09 from EB lol

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      Please post a link to where it is available cheaper right now.