expired [SA] Unleaded 91 Petrol - $0.799 per Litre @ X Convenience, Torrens Rd, Croydon Park


In the same vein as https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/423216

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Note: lineup on Torrens Road was about a dozen cars at 1645

Editorial: Not that I'm paying attention nationwide, but I figure the cheaper fuel prices seen in general here are a little concession buy the big fuel companies to placate somewhat the increasingly PO'd population as seen in the boycott effort a couple of weeks ago. I assume they'll lean on short memories and resume normal rorting sooner rather than later.

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    Mobil X Convenience? According to Petrol Spy, it is 107.9 per litre, with price submitted only 5 minutes ago?


    Yeah - that one. It was 79c when I drove past at 1645 with a burgeoning lineup to boot.

    It wasnt 79c when I drove past at 1555.

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      you know what i did? i drove past to fill the 2nd car after i filled the first on grange road (they jacked up the price there).

      it wasn't 79c yet. so i went to fill up elsewhere anyway. then when i drove back, it was 79c on torrens road.

      CAN YOU IMAGINE MY ANGER???!?!?!! (&#@$^&(@&^#(*@#

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    Filled up at 111c this morning and a Shell servo a couple of hundred metres away was 149c. And there were two people (I assume very stupid people) filling up in there.


    Wow, selling at cost price!

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    I remember the days when 80c was expensive. I feel old. :(


    went past at around 18:00 and was not 0.79c.


    Lol @ petrol companies giving two rats ring bits about an ill-conceived boycott.


      This is how government & their cronies are handled in other civilised countries.


      "The protests began in mid-November over an almost banal grievance: Macron’s decision to raise the tax on fuel in order to finance renewable-energy proposals. The tax would increase the price of diesel by 30¢ per gallon and regular gasoline by 17¢ per gallon, after a year in which prices have already risen by 16%. The tax is especially resented in small-town and rural areas, where more people depend on their cars and jobs are not as plentiful or well paid as in the capital."

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