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Win 1 of 100,020 Prizes (Gift Cards/PlayStation 4/Cheesecake Discounts) from The Cheesecake Shop



Closing Date 20/12/2018
Draw Date 24/12/2018


Description As outlined.
No. of Prizes 100020
Total Prize Pool $558,987.50

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a


Fill out the form.

There will be a max of 100,020 entries accepted, ie, every entrant wins a prize.


1st-5th $500 Barbeques Galore gift card $500
6th-10th $500 Flight Centre gift card $500
10th-20th PlayStation 4 $400
21st-45th $250 Kmart gift card $250
46th-70th $250 Bunnings Warehouse gift card $250
71st-270th $50 The Cheesecake Shop gift card $50
271st-520th Full-sized Pavlova Dressed from The Cheesecake Shop $29.95
521st-5,020th $10 off voucher next full-sized cake purchase at The Cheesecake Shop $10
5,021th-100,200th $5 off voucher next full-sized cake purchase at The Cheesecake Shop $5

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  • +3

    Cool, so the first 100,200 entrants get a prize, get in quick then :)

  • -3

    Little Sceptical of this every entry wins a prize bit, not sure how op got that, but I like cheesecake so I am in.

    • +5

      T&Cs: ”Promotion is limited to the first one hundred thousand and twenty (100,020) eligible entrants. Any additional entrants will be excluded and the promotion will end when this limit has been reached.”

      • Oh! Terms and Conditions… I don't read those. At least where I can be sure aussies can enter.

  • +2

    About a 1/20 chance of winning something that isn't a Cheesecake discount voucher.

    Or 1/150 chance of winning something worthwhile ($250 Bunnings gift card or better).

    • Yeah this is smart play. Around 95,000 of these prizes they already give anyway when you subscribe to their newsletter (which you have to do).

      A 0.07% chance of winning something that isn't from the Cheesecake shop. Smart indeed.

      • Ahhh smart indeed~ It is pretty much a free cheesecake voucher on sign up. (And seriously, what are the odds they'll hit 100,200…?)

        Since the prizes are drawn in descending order anyway, May as well consider this a 'Win 1 of 70 $250+ Gift Cards / PS4's'.

  • +2

    Didn't realise it wasn't an instant win.
    Who do you reckon will get the lucky job of pressing 'next' 100,020 times on Christmas Eve?

    • It is? It doesn't seem to indicate that when the form loads.

  • +1

    Thanks gnv9 :)

  • +1

    Cool, thanks!

  • +2

    Thanks so much 😁

  • +1

    Thanks, entered. Good luck everyone!!

  • entered thanks

  • Pity the prizes come after Christmas.

  • 3x $5 off. Fail!

  • Looks like they're starting to release the prizes~

    $5 voucher.

    • Are they coming via email?

      • Yep via email…

        Hold on…just got a $10 voucher as a 'Christmas gift'

        Same email o.o

  • I "won" a $5 voucher.

  • $5 Voucher here

  • Got $5 voucher also

  • $5 voucher as well

  • $5 here

  • $5 as well

  • +1

    $10 voucher. Thanks!

  • +15

    I scored a $250 K-mart voucher. Thanks @gnv9

    • Did you hear from them yet? I got a voucher too but have not heard back.

  • +9

    $50 cheesecake voucher here thanks

  • $5 voucher as well.

  • +9

    I got a $50 voucher! wow! :D

  • +1

    Thanks gnv9! :) $10 voucher here, I don't think I'll be using this before it expires, not certain if it's linked to my email but if anyone wants it PM me

  • +1

    $5 voucher here thank you! :)

  • Anyone else still waiting on an email then?

    • Nevermind came through. $10 off!

  • Would this be the email with the subject Merry Christmas from the cheesecake shop?
    If so I got a $5 voucher.

    • If so the code in the voucher is not unique…?

  • +2

    Got three emails with a $5 voucher, two of which had the same code. I won't be using it so I might as well share what it is!

    I wonder if all the $5 ones were the same.

    The first email I got was a welcome email and the other two were the Christmas ones with that code above.

    • Yep can confirm my code was the same. Pretty sure it's generic.

  • So the welcome to the family $5 voucher isn't the comp email then

    • +1

      No looks to be the "merry Christmas from the cheesecake shop" emails.

      Well I got $10 off a full size cake through that one. Still blah lol

  • The $5 and $10 codes are generic.

  • +13

    Just found my email…. $500 BBQ's Galore Gift Card AWESOME!!

  • +2

    Got a $5 voucher as well

  • +2

    $10 voucher here too. Thanks OP :)

  • +2

    $10 voucher. Thanks OP

  • +1

    $5 voucher won as well :)

  • +2

    $5 voucher here too, thanks gnv, was a very handy prize for Christmas time.

    Happy 2019 :)

  • Thanks for the $5 voucher.

    But if I read the Comp rules correctly, there was 312 entrants and over 100,000 prizes.

    Therefore everyone that entered should have won at least at $29.95 pavlova or higher?

    Someone care to explain how this did not happen?

    • +1

      312 entrants from OzBargain. There would have been plenty of entrants outside of OzBargain.

      • +4

        And that is just the 312 who manually marked themselves as entered here. There was nearly 5000 clicks though to the comp from this post.

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