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Pixel 3 $699, Pixel 3 XL 64GB $849 ($500 off) on Telstra $55/Month (24 Months) 80GB Data & Unlim Talk/Txt @ JB Hi-Fi (Port-in)


Was in JB HiFi earlier and noticed they a deal on $10pm off on the $65 plan making it $55pm.

What you get:
Unlimited calls and text
$500 instant cash back on the Pixel 3 and 3 XL

Other deals:

$700 instant cash back on the Samsung S9, S9+ and Note 9. They also were giving $200 JB Gift card.

Ends 9/12/2018

Google Pixel 3 64GB Total Cost $2019 (24 months)
Google Pixel 3 XL 64GB Total Cost $2169 (24 months)

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    Right, so just some quick clarifications as the wording for this post can be easy to misinterpret.

    The $65 p/m plan is currently available with an extra $10 p/m credit (effectively making it $55 p/m) until TOMORROW (09/12/18).

    There is no special deal on the Pixel like this post is implying. It's just like any other port in where you receive a $500 phone credit towards any outright phone purchase from JB.

    RE: the Samsungs, OP stated:

    "$700 instant cash back on the Samsung S9, S9+ and Note 9. They also were giving $200 JB Gift card."

    That can easily be read by some to mean $900 off (ie. $700 'cash back' + $200 gift card), however, the only thing special going on with those Samsungs is that you get an additional $200 gift card if you buy it (has no link to porting it or anything. So you could just walk in-store and buy an S9 and then receive a $200 gc once you buy it. Obviously, the real value here is to take advantage of this by porting to Telstra on either the $45 or $65 (55 until tomorrow) plans and receive an ADDITIONAL $200/$500 giftcard/phone credit from porting in.)

    I hope that clarifies a few things.

    TL;DR there's no special on the Pixels making it $699/849, it's just the usual offer going on from JB for porting to Telstra. I'm fairly certain there was already another OZB post covering the $10 p/m credit on the $65 plan so no need to reiterate.

    • that $500 credit.. you mention any outright purchase, I just checked the website and it said "eligible handset"

      Looking at an iPhone Xr or 8 Plus for the Mrs. Are these covered?


        Eligible handset = any phone above $500

        My bad, should've specified when I said any outright purchase

        So yeah, the XR and 8+ will be covered with no drama.

    • So. at the end of the day it is going to cost $55 x 24 + $850 = $2170 over 24 months to get the Pixel 3 XL 64GB. That is $90.5 per month.
      Optus gives $69 (Plan) + $15 (phone) = $84 per month for a smilar plan. So.. where is the deal?

  • does this mean you can get the google pixel XL for $55/month or $55/month + phone cost? Title is confusing

    • Have to buy the phone too but get $500 off I think, deal wasn't as good as the pixel 2 deal last December

      • ah yeah not as good, if it was pixel XL for $55/month id be hopping on that right away

        • Well, that would cost less than the phone itself if you bought it outright and it comes with 80GB per month and unlimited talk/text.

          You must be dreaming.

  • I don't understand, please update ye post

  • If you are with Telstra, are these deals possible?

  • I think this is for a plan only that you can add to the phone when purchased outright.

  • Ends today? What JB is still open tonight. Surely this is expired?

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    Pretty sure it's $55/month + $849 for Pixel 3 XL ($500 off sticker price)

    • What's the deal? Ends up being $90/month … pretty sure optus and vodafone have plans for pixel 3 xl at this price point.

    • Yup thats pretty much it - I asked the guy instore a few days ago and he confirmed thats what it is

  • Such a confusing post

  • Better off taking the Huawei P20 Pro for free on the $55/m, selling it on GumTree for $700-850 (depending on how quick you want to move it) and then buy the Pixel/whatever phone you want outright

    • Only issue is you need to port to Telstra. Anyway, haven't both deals expired since they are in store offers only?

      • It seems to expire tomorrow, but if it does expire today, WA people still can access it

  • Pixel 3 $1320 + $699 = $80pm x 34m

    Pixel 3 xl $1320 + $849 = $90pm x 24m

    • Thank you! Real total minimum costs right here

      • I can’t go back & edit but obviously it’s meant to be 24m for the pixels 3

        Pixel 3 $1320 + $699 = $80pm x 24m

        Pixel 3 xl $1320 + $849 = $90pm x 24m

        Are these 64gb or 128gb models?

    • TRS would bring 3XL down to around $85/m. Might be useful for some but still not a deal for me. Better get P20 Pro and sell it then buy 3XL from somewhere. Might get $200-$300 or more out of it. Waiting for F&F deal for 3XL next year :D I only need a few GBs per month.

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    Paying for phone outright and high monthly mobile plan doesnt sound like a deal

    • $2169 for the Pixel 3 XL. Yeah no deal!

      Or is it $849 and you enjoy that plan for free for 24 months? Most confusing title I've seen in a long time. I'm out.

      • Or is it $849 and you enjoy that plan for free for 24 months?

        Definitely not for free.

    • Agreed, works out to a minimum of $80 a month, also paying minimum $699 upfront as well no thanks

  • How do I remove an upvote?

  • if you work out the price even if you sell the phone. It works out to be a horrible deal.

  • All these plans with loads of data when I only need a 5GB $20/m plan just doesn't add up. Better to buy the phone outright when price is right :p

  • Not an amazing deal. Great camera but 4gb ram …I have pixel 2 xl and the 4gb is noticeable when I use my brother's OnePlus 5t

  • Hardly cheap. You must pay upfront for the phone and then an ongoing monthly cost for the phone + calls/data/text

    Though 80gb of data is impressive!

    • Would happily jump on this if it was say 200gig for $100 a month and the phone included. Will be interesting to see what deals come out over the next 12 months as 5g gets closer.

      • Since 80GB for $55 is equivalent to $0.69 per GB, I would happily jump on it if I could have a 5GB per month plan for $3.45 pm.

        As it is, I'll be letting 75GB that I paid for go to waste every month.

  • Where are the Telstra family and friends deals??

  • Deal ends tomorrow, so maybe more Pixel deals next week??? :D

  • Pretty happy with Huawei P20 Pro for $55/ month outright

  • If this is such a bad deal, why so many upvotes?

    Asking for a friend…

  • Nothing against JB Hi-Fi or the op… current issues on Telstra network in Melbourne , link here

    Avoid if your going to use this network in the CBD

    • Glad I just saw this, thought it was my phone playing up… Yeah it's been a real pain in Melbourne CBD the past few days

  • who wants to be stuck with the same phone for 2 years? not me.

    SD855 and 5G is not far away.

    • That's the problem with Google's release schedules. When their new phone comes out, its specs are about to become superceded while it still continues to sell for the price of the incoming phones that are a gen ahead.

      • I think that's the case for most flagship phones, except for Apple. Theirs seems to have already been superseded a while back.

        • Samsung releases in Q1 every year. There are others who go early also. Google takes a while, and it's the same specs but higher price because earlier releases have been on promo by then.

          Apple's devices don't really compete because there's not going to be another iPhone that goes up against it for 12 months. They can release any point in the year. Not that many iPhone users are going to switch to Android and back. What's competing for an iPhone user's money is the next iPhone. What's competing for a Pixel owner's money could be a large range of phones from a large range of OEMs.

  • When i saw Port-in, i thought i saw rort-in, which made sense.

  • Yeah going to have to neg with 5g in 12 months.(maybe) If it was no upfront cost for the pixel 3 it would be a deal but october's pixel 2 xl deal was much better.

    As 5g gets closer I think we will start seeing better deals in (hopefully) the not too distant future.

    Plus, as many, and in my situation. Nbn speeds are still unreliable. Sometimes as little as 1-2mbps at peak times. So if 5g does out perform nbn in speed once the network is up. For many hotspotting your phone for internet would he sufficient. Of course depending on what the data price will ultimately be.

    • Full commercial rollout of 5G in most areas is at least 18+ months away so this plan will almost be up in that time, if that's all you are after.

  • -2 votes

    Pixel line is struggling, it is quite clear. Ehh, let them fight. Be a new model in 10 months anyways.

  • $2169 total over 2 years doesn’t really sound like a deal. You can get the iPhone XS Max 512GB with unlimited calls and data plus extras for $207 more over 2 years.

    Edit: I’m a dumbarse. I calculated 12 months not 24 for the iPhone. Sorry!

  • I was in desperate need of a new handset… To the point I wss looking at $200 Xiaomi options, so to pickup an Huawei P20 Pro for $0, I'm more than happy. I'll deal with the actual cost if I need to break contract when I can afford to, but whilst awaiting the govt to make a decision on my future, money is not abundant and I was grateful for the offer!

  • The optus deal is much better with the discount and voucher.

  • +2 votes

    It's astonishing how sales and marketing gurus think people are so dumb (some are). Did you not think we would do the sums, clarify the terms and compare other options?

  • Not quite an appealing deal. You basically pay over $90/m

  • I also got a 200 gift card which I sold so phone only set me back 600.

    **Also I get 5 percent off vouchers through work so I bought 849 for 800

    Sold my s8 for 370

    So my total upgrade was

    800-200-370= $230

    I don't count the plan as I was already paying $49 for 30gb on prepaid

  • As noted, can use the credit on any phone over $500. For phones over $1000, there may be up to $600 credit - staff in store were able to drop more on a Mate 20 Pro, making it an outlay of $500 on top of plan cost (effectively an extra $99 off compared to the advertised P20 pro deal, when looking at RRP for the handsets in store).

    Still wondering whether Optus will do better than their current deals. FOMO is real, people!

    • Yeah I think the Mate 20 Pro should drop their price I think a good price point is about $1300 dollars, I've been monitoring both Mobileciti and Allphones are not selling fast enough, ebay selling second hands ones are not going over $1200 dollars.

  • Must worse than last year's deal. Pixel 2 for $59pm with 15GB data ($1416 min over 2 years) + Google Home Mini + JB Hi-Fi $100 Gift Card. :(