New OzBargain iPhone & Android App - Aussie Bargain

Hello Ozbargain,

I've moved to Australia almost 2 years ago and for close to a year now, I have been a lurker on OzBargain and enjoying the best deals and bargains of Australia.
OzBargain is quite addictive and knowing when to buy and where to buy allowed me to save tons of money. So I started looking for an app for OzBargain and, although there were no official ones, I have seen a couple others, which honestly, were extremely old and outdated. Therefore I thought I would go and create one, since I was learning mobile development!

I would like to introduce to you Aussie Bargain, a brand new way of browsing deals on OzBargain available both for iOS and Android!

Aussie Bargain iOS
Aussie Bargain Android

Aussie Bargain is an app I have developed that allows you to browse your favourite bargains, get instant notifications of deals, save them or create reminders for upcoming deals!


  • View all your favorite categories from OzBargain
  • Get notified instantly with push notification of all new deals!
  • Save a deal to read later!
  • Create reminder for upcoming deals!
  • Easily Share deals with your friends and families!
  • Seamless viewing of all deals

I've released the iOS version lowkey in August and close to 600 people are already using it. The Android version has been released a couple of weeks ago.
I am still new to app development and thought I would give it a try building these 2 apps. I would love to get your feedback as a user on the apps and see where I can improve!

You can download the apps here:

Aussie Bargain - iOS
Aussie Bargain - Android

Please let me know what you think of the apps and I really hope you enjoy using it to browse, arguably the best crowd-sourced deals website of Australia.

Can't wait to here your feedbacks / suggestion / comments / complaints etc
Thank you!

PS: There is an inapp purchase on the app that is entirely optional. I do have a few promo codes to giveaway, simply ask away! :D
PS2: Sorry if this comes off the wrong way. I'm not trying to cause any problems or issues here. The whole idea behind this was because I saw the existing apps on the App Store and Google Play Store which were a bit outdated. Therefore, I thought of proposing another alternative. Yes, there is an in-app purchase but it is entirely optional and does not break the app or act as a pay-to-use.

** Edit **
Did not expect this to be blown out of proportion and taken out of context. If my intentions were unclear, I apologize. My intention was never to pull people away or force anyone to use the app or create the replacement of OzBargain. My intention was that if you were already using one of the other apps for OzBargain from the App Store or Google Play store, then I would like to propose another alternative. The other apps are a bit outdated and I thought of proposing an improvement with features like push notification, saving deals or creating reminders. Please do not think that I am trying to rip people off, that is not the case. It is simply to give options to people who might be using the other apps. And please don't take the next line out of context: Just like how you reach your destination by tram/train, I am proposing a different set of tram/train on the OzBargain railway. I see people not happy on the fact that there is an optional in-app purchase. You are right, there is an in-app purchase. It is optional and it costs $1.49. It is optional and if you want to use the app for free, it works just as well. I've added the in-app purchase so that if you feel this alternative is better than the others, then it goes to the time I took to create the apps, the costs of the server for instant push notification and various other things. But stressing again, it is optional. Not trying to do anything shady here, just trying to improve some people's lives :). There is enough hate out there already.
** Edit **

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  • You might want to add that you need to pay $1.49 to unlock unlimited deals/reminders & to remove Ads.
    But other then that it isn’t to bad.

    • +10 votes

      So in other words, I’ll just stick to the mobile site.

    • -5 votes

      Hello! and Thank you, you are right.

      Yes, there is an entirely optional in-app purchase to unlock unlimited deal saves/reminders and remove ads. Otherwise, there is a limit of 3 saves/reminders.

      • Mobile website has unlimited saves/reminders


          Hello! Indeed. The app also offers push notification for deals instead of emails, so that you can interact with it faster.
          You do not have to save locally in the app, if you wish to, you can save it on Ozbargain :)

          • @Seiferc: I have used the RSS feed to get push notifications and from them it opens the website in my browser. Also didn't you say your push notifications only support the front page or something.


              @Savas: Hello! Using RSS is fine!
              Currently, the push notification is only for the Front page deal and the latest deals (all categories). I intend to filter it by category in the upcoming version.
              You could open your rss push notification and open the website on your browser. I've also added the possibility to snooze the deals notification such that it pops up again in a while (iPhone only for now), or you could save it to read it later from the notification, in case you are busy doing something else at the moment but don't want to miss anything :)

              • @Seiferc: I think that's still limited because each product tag, user and probably other things have their own RSS feed. .I think even by category you'd still get too many push notifications.


                  @Savas: Hello! Yes, that is why I am trying to improve where I can to help make people's lives better. Not everyone would know how to setup the RSS to push notification. I thought rather than getting tons of emails daily, might as well provide a simple interface to get the latest deals :)

    • It kind of gets me though in app purchases so to me your trying to make money off OzBargain am i correct ??? All in app purchases should be given directly back to OzBargain to help pay and keep the website running just my opinion.


        Hello! The app still displays the deal on OzBargain website. Therefore, all ads and revenue on the deals page is for Ozbargain.

        I'm sorry if it comes off that way but I was only proposing a better alternative to the other existing apps.
        The inapp purchase is optional, it does not break the app or acts as a paygate.

      • It takes time and skill to develop an app. He is providing a service and it is your choice to purchase it or not.

  • Making money off Scotty's hard work. For shame.


      Hello! I'm sorry that it comes off this way.
      The app still shows deals on OzBargain and the ads and revenue from the deals page belongs to OzBargain.
      The app I made was simply to propose another alternative to the other existing apps.
      The inapp purchase is optional, it does not break the app or acts as a paygate.

  • No thanks

  • Just downloaded, northing better then the mobile site i would say

  • In-app purchases, for a site which is free and popular already without your app?

    Swing and a miss!


      Hello! The in-app purchase is entirely optional.
      The idea germinated because I saw some other apps on the App Store and Google play store that was outdated.
      Therefore I am merely proposing another alternative.

  • So, in the free app, there is your advertising revenue stream as well as the sites? And paying for it only unlocks the displaying of your ad revenue?

    I don’t get that part. What ads are we disabling by paying for the app?

    and close to 600 people are already using it.

    You have 9 reviews on Apple and 4 on Google (with only 10+ installs). Got a feeling you’re way short of your 600 users. You would think you would have a few more reviews if you had 600 users. That and most of your reviews sound like shills.


      Hello! You do not have to pay anything to use the app. It is free.

      You are right, there are only 10+ install on Google play store because it was released just a couple of weeks ago and I did not really post anywhere about it.
      However, the iOS version has been out since August and my stats from analytics says that there are 600+ downloads.
      The number of reviews are not really indicative of the number of users.

      • Yeah honestly the review to install or downloads statistic is something like 1:1000 or even 1:10000 if you look at other main apps so the fact this even has some is a miracle with so little users and there is a good chance some downloads are either repeats or same users installing on multiple devices or whatever so the actual user count might be even more low.

        Unless you have a direct way to track unique individual users through app and not just member sign ups but anonymous guests and what not there is no real accurate way to know the user amount base from just download and install statistics analytics alone.

        Good luck in your venture seems like a cool nifty little project.

        Maybe you can improve on ozbargain and add some extra features like price comparison or price analytic information by showing highest and lowest prices for different product pages or under the deal somehow and thus add value to the usage of your app.

        Extra simple features like showing previous related deals or average comments or votes for certain pages or deals might draw more users who are more interested in getting extra information and statistics from ozbargain that scotty and his team cannot provide.. essentially become a community mod for ozbargain haha lol :)

        good luck :P


          Hello! Thank you for your reply.
          The app store analytics says there are 600+ units but yeah, there might be people downloaded a couple of times.
          I'm always trying to improve and will take your suggestions into consideration :)
          Thank you again.

  • I find the navigation a bit awkward. You have the swipe out panel on the left then you have to tap the select a category button top right and then finally tap the next box that pops up which contains the categories.

    I think a simple drill down form the menu on the left would perhaps work better.

    Also I think it would be good to include a search box, so you can search for a specific item. Other than that it seems ok.


      Hello! Thank you for your reply.
      I was debating hard about this when I wrote the app and how to make it clear for users about the categories.
      I was afraid that because of the huge number of categories available, it might clutter the navigation for users who might not be interested in seeing all and so I went with this. However, always open to change and I will look into it to see how I can improve.
      The search option will come in the next version. I'll replace the submit with search :).
      Thank you again.

  • Wow. I'm all for caution in using apps and bring way of in app purchases, but the responses here seems pretty mean (Frankfurt aside) No one saying you must use the app, now one requiring the pretty reasonable one off $1.50 'pro'price. No one taking ad revenue from the Oz bargain site. Just someone trying to improve the world and themselves a little bit.


    • Because his "Pro version" gives you the ability to do what OzBargain already does. You're just paying him for something that's already free. App is just a waste of time when the mobile site already does everything.

      If I was nitpicking I'd say even the name is wrong. Oz is not pronounced Aussie.


        Hello again! You are right. I did not put it as Oz because I thought it would be weird to adopt the sites name when this app is clearly unofficial.
        Instead, I opted for something that sounded similar. On the google play store, there are other apps that uses the title OzBargain as their main app names which makes it sound deceptively like it was part of Ozbargain. I did not want to create that feeling.

        The pro version is optional. You do not need to pay to use the app. The free version works just as well.
        What I am proposing here is not the replacement of OzBargain. It is merely another alternative for people who are using the other OzBargain apps out there.


      Hello Peter!
      Thank you for your reply. It means a lot :)
      My intention was never to force anyone to use the app but simply to provide an alternative if someone was already using one of the other apps on the app store and google play.
      Thanks again :)

  • Feature request: auto-neg comments from jv.

  • I'll give it a test run I guess. As long as you're not collecing usernames / passwords and not going to hack into my account….

    One of the main issues of Ozbargain apps is that they tend to be just wrapping the HTML canvas from the ozbargain website. The most useful aspect of the app would be the ability to receive push notifications, but other than that, you'd still want to be browsing Ozbargain on the mobile site for the most bug-free and up to date experience.

    That, and we (Ozbargain) won't provide tech support for these apps because they are not official.


      Hello! I do not collect usernames/passwords or any of those things.
      The only data collected are from the Analytics like AppStore and Google Play store that allows me to see statistics but nothing that can be identified to a user.

      Currently the notifications are only for Hot deals and the latest deals. In the next version, I intend to add in notification by category as I am aware that not everyone wants to get notification about all the deals but rather for certain categories.

      People can use the app for just the push notifications and then browse the deals through the mobile site :)
      No commitment, just trying to help improve people's lives :)
      And yes, I understand that you might get people asking for help. I've added in the app description that this app is unofficial and support should come to me (as advised by Neil on reddit).
      Have a good day :)

  • I always wondered why there wasn't an ozbargain app (even if the mobile version works fine). Good job creating it on your spare time!

    I would have a little suggestion, the pro/paid version is a bit against the '' culture '' of the website, we come here for good value products and for the very informative comments certain people make. Paying for something that is already free on the mobile app.. I bet it doesn't sit well for many (at least me) and surfing on the popularity of the someone else work (creator of the website) to get money… Would be a double no for me.

    If the app was '' full'' without micro transaction, I wouldn' t mind doing a donation for your effort to make everyone's life easier (lol don't count on being millionnaire here, we are all close to our wallet). Plus if it could contribute into server running or a part of that money could go into negociating deals with certain stores (a bit like what tight arse is doing), I would be even more willing to pay.

    They way it looks at the moment (at least for me) is that a random guy is trying to pull money from something that works and is free.

    • I always wondered why there wasn't an ozbargain app (even if the mobile version works fine).

      Answered your own question. Why have an app when the mobile website does everything?

      part of that money could go into negociating deals with certain stores (a bit like what tight arse is doing),

      Those of us including TA who negotiate with stores don't pay them off or ask for money ;)


      Hello! Thanks for the reply.
      I understand your point of view. I think that was the part I screwed up when I created this post.
      The app is full and free. You can use all functionalities of the app.
      Another reason why I created this app was I wanted push notification instead of emails and that is what I sought out to implement.
      Anyone can use the instant push notification services free and everything else for that matter. No need to pay or get the pro.
      Yes, the in-app unlocks the save more than 3 deals. But if you do not want to unlock, you can also save it on Ozbargain itself through the app.
      The in-app is entirely optional and is not a pay-gate.
      Thanks again :)


      As for why we don't have official app and only 3rd party options exist, reasons here:

      That being said, we are not really deterring (nor are we motivating) people to write apps for Ozbargain, & they can do so either as a hobby or side business.

  • You keep insisting that the in app purchase is optional, but it is necessary to remove ads. Even the website let's you opt out of ads for free, and your app offers no extra functionality. Plus I can't use your app on my windows phone.

    Also people are probably particularly disgusted because most users give their time on this site for free yet you try to make money on this by putting your own ads in it or forcing people to pay if they don't want ads.

    • This is a ridiculous app, the OP is only intending to profit off the ads and in-app purchases, the mobile site is perfect on its own. There is literally no need for an app.


      Hello again! The app is currently only for iPhone and Android, so unless your Windows phone can run Android, I do not believe it is possible.

      This app is just an alternative to the other existing apps on the Google Play Store and App Store, which all have ads as well.
      Like I said above as well, I am not trying to force people to stop using Ozbargain mobile site and switch to my app. This is just an alternative to the other apps on the Google Play Store or App Store. If the ads is really bothering people, then one can use it just for the notification if they want, there is no need to turn on the app :). Just trying to help improve people's lives.

  • Is there anyway I can get push notifications from deals from Amazon only?


      Hello, not at the moment. We are looking into integrating other platforms and possibly keywords notification soon.

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