expired [MyMaccas App] $1 Large Fries at McDonald's


it's back again!

check under My Rewards


Offer is single use only and expires 11:59pm AEST Monday 10th December 2018

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    I hate these… I am getting so fat. It's like they expect me to have self control!

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      i don't normally have any takeaway unless it's a damn good deal (like your HJ's super duper kJ stunner ;)

      there's no point either in depriving yourself.

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      It's almost like installing the interactive advertising and tracking app is causing you to consume McDonald's all the time.

      But that's ridiculous of course since advertising and tracking doesn't affect anyone.


    I know it's not quite the same thing, but you can get FREE Medium Fries via the HJ app. You get 2 attempts per app/device per day, so if you have a big family, your chances of scoring a freebie or two are pretty high. If you don't win anything then well, take it as a sign from above that the powers who may be, want you to stay healthy - You can always go against divine intervention and try again tomorrow. ;)


      Free medium thick cut chips*

      Not to be confused with Macca's fries. This is great but HJ are far fewer than Macca's.


      At this point Mcds might as well make it free I mean dont they make enough profit certainly compared to HJ they should. If HJ can offer free things through their app which you can get everyday surely Mcds can?


        I'm sure they can but I don't think they have to. They already have enough people walking through their doors.


      I accidentally broke the terms and conditions and setup a second account on the same phone.

      I wish they'd let you keep either the first or second prize if you re-shake. I hate gambling and I'll always go the second shake. And why do they even let you reject the second shake?

      If I'm not that hungry and happen to be near a Hungry Jacks I only want a freebie (i.e. fries since I don't normally do coffee or soft drinks). But if I am hungry I might be willing to spare some money for meat.

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    Nice one. I looked in the app yesterday and for the first time ever had NO offers (why do they call them rewards?) at all. First I was in denial, then I was angry how dare they do this to me at my weakest time, then I was worried that they were finally onto me and blocked me before they lost too much money, then finally I accepted and came to terms with it and went to KFC instead.

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      Nothing can be better than the free Drink and Chips at KFC.

      Takes less than 30 seconds to rip through the survey.


        I am finding stores that are having different rules. Some say the receipt needs to be presented but no receipt is given for app orders. Others say I need to redeem the code within three days.

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          Hassle that App orders don't get receipts, you can pick receipts off the shelf or floor. Not something even I like to do. You can claim the free drink/chips by asking at the counter and giving them the receipt.

          The rules are, 3 days to submit the claim on the website and 3 weeks to use them. I have an Email from KFC to state this after going through it.

          DM me an I can tried to find the email

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            @Tom2222: That's what I said regarding app orders, so I showed them a code on the phone. Instead I got told that I had just recycled the screenshot and used it several times.

            Not sure how fast food manager's think.

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        it's not free if you need to make a purchase of at least $4.95

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    Ordered this today. Don't forget for 80 cents more you can get loaded fries. Delish.

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    Dollar fries. Cool. I'll put aside the money I saved towards a bigger belt.

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